Friday, November 28, 2008

Self Inflicted Problems. The Finger Trap Of Production Technology

When I was younger I was hired to work in a lighting factory. They had a split “shipping” and “receiving” departments. I was hired to help out in the shipping side. Eventually the orders fell a little flat. No worries, I was sent to the “receiving” side. I had been there before and always looked around in horrified amazement at how in disarray things were. There were 3 and a half people working there. (part time, not an actual half of a person.) The only way anybody knew where anything was is if you were the one who took it off the truck yourself. So bored at the lack of orders coming from the floor, I set to work on laying out an organizational floor plan. Little by little over the course of two weeks, myself and another aggressive individual got the thing in ship shape. It really took the need too have so many people in the receiving department away. So one day me and the other guy are sitting on the doc yappin’ away when in came the plant manager and asked what we were doing. He said something that sounded funny at the time. “We are receivers, we are waiting to receive.” The following week I found myself on the production floor while they waited to see if the trend was going to change. A month later, they sent me packing. For years that receiving doc had been a mess. Had I left it that way, I could have continued being a gainfully employed tax payer for another year or two at least.

Last week the CEOs of the auto industry met with congress and complained one of their flaws was that legacy costs were overwhelming. GM said that they pay 2.5 inactive workers for every active worker. I lived in a town almost entirely populated with Ford, GM, and steel mill employees. Of course there were the doctors, lawyers, teachers gas station attendants, truck drivers and parts manufactures that support the central business.

The problem is that capitalism and free enterprise eventually started to cannibalize itself as the industry advanced. I remember my father raging every time they brought a new robot into the plant to do the job of 10 men. That was 10 men who were no longer consuming. (of course that meant they were no longer buying houses, landscaping, cars, gas, paying taxes, or generally contributing to the economy in a positive manor.) Add in competition for the opening of globalization and ease of moving labor to lower cost areas, and you have a bad economic stew brewing. This problem replicated across the economy. From engineering drawings done in half the time by less people on computers and sent across the ether to the automation of gas pumps. We have capitalism and ingenuity efficiency that is developing ways for less of us to do more work in the same time while we are increasing exponentially in population. What you end up with is 2.5 retired for every one active. My father has been retired from ford for 12 years. He just turned 65 last year.

Have you ever bought an updated version of a product and asked, “That was perfect the way it was. Why did they have to change it?” The reason, engineers are paid to engineer. If they come up with the perfect version of a product, next year they still have to do something to keep their job.

I like to offer solutions. This one is about picking a point in the cycle that you want jump in on and address it. As I have posted before, we have to stop allowing products that the US could make here to be made half way around the world. Also, we need to stand up to the public and say we are no longer going to encourage population growth. In fact the government is going to discourage it.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The U.S. Economy And It’s “Quack” Doctors

So let us say that you went to the doctor’s because you were tired lately. You had experience a fainting spell or two. He runs some test on you and says, “well we have found some blockage. That is stopping the blood from getting to your brain. But rather then clear the blockage, we are going to instead just infuse more blood into your system. We will do it just on the other side of the blockage. What I need you to do is eat more Bacon and trans fat laden food. We are hoping the pressure behind the blockage will get so great, that it will blow the blockage open.”

He would probably not even finish his suggestion before you were on the phone talking to your lawyer to get the malpractice suit in the works. However, this is exactly what our fearless leaders in Washington want us to do in order to solve the blockage problems with out economic system.

I have shown my illustration of the economic system on other post. If you haven’t seen it you can see it here. Circulation diagram. Basically it resembles any fluid controlled enclosed system. Picture a cars transmission system, the hydraulic lift, or your own circulatory system. Each one of these systems uses the fluids to achieve a desired result. The fluid is just a tool. Money is the fluid in the system. You don’t desire just build up a bunch of transmission fluid in your auto but rather the forward motion generated by it flowing through the drive train. You don’t desire money (really if a genie offered you a choice all the money in the world but you were stuck on a deserted island or being completely broke in NYC but everything you wished for you got, which would you choose?), but the things you can buy with it. Until policy makers start looking at money that way, the answers to our current crisis will remain illusive. Currently these "doctors" are just treating the itchy crotch with anesthetic powder.

The problem is that as 80% of our wealth has been pooled into the top 3% or so of our population, the governments answer to it has been to introduce this false wealth in the form of loans, stimulus, and reduced regulation. Since that blockage only seems to let a “trickle” back into the circuit once it reaches the pressurized side of the clot. More and more cash infusions have had to be put back into the system. The “blockage” occurs at the market places and housing developments around the country. It is most prevalent in the “big ticket”, durable goods. The amount of people able to afford these items with out going in debt is shrinking in number.

Let us face it. When somebody wants to buy a house, what do they think of first? How much money they have in the bank or what is their credit rating? Buying stuff in this way is kind of like having blood not getting the needed oxygen to your brain. The answer is not piling on more debt by using credit (infusing blood) and paying more then it is worth (increasing the blockage) and causing the next guy to do the same. That is going to result in an aneurism, heart attack, and probably irritable bowls. Or as the economist like to call it “bubble bursts”, “unemployment”, and “recession”.

None of the solutions to this problem will look very “American” on the surface. It will mean taking from the rich, giving to the poor, and setting up rules and regulations that reflect the economy as it does today and not as it did in 1776. At least that is how the conservatives will spin it. The truth is that the rich got that way by stepping on the backs of the poor and uneducated without actually paying them for the ride. It was easy since they were hungry, desperate, and not enlightened on the impact of their decisions. (imagine your 90 yr old grandmother talking to an Internet pyramid scammer.) Justice is also an American virtue. It is time for a check-up. We are not 16 anymore and we can not consume as if we were. We are in the midst of a full blown heart attack. If these quack medics can get us stabilized, a life alteration is in order. That is a big if.

One last thought that came out while writing this that didn’t seem to fit exactly. So many Americans are so afraid of activities that get marketed as “un-American” that they will do some pretty derogatively foreign things just to keep up their self appearance. They are so afraid of being stabbed that they will throw themselves on the sword to avoid it. I might use this later, but it is here for now.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Credit In The Simplest Terms Possible. I Think

Hello all. A couple of times this week I have been asked to explain why a bank is different then an automaker when it comes to government regulation and intervention. I have said time and again that I believe that credit is equivalent to legalized counterfeit money. But even that seems to not be clear enough. “So what is wrong with counterfeit money.”

Let me ask a few questions. You can think to yourself or shout the answers out loud. Do you have a credit card debt? Do you know anybody who doesn’t have a credit card debt? You know, you are out at the bar or to eat with them do they always pay in cash? Do you know anybody over 20 that has none of the following. Home loan, car loan, school loan, or credit debt? Do you know people who work hard, make a decent wage, do the right things financially, but are still struggling? Do you have a years worth of savings accumulated in case joblessness or illness occurs? So how can it be that so many of us are working our butts off, making an alright living, not living lavish lives, and still could not make it a year with out income. Now, under that guise let us talk about the affect of credit on the US economy.

Let us say that there are two consumers. Consumer A (conA) and consumer B (conB). A little background. Both work blue collar jobs making about the same amount of money. Both are looking to marry their current sweethearts (a mistake that we will deal with on a different day) buy a nice moderate home near where they work, have a couple of children and live out the American Dream. For ease we are going to suspend some disbelief for a time and removed elements of time, market size, and realistic values. These two have happened upon an article that says, “Home for sale. Am selling Sunday to best offer, by 5 PM, no matter what.”

Come Sunday our two consumers show up at 3 PM. They bring the full amount that they have amassed to make a home purchase to date. ConA has $4500 in hand. ConB has $5000. They both really like the house, and it is everything they are looking for. Neither of them have debt, credit, or other obligations currently. They have other money, but this is what they have saved up to buy their dream home with. Since basic economics (and auction sales) tells us that a product is worth the highest amount consumers are “willing and able” to pay for it. In this case, ConB has set the market price with his ability to offer 5 grand. However, the bankers circling like vultures across the street see what is going on. So they swoop in and make an offer to ConA. The banker says, “If you give me $1200 in two months I will give you $1000 right now.” Now ConA doesn’t have the extra $1000 let alone $1200. It will take him the whole 2 months just to save up the extra cash. ConA really wanted the house though. Not to mention his wife to be is there making eyes at him and nagging him to “just do it.” So he does. The house has just artificially been increased to $5500, well ConA would actually have to get $5700 out of it in order to get his “investment” back.

ConB likes the house equally. But, he is able to resist the pressure from his fiancé. He decides to do the right thing and not go into debt. But guess what. Everybody in the neighborhood found out that the house went for $5500. They all feel their houses are worth more than the dive that ConB bought. So they all immediately ask for at least $5500 out of their house. Also, As a matter of fact, it seems that these financial loan sharks have been busy and stationed all about the place offering people the ability to outbid other potential buyers for the homes they want now.  Each banker trying to walk that line that will keep the home buyer in the  house long enough to make their investment back.  What ConA learns is that the only way he will ever get a decent house is to take the loan, buy into the madness. Well he could wait another 15 years saving up while at the same time housing prices balloon. By then his sweetheart will have whooed ConB into dumping that bitch that talked him into going in debt and letting her move into the house of her dreams. The problem is that over the 15 years he was saving, the market is now asking a quarter million dollars for homes that cost $5000 only 20 years ago.

With the advent of a credit card, this phenomenon has occurred in every product consumed in the US. Whether it be cars, homes, education, clothing, food, or sex wax (the stuff they put on surf boards), the price they can get for it is artificially propped up by the availability of credit. The fact that everybody else can afford to by everything with money they haven’t earned yet, allows the price of everything to rise to unreasonable prices.

Look, there is no reason a reasonable house should take you 30 years to pay off. There is no reason you should leave college with a 30 year that you have to pay off. A car should not be something you are paying on long after you are getting repair bills for it. Your wife should not be at the store spending money you are at work making at the very moment you are making it. (That reminds me. I got to call my wife.)

The government has a responsibility to controlling the amount of buying power in the system. Money was designed as a tool.  It was supposed to represent hours of labor and supliment and add function to the barter system.  Instead it has iteslf become something people feel they have a right to possess. They (the government) go through great strain to control the amount of money and wealth in circulation but neglect the giant leaking hole in their theory by the way of credit. Morons one and all they are.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

If You Are bailing Out Your Automobile…

….Then you have taken a wrong turn somewhere. That said, I still believe bailing out the auto industry is way smarter then bailing out any financial industry. Now, that is not to be confused with the fact that I don’t really think that anybody should be bailed out, especially when they make short sighted selfish decisions. However, it seems that our government is dead se upon taking this path, so prioritization has to occur or the impact will be next to nil. If your building is crumbling, it does no good to patch the walls on the 6th floor while ignoring the foundation.

Here is what we know about financial institutions. Generally they were created to allow more free exchange of money between businesses. You didn’t have to walk into the tanners shop with a pouch full of gold to buy materials to make your boots. People knowing that wouldn’t be so inclined to wait outside the tanners residence and roll the business men as they approached. So banks supplied and cashed checks and protected the gold. Then they got the idea that they might hold your money (the everyday consumer) when your loving homestead was a little too unsecured to guarantee its safety. Basically at that point, they sold checks. Sure this is a very generalist view of the beginning of banks. So the bankers were sitting around their meeting table asking, “How can we make more money?” One guys brings up this idea getting people to pay more for products then the market price. He had to explain that it could be accomplished by giving people money immediately in exchange for them giving the bank more money back, but over the course of time. With that came the birth of credit. “Financial institutions” (or “money changers” as the Bible calls them) are organizations that make their livelihood by getting people to pay more for products then they are worth. Business, people, heck even show animals can buy stuff with money they haven’t earned yet, and might not earn.

Real quick quiz. Can you name the one thing in the paragraph above that has to exist in order for this to a fruitful economy to exist? Hint #1, it wasn’t credit. Credit wasn’t around for thousands of years while economies emerged. Hint#2, it wasn’t money. Money too came late. One could still live today on the barter system. Oh, I see you jump up with your hand ion the air shouting, “PRODUCTS!! We have to have products.” Right, a bootmaker could trade a family’s worth of boots to a farmer for a years supply worth of vegetables. He can then trade some of those vegetables to the tanner for more leather. See, no money, no credit. A functional economy without “financial institutions”. Try having a functional US economy without cars. Here we are talking about “energy independence” while we slip into transportation dependence?

The Auto industry supplies “products”. Something solid that the community as a whole needs. The credit industry only makes everything cost more. If a bank won’t give a loan for a new car? Good! Eventually that car will cost its real market value and people will pay for them with the money they already have. If there are no cars for transportation in this country, it can be a much more dire situation.

So bail out the auto industry but put stipulations on it. No more screwing the American people by selling them cars that intentionally do not last that long. Quit scamming with the oil companies to produce only inefficient engines. Last, we expect to see a reduction in large unnecessary vehicles. I don’t care what the demand is. People are dumb, stop catering to it.

That is why it makes more sense to bail out the auto industry then it does the credit industry.

As Much About “Good-Byes” As “Welcomes”

There is still this euphoria in the air almost two weeks after Barack Hussein Obama (lol, now I just love saying his whole name. It really twists the dagger in the belly of the paranoids) was elected. There are many reasons for this group hysteria. But two can sum up most of the rhetoric.

A couple of varieties belong to the first group. First there are the “minority”, especially African-Americans, who woke up on November 5th with the reality that a glass ceiling had been drilled through for them. When listing successful role models for their children, they could now include Obama and the office of the leader of the free world as a possibility when they grow up. It was the kicking of the dirt in the face of, and the result of, slavery and Jim Crow era mentalities. These attitudes still exist, but they are being buried generation by generation. People around the country and around the world have to see and respect the US in a new light. At least that is the hope. I am not so far from the era when I asked, “what could be worse the Bill Clinton” that is am willing to accept the coming of a new messiah. I am however, aware of the magnitude of the results that have already occurred before he even sets foot in the oval office.

Another group are the liberals that really understood what Obama was about and his political agenda. They have pinned their hopes for the future on a man that they believe will shape the country to their own ideals. The two demographics make up the “welcoming committee” for the president elect.

Then there is the other gathering of people. Standing along the perp walk out the back door is probably most of the world. These are the people waiting to cheer the departure of the Bush administration. These are the people who came to the “Anybody But Bush” party. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough Americans at the party in 2004. Many of them voted for this asshole in 2000. Many of them that wanted to know what was so “conservative” about two chosen wars, a giant trade deficit, and an economy that is in the shitter. This group come from a wide variety of personal constitutions. The only constant is that the Bush administration walked all over their beliefs, and they can’t wait for him to clear out.

So long Mr. Bush. History will remember you are the worse president in US history. You are truly an idiot among retards.

The Piling on of Palin

No this post is not a review of the new Larry Flynt movie. I was going to let the election go and get back to thought exercises in politics, economics, psychology, war, and peace. However, many issues have been generated and brought to light, since the election that seems to go unanswered. One I keep hearing on my new favorite comedy channel, FOX, is why doesn’t the media “just leave Sarah alone!!”

Most common are statements like, “the election is over. Let it go.” Well there are two reasons that this “pile on” has occurred. One is to ensure that such dangerous and destructive behavior never happens again. This ignorant, self serving, mental midget should never get that close to the White House. Kind of like when you’re a kid and your parents catch you smoking and ground you for a month after beating your ass and screaming at you for an hour and an eternity. The kid is thinking, “Great, I got it. Don’t smoke.” By the sounds of the sediment on these conservative venues, they still don’t get it. So we are going to keep reminding them.

Look, because the conservative side of the spectrum that is NOT beating Ms. Congeniality down and telling her to be happy with the post in Alaska that the punishment continues. Not only are they not checking her, the Republican extremists are trumpeting her and many calling her “the face of the future Republican Party.” That is OK. She can be the “face”, but don’t let her be the “brains”. It would be a pleasure to watch her in 2012 try though. Oh my. The aggressive and angry republican debates would be a source for great entertainment. It would be good for her young children, her daughter’s young children, as well as her daughter’s 3rd baby daddy who is living with them to see Ms. “I can see Alaska from my house” tore into mental shreds by the Republican grinding wheel. Not to mention, Tina Fey is hot and I would love to see her return to SNL. They are going to need to run another sacrificial lamb in four years.

The second reason the media will layoff is because Sarah doesn’t know when to shut up. (As I am writing this, is a montage of Sarah on last nights media playing in the background.) She is talking about things like “open doors”, “God’s hands”, and “don’t know what the future holds”. HERE IS A CLUE HONEY. As a leader, it is your job to plan for the future! Plans most often don’t work as written out on paper. If we were just going to react to whatever comes our way, we wouldn’t need a leader. But a plan, well they are guidelines and help keep the team in focus.

Sarah is also complaining about not getting to give a “shout out” at the defeat speech. It is because you wanted to make a “shout out” that they didn’t let you speak. In my history, I have been in the room with people who wield a great amount of power and deserve a great amount of respect. I have been in rooms with people who hold my future comfort level in their hands. I have been in these positions with people who were less then socially aware of that fact. Nothing like trying to present a business proposal with an associate who thinks farting in the middle of the meeting is humorous.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Wealthy Pay Most Of The Taxes

So looking at the understanding that we work to gain the resources to buy goods and services as Highlighted in the post, below titled “Employment And The Work To Time Ratio”. Through a series of thought exercises I think I adequately established that desire to work for those things are tempered by the time we are asked to spend earning it. That leads me to one of my economic pet peeves.

Back to economics. Do you know what I am about sick to death of hearing. “The top 10% pay 80% of the taxes.” Or something along that lines. Alright, this is about logic here, right? Yep I looked up and sure enough right at the top of the page I make reference to the posts being about taking “logical approaches”. So let us apply it to this Irrational claim. In one of those stupid long posts about “wage reform” I covered this basic idea. I hope to make it clearer here.

If every capitalistic read blooded American is really working for time, then isn’t time the factor by which we make that tax assessment on. Why pick the dollar value. Like I pointed out before. There are two factors that form a ratio there. They are equally weighted. Money over time or dollars/ hour. Why do we have to pay the government in dollars. Why isn’t the 1040 filled in with hours. Probably because most of us would understand how little we deserve that guilt place on us by the “10% pay all the taxes” statement. It would aslo make us sad to see how many hours we have to put in before we start making money.

What if I told you that, Richard S Fuld Jr (CEO of Lehman Brothers who is currently receiving bailout money from the government.) paid $24,600,000 in taxes for the year of 2006. He made $123 million that year. What if I told you that Joe Smith (He is a janitor the cleans the toilets at Lehman’s main office.) paid $5,200. He made $20,800 that year. Who would you say paid more in taxes? For those of you who think Joe, you are dismissed for the day. I will see you at the bar in a few min. Those of you who say, “well obviously Richard paid more”, dope slap yourself and pay attention. Like I said before, we work for time as well as money. CEO “Rich” worked only 416 hours to pay off his tax obligation. He needs the extra time to spend all of that cash. His accountant somehow got him down into the 20% bracket. Joe “the janitor” used Turbo Tax to pay 25%. He has to work 520 hours to pay off his tax obligation. Good thing he was at work that extra time, or he might have been tempted to spend money he didn't have. Don’t think that happens? Warren Buffet recently condemned the system that allowed him to pay less taxes then his secretary.

So the next time somebody spouts on about the fact that the rich pay more in taxes, look at them, shake your head and say, “You voted for Palin didn’t you?” This is code for you are a giant idiot. You can try to explain this to them, but they won’t get it.

Employment And The Work To Time Ratio

Alright, I think I got most of my disgust with the American voters out of my system. Back to the work of whipping our foreign and domestic world back into shape. I am planning on getting back to writing the book now that the distraction of current events via the election is over. So to the three people who read this, you might find longer periods between posts here. You may also notice some rehashed ideas as I try to make them more read worthy.

Do you go to work to make money? No, you don’t go to work to make money! What good is money? It is a piece of paper with a dead guy’s picture on it. You can’t eat it. Most of us don’t make enough to make clothing out of it. And none of us make enough to form it into a suitable housing environment. Not to mention that it is illegal to use money in this fashion. So money will not even serve to help with the three basic needs. A giveaway might be that now a days we don’t even see the money we earn. It just goes to a bank, and then on to a vendor. As a final test, would you go to work if you weren’t paid? I hear a resounding “NO!” How about if the offer was that you didn’t get paid, but you were given a card that you could use to buy whatever you wanted, no restrictions? I think I just changed the “No” into a “hell yeah!”

So we are getting somewhere. You are going to work so you can obtain goods or services that you might enjoy. So when might you enjoy most of these goods and services? I think I can safely assume that you are not wanting to drive your brand new Mustang around the parking lot at work while answering business phone calls or flipping whoppers. Not to mention, getting a “happy ending” while trying to slaughter a chicken might be distracting and frowned upon by the FDA. However, secretaries, fast food preparations, and slaughterhouse employees are all members of the “workforce”. So are CEO’s. As we have already established people don’t go to work to earn money, they go to work to earn things. But, things can be considered useless with out the other factor in our equation. CEO's, Whopper Floppers, and strippers all make different amounts. While the amount of money is different, one constant in the US is the amount of hours. The magic number is 40 for most US employees.

Next proposition. We have given you a card that you can go buy anything you want with, but here is the catch. Your job is basically a prison. You must work 365/24/7. Sure you can order stuff online and have it sent to your house. But, you are contracted until age 65, and if you break it, we take all of your stuff back, and then some in penalty. Until that day of retirement, you must keep giving those lap dances non-stop. Still interested? I am going to say most of you will say two things. First, who wants a lap dance from a 60 yr old stripper, and second “no deal!” How about we let you work 160 hours a week and let you go enjoy yourself 8 full hours a week. I am going to assume that I am not getting many people responding to my employment ad. How many hours are you willing to work per week for that magic card? Let me tell you something, whatever number you give me now will steadily decline as you acquire more things. I think I have sufficiently proven that we go to work for the resultant of two issues. We are employed to buy things and time to enjoy them. It is a ratio that varies from person to person. In the US it is a ratio of 40 hours per week at a rate of about $18.50 is the average.

This is an important concept to grasp when trying to achieve many of the goals of our politics. fairness, justice, and quality of life for Americans can only be obtained as long as this concept is understood. Remember, of those two elements, only one is finite. Time is something the government can not create more of.

This was supposed to be a post about fair taxation, but I have held your attention span way too long. So I will break it into another post.

48%, Sarah Palin, and the Most Dangerous People In America

I said to a co-worker that it didn’t amaze me that Obama won, it was more amazing that 48% of the country voted for him. I am going to pretty safely assume that nobody who voted for the McCain/ (ehhm) Palin ticket is reading a “blog” called Logic And Politics. The very name inherently a turn off to people of that mental capacity. So, let’s talk about them.

First, a little more about John McCain. I don’t know who the guy is that ran, I voted for a John McCain in the 200o primaries. The guy who voted against the “Bush Tax Cuts” that has lead to the skyrocketing unemployment and trade deficit turned into it’s biggest cheerleader. His foreign policies made real sense back then. Today they are the chest thumping of war apes that has lead us into the disrespect of the world. He s an idiot.

Now 48% of you still found it acceptable top vote for him after his major swing in ideologies, and after his pick of the dumbest woman on Earth, you are morons. Your threat and right to vote is actually the biggest security flaw in America. (As I explained in earlier posts about this woman, I am unusually bitter about this issue because I felt it jeopardizes my family, friends, and own life.) You people should find a brick wall, hang a nut from a string, and then run your heads into the nut and try to crack it. Don’t worry about your brain, because you weren’t using them anyway. At least you can use your head as a nut cracker.

I don’t care if you are pro-gun, Pro-Life, Anti-gay marriage. If this woman was running the country you wouldn’t have to worry about any of that. We would be over run with financial and hostile breaches. Saying that she could, “hold the most complex job in the world and choose people who can make the right and rational decisions” is a huge suspension of disbelief.

My only hope is now that just how fucking stupid she was, is coming out of the McCain inner camp members is a lesson to the extreme right and its supporters. But somehow I doubt it. Because they were that blissful to begin with.

To you Ms. Palin, I do not know if you were so ignorant that you didn’t realize how dangerous you were, or if you realized that your stupidity was a bigger threat to US national security then al Qaeda and greed drove you to pursue this dangerous path anyway. But in either case it makes me think maybe Obama should invade the country of Alaska and take its oil resources for its own.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go Home And Good Riddens John McCain

You had billed yourself as an “American Hero”, but in the end your divisive and irrational campaign placed America in wore danger then al Qaeda could have ever imagined. I do not know what happened to that guy I voted for back in the 2000 primary campaign. I suppose he went off to the same place as the liberal democratic vice president that almost won the job in 2000, Joe Lieberman. But the dirty conniving underhanded fool that has had the American political spotlight for the past 8 months is not the same John McCain.

I wish only the worst for you and your shallow family. I hope your cheap beer pedaling wife relapses into her addiction and dies groveling on a street corner poor and destitute. I hope you leave this world slightly senile, in pain and destitute from the health care system that you so boldly feel can regulate itself. You are a wasted and reached old man. Your “anything to win” policy of the last few months are despicable and reflective of all the negative things that your generation has imposed upon us younger generation that has lead to our economic and foreign respect demise.

Your pick of Sarah Palin to be your replacement should your 72 year old cancer ridden, war abused health give out is the most dangerous, greed driven, and irrational decision made by any politician any time in the U.S. short history. Osama Bin Laden makes more considerate decisions to the US population then you displayed with her selection. She is somebody you never met, didn’t know, wasn’t properly vetted, and was completely unqualified to take your notes, let alone be VP. She was an ex beauty queen at the professional level. I guess that is in line with your shallow decision making in the past. From leaving your disabled wife and children for a 20 year younger wealthy bar fly, to the causes and adopting of children who had appearance afflictions your shallowness shines through. Ms Palin was based on your belief that the rest of America was as depthless and thin as you. Come on she went to 5 schools just to become a weather forecaster. She believes the world is only 6000 years old. And she has been pregnant as long as she has been in public office. It would only take a 10 min. conversation to figure out she is dumber then a box of painted rocks. This is what you would leave the children of America to be championed by if your number should get called? Reckless.

“A hero who will fight for America?” First you have to define the qualities that make up America and being American. To most of us, fairness, honesty, sacrifice, courage, bravery, and truth are the qualities our founders meant to define us. You have practiced none of them in this past election. You might have fought for America, been imprisoned for America, and even served America your whole life, but you were given the chance to exemplify what it means to be one. Through all of this, you are no American John McCain. You are a disgrace. You are spit on the flag, and effigy of an America. Go now home in disgrace knowing you had a chance to be an American and failed. Go Home.

Barack Wins!! Congrats, No Time For Disneyland

This is truly a great day for America . If for no other reason, then it shows that the marketing of name recognition and fear has been overcome. A guy with the same name of the US “enemy #1” in 2003 was elected. Great America, enough of you have risen above your prejudices and shallow thought stream. There is no doubt you elected the better of the two contenders.

Barack, to you I have to say that you have inherited this office at a time that will allow no rest. You do have great support form the legislative branch to get things done. Your mission is three fold. First, you are the Commander in Chief. Get out troops out of the Middle East. I know you have been thumping your chest on Afghanistan. But now it is time to get real. You are never going to get an area made up of religious tribal clans that put more merit in the local cleric then they do state government to cooperate as a unified people. You have a better chance of getting every member of congress to agree on a healthcare bill. Send in intelligence agents and leave a small strike force behind to take out training camps as they rise up. Too many families are without crucial members and too much money has been spent chasing a ghost. When the people you are fighting and the people you are protecting are the same people, you have a futile mission.

The second issue at hand is the economy. It is time to start weaning the country off the addiction. No not the “addiction to foreign oil” that you have been stumping about. The addiction to credit. Shack that addiction and the rest of them will find their own solutions. It is going to require heavy decision that will lead to people suffering for awhile. But like an addict going through a dangerous withdraw; healthy and full lives await those who make it to the other side.

The last part of this commission will be to set a good example for faithful and doubters alike. You have an even more critical role then previous democrats have played. You have to be an exemplary display for your perceived race, party, and age bracket. People will be watching your every step. This doesn’t mean to make decisions based upon what people are expecting or wanting you to do. It means, don’t act in a hypocritical manor. Don’t say you are an honest committed family man and then get caught in a compromising position. On this day, black and other minority children who could aspire to be many things in America, have a new aspiration. They see a face that they recognize as the leader of their great nation. Don't let them down. Try not to give the ignorant critics any reason to say, "See I told you so."

With that I wish you a fine career. I will be watching and criticizing every decision you make. It is my nature. But, don't assume it’s a sign of disrespect. As of this day you have my utmost respect. It is up to you to keep or loose it. Now, get to work. You are already slacking.

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