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Jesus Would Never Get Elected and Heaven is Run By a Communist Government

As demonstrated by the earlier post (that is the one below this one for those confused) Jesus would not have a chance at getting elected to the presidency of the nation supposedly created in his name. The conservatives would be opposed to his position on taxes, free market, war, and revenge. More liberal voters would be opposed to his belief on adultery, homosexuality, honesty, and God in school. Let us just say a ticket with Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich would have a better chance.

I am not sure if Jesus was the son of God or an insane lune that happened to have stumbled on to something. What I do know is his perspective on life, relationships, and makes logical sense. If we all lived by his teachings the world would be free, prosperous, happy, and further advanced. His message was one that works whether you believe in an afterlife or not. It just works psychologically. What you don’t need give away to the less fortunate and people will love you. This works for the economy as well. If you treat your neighbor well he will be so inclined to return the treatment. If you are offended, forgive the offender. This stops the circle of revenge. Be true to the people you love most deeply. This also avoids animosity that can lead to blood lust. Act as if your charter is always being judged.

You are talking about a guy who allowed himself to be tortured and nailed to a cross even though he had the power to stop it. His drive and personal belief was that if he did this, he would save the world and its occupants. He loved people so much he was willing to suffer in their behalf. There is one lesson most voters can’t grasp. Love doesn’t feel good. That is lust. Love is about sacrifice, pain, and self deprivation. To love some one means that their needs are placed before your own, your desires are second to theirs. Jesus was sent to demonstrate love for all of us to use as an example, if you believe him to be the Son of God. This is not a guy who is going to be able to deny welfare to the poor.

Yah, so Jesus will not be on a ballot (or "ballet" either as originally posted) any time soon. But if that realization isn’t enough to rock your red, white, and blue blooded democracy driven patriotic American heart, then this should. Heaven is communist. It is under the rule of a single unelectable dictator. His rules are stern and precise. So believe it or not my fellow Americans, we may pride ourselves on living the freedom of democracy. But with an average life expectancy of 80 years, and with 20 of them spent under the dictatorial rule of our parents, throughout eternity, we can only hope at best to spend 40 years of them free to do as we please.

To be honest though, this is a slightly misleading statement. Heaven isn’t really a communist government as much as it is a hippie commune. With all the conations of the stereotypical 1960’s flower children love commune, Heaven is a lucid free love festival. The whole idea of being here on Earth to begin with is so God can weed out the assholes. Earth is kind of like quality control for his creations.

Think about it. If you want to have a community of people who need no governing, then make sure they are the kind of people who won’t cause friction. They should be people who would be considerate of others feelings before they do anything. (Love they neighbor as thyself. Do onto others as you would have done onto yourself.) That is what these two commandments were to force you to demonstrate. You want members of your community who can subdue their own lusts and exercise self-restraint. (Do not steal. Do not covet. Do not commit adultery.) These are all self-restraint commandments. They prove that you can control your desires that might cause negative irritation with in the community. "Do not lie" is important in ruling a communal structure. The only way to justice is through truth. Justice is required to restore any disruption to the harmony. Last any harmonious community needs to agree upon a source of ultimate resolution of problems. (Hold no false Idols. Do not use god’s name in vein.) These requests are designed to show that you accept His council and only his council. The honoring of your parents is the way of teaching this concept to the young. God considers himself the "Father". If there is one justification for God’s absence it would have to be prove with more definite assurance. Most kids are good when they know their parents are watching. It’s the ones who are good when not their parents are not looking that will least likely get in trouble throughout life.

There is probably no hunting, or guns for that fact. I mean what would be the point. Abortion will really not be an issue either. Illegal immigration, social services funding, and national fight against terrorism will no longer be a valid platform either.

So if Jesus was right and we go to a place where peace and love are predominate rule, then be prepared to spend eternity at Woodstock. If not, and he was just a nut job, his ideals of a perfect society are far greater then any we have going today. It is however going to take more strength then any human, since himself, has ever shown in order to enact those policies.

A debate with Jesus

I find it odd that those who often grandstand their Christianity, force references to "God", "religion", and most importantly "Jesus" would be the least likely to elect him as their president. This mentality is not specifically reserved to the conservative right, but more often then not they are.

Just look at the issues of today. Conservative view on taxes is "the less the better." They believe they better know how to spend "their money". This is opposition of their champions teachings of modesty and giving to the poor. They value their wealth over love. The shun the pacifist teachings of Jesus. Revenge is on their breath like sin on the devil. Let us check in on the debate.

CNN Commentator: Jesus what is your stance on taxes.

Jesus: Since in the USA tax money is used to benefit the poor by way of welfare, Medicare, and public education, I recommend that all people give any wealth they do not need to the greater good. As I have said in the past, "If you wish to be complete, go and sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you shall have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me."

CNN Commentator: Jesus, many Americans feel it is their right to protect themselves from thieves with personal weapons. How do you feel about this belief?

Jesus: Give to every man that asketh of thee; and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not again. There is not reason to worry about earthly possessions. The possessions of the next world will be profound and fulfilling.

CNN Commentator: Jesus, do you feel there is ever a necessity to lie about issues of national security.

Jesus: My father’s commandments are clear. Bearing false witness is a sin and must be atoned for before entering into his kingdom.

CNN Commentator: We know you are against killing in general, but how about torture, or inhumane acts such as water boarding, sleep and warmth deprivation.

Jesus: It is commanded that we should do onto other as we would have done onto ourselves. All of my father’s children are my brothers. What you do to the least of them you do onto me. Do nothing to them that you would not do to me.

CNN Commentator: In the past God had agreed to the eye for an eye philosophy. Say the USA suffers another terrorist attack. What would be your reaction? Would you seek revenge?

Jesus: I have been sent to light a new way. A way of Love not hate, forgiveness not revenge, tolerance not judgment. I have said, "You have heard that it was said, 'An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.' But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also." Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

CNN Commentator: So you never advocate violence?

Jesus: Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. Defense in the name of love alone can be condoned without regret. The benefit of violence can not be wealth or power.

CNN Commentator: So you would not have retaliated for 9/11?

Jesus: No brother, I can not condemn so many for the acts of so few.

Friday, October 26, 2007

WHYS- Iranian Sanctions Debate

While reading the blog of my favorite radio program World Have Your Say (link is to their new temp home) I engaged in the following debate. It is interesting because the sediment expressed by "Steve" is the norm and not the exception. Even though it is illogical and unfounded.

The blog post topic was about support of US sanctions against Iran, and weather they will have any effect on their nuclear weapons pursuit. Global warming was also mentioned. Find the post here.

Here is the exchange between Myself and another poster.

Sanctions on Iran? For what again? To keep them from building a nuclear power plant to wean themselves off of fossil fuels? For wanting to build a nuclear weapon to protect themselves against a nuclear armed enemy. One who called them part of an “Axis of Evil” and destroyed one of that groups members. A threat from the only nation to ever use a nuclear bomb? So in 10 years the chest beating chimps can say “sanctions aren’t working. We know they have a nuclear bomb… oops I guess we were wrong.” Sanctions because they send fighters into Iraq to “fight their enemy there before they have to fight them on their own soil.” Is that why sanctions are necessary?
Mother nature is going to come fix the whole mess created by this shallow, self-indulging, finger pointing, un-natural species we have become sooner or later. The Europeans have tried to get the US to clean up its act for years. When the biggest offender didn’t sign on to the Kyoto agreement, the participants had no choice but to stray themselves.Kind of like having athletes from every country sign on to a “no doping” contract for the Olympics except the US. All other nations will realize if the want their athletes to prosper they had best let then dope or they will never beat the Americans that didn’t sign on.
The sad ironies are that Humans are supposed to be the most intelligent race, yet it is our ignorance that is going to destroy the world as we know it. We Americans consider ourselves to be a “free people”, and yet it’s our lack of understanding of the word “freedom” that enslaves the world. Christianity claims that “The Earth will be destroyed.” It is many who use Jesus Christ’s name to gain power that will be the most likely catalyst to the Earth’s destruction.

Dwight, if it were only for nuclear power, nobody would have an issue with it. Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons. I know your types hate the US, hates Israel, but how much do you hate yourselves? These are INSANE, totally irrational people. It’s not like the soviets. They understood mutually assured destruction. These people welcome death, they have no fear of it, so nuclear weapons will likely be used. Do you really want yourself and your loved ones to get killed solely because you want someone to stand up to the US? lot of good that will do you after you are vaporized.
And a last point, if you really believe Iran’s denials of having a nuclear weapons program, did you also believe Ahadminjad when he said Iran has no homosexuals?

As of right now the only reason we have to believe that Iran wants a nuclear weapon is the word of the same source that said Iraq already had one. It seems you may be an example of what a new study had found. Links to the study and a summarization of it can be found here ( It basically found people will believe gossip and especially negative information in spite of overwhelming amount of facts before them.Our own operatives have found quite the contrary.

You obviously listen to NPR, so here is a source to an article about the lack of evidence ( The IAEA had found similar results previously( I mean, why are they bothering to send people over there if they are going to deny the intelligence reports they receive back? Show me a credible source that has intelligence and not just wild vindictive guesses about their intentions. And again, even if they did, I would have a hard time blaming them.

It seems you are willing to make assumptions yourself without any founded intelligence. You don’t know what “my type”. Hate is an emotion I have no use for. It is a self- serving emotion with no possible positive outcome. The closest thing I feel is frustration with people who perform illogical and unjust acts. I certainly don’t hate myself. If anything I probably have a “Messiah complex”. Hate is beneath me and can not be part of the path to truth.

I do remember when it was the Soviets were the “Insane, totally irrational people.” I remember thinking the Japanese and their Kamikaze fighters were unreasonable. I also remember when the Iranians were marching in the streets chanting, “death to America”. It was shortly after we propped up Saddam Hussein, and supplied him chemical weapons to use on the Iranian people.

You want to generalize “insane people” who have nuclear weapons. Pakistan, the most likely country of at least part time resident Ossama Bin Ladden, has a few nuclear weapons. Their government is unstable and they are not in control of their whole country. Yet we tolerate them having a weapon and allowing “terrorist training camps” to operate inside their borders. Why no concern over the homeland of US Enemy #1, but over concern with Iran? The logic doesn’t align.

I know and associate with about a half dozen Iranians and people of Persian background. They are giving, kind, and educated people. I have met their families, who still live there. Some are even Catholic. The rest are about as much like the stereo type you refer to as you are. It is just not a reality.

Before Iran can be the source of my “vaporization”, they first need to get a working cascade of centrifuges, refine the uranium to weapons grade, develop and test a war head, and then develop and test a missile. North Korea has found this to be a lot harder then believed. There will be plenty of stages where a weapons program is evident.

I do not believe the words of any politician. I believe only their actions and the proof of documented, educated, experts. Many people in the past said they believe Saddam had WMD’s. Only one of them invaded Iraq on forcefully faulty assumptions leading to the death of more then 3,800 Americans and an indeterminate number of Iraqis.

One last point, what can the US do about Iran? At best we can disrupt the organization and end up with another hundred unknown heads of the snake instead of just one we now know?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Success In Iraq- Are We There Yet?

The president has requested an additional 46 billion (yes that is billion with a "B") in order to fund his failure of a foreign policy. I once had a Ford Escort that would cost me a few bucks a month in burning oil, then the tie rods went bad, then the transmission went, and when the head gasket blew for the second time I said, "enough", the machine is costing more then its usefulness. This is a good analogy of the Bush foreign policy.

The Yahoo version of the article can be found here.

Let us put this into logical perspective. Since I do so love logic. There are 300 million men women and children legally residing in the United States. That is million with an "M". If we were to break that down, with the new request, it would bring the amount spent on "liberating Iraq", "Hunting down and bringing to justice the perpetrators of 9/11", "brining peace between Israel and Palestine, and "ridding Iraq, Iran, and North Korea of their nuclear capabilities" to $1,666 per person. Me personally I would like the 5 grand for my family and let me defend them from terrorist myself. But if you can’t do that, I would accept a clearly typed, pie charted, and itemized list of where each penny is going.

Rounding up, 200 Billion dollars will be requested to support 130,000 troops in Iraq and 30,000 troops in Afghanistan. If we divide that out it would mean 200 billion would be dispersed to 160 thousand. It figures out to be 1 and a quarter million dollars per soldier ($1,250,000). I wonder if I am too old to join. I had no clue they were paying so well.

The "rocket scientist in chief" said, "Our men and women on the front lines should not be caught in the middle of partisan disagreements in Washington." I couldn’t agree more. The only way to stop that now would be to remove, "the front line". Bring the troops home.

Anther brilliant line utter by this moron was, "I recognize their position and they should make their views heard. But they ought to make sure our troops have what it takes to succeed." Hey buddy, it isn’t money that is lacking for success, it is A) a hard fast definition of what success is and B) a clear plan on how to achieve that defined goal that is missing. This would be equivalent to getting in a car with somebody who won’t tell you where they are going, or keeps changing their destination, and having them condemn you for not giving them gas money to get to where they want to go. Then you find out they don’t even have a map.

Back to that itemized list. Go ahead and throw in a list for all tax dollars spent. So along with the $1,666 per person spent securing me, include the 67 billion dollars (or $216 per person) spent on education. We won’t be even 1/8th as smart as we are secure. Include the amounts spent on patrolling the borders, researching heart and kidney disease, and the amount rendered to encourage law enforcement. It would be nice to see how much of the law enforcement budget is spent investigating prudery and treason charges at the national level too. I'll be expecting my copy in the mail.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Valerie Plame Sixty Minutes - Part One

My favorite story is growing legs again. No matter what else you might think, this was an indefensible act of treason. It was committed by the highest offices of this country. She could not say the things that she says here or in front of the congress with out retribution if they were not true. I would challenge anybody to find evidence to the contrary. All of the things that you have heard said about her and that get rehashed have been later proven false. But as we saw in my previous post about negative information and gossip people prefer to insults to facts.

If there is one thing that I would like to see complete accountability for it would be this issue. It is tied in so many ways to the other topics such as the Iraqis quagmire, torture, to lack WMD in Iraq, to the trouble with the veterans treatment. All of these things and many more don’t happen if a true, honest, and a genuine interest in American security is considered. When you start with, there is a lot of money to be made by going to war with Iraq and you use American resources, money, and lives to enrich yourself that is not acceptable. When you use fear of “American security” as the tactic to get permission to use those valuables, you become criminal to the degree of Stalin, Hitler, and any of the other world leaders who did the same. Forget the screwed up economy form the “ownership society” policies. Forget the “ no child left behind failure. Forget the 8 years lost to addressing the global warming issue. Even forget the inspiring of our enemies to redouble their effort to arm themselves with nuclear weapons. Just answer the question of who orchestrated the leaking of her name.

Valerie Plame on Sixty Minutes - Part Two

She says she has “harsh words” for President Bush. They weren’t harsh enough. Every investigator knows that you solve a complex crime perpetrated by a criminal organization from the ground up. Start as high up as you can. When that guy is facing serious time, he will find it easier to roll over on the guy above him. Then you prosecute that guy, and he then rolls on the next guy up. That is how it works. If you pardon one link in that chain, take the fear of consequences out of the realm of possibility, you effectively stop the investigation in its tracks. Could you imagine if every drug lord could just buy his street thugs out of jail time every time, and the thugs knew it. How much information do you think they would give up?

Another retired General Another Claim of Incompetence

Yet another General who once outside direct sphere of influence (AKA threat) of the Bush administration has began to speak his true feelings about the Iraq war and it’s handlers. In a speech to military journalist Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez became the latest to level charges of incompetence. He called the situation a "nightmare with no end in sight."
Other generals in the past include General retired Army Major General Paul D. Eaton who called the republican heals congress the "the Republican dominated Congress has absolutely been the worst thing that's happened to the United States Army and the United States Marine Corps."
Other generals that can be added to the list are General Anthony Zinni, Lt. General William Odem, Lt. General Greg Newbold, Major General Batise.
Then there was the big General. General Colin Powell. He has expressed nothing but reserved regret about his role in the cheerleading to war during his time with the Bush Administration.
They say to listen to the generals on the ground. We are to believe the people who are trained to support their superior officers no matter what. The result of your insubordination can be everything fro released in disgrace to endangerment to friends and family currently in the military organization, how can we find sturdy ground to give credibility? So when are the people who are pulling the strings of these people going to be held accountable for their, at the very least, incompetent actions? Probably never I suppose. Get yahoo version of story here

Monday, October 15, 2007

New Study Shows People Prefer Comfort of Ignorance

Here is an interesting study about gossip just released. The Study can be found here. If you can’t deal with all of the thick science and the description of methodology then you can read the more English by "LiveScience Summation of the study here. The study basically says that we are more likely to believe “gossip” and especially negative gossip about somebody’s reputation even though we can see proof to the opposite.

"If people would act rationally, they would only base their decisions on what they really see because they know exactly the past behavior of these people,"

The study used a game to prove the effect. Basically the participants started with a partner then had to write negative or positive stuff about their past partners and what they had heard about people they may not have even known.

In the end even though proof would show that some people to be giving and fair partners, bad gossip trumped what was actually believed about them.

So juicy gossip like, “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction”, circulated through Washington like wild fire. Even though there the UN inspectors were there and saying differently. A reputation such as, “Saddam is an evil dictator killing millions of his own people every year”, has found deep roots in the American psyche even though proof presented to back up the claim. It is how some people believed that John Kerry would send people house to house to take away your guns if elected. But what proof do any of these cheerleaders and nay-sayers have? People, especially here in America, are way too busy to check their facts. Even though the resources are right there in front of most of us to do so.

Encouraging circulation

Here is the video question I have submitted for the YouTube Debate. They only give you 30 seconds. Like the important questions can actually be asked or for that fact answered in 30 seconds. For anybody not aquainted with this blog, this is one of my biggest "soap box" issues. More can be read on the July and August posts labled Wage reform: Part 1- The Difference between you and Bill Gates. , Wage reform: Part 2 – "Basically" you and Bill Gates are the same, Wage Reform part 3 – “It’s stupid, the economy.”, and Wage reform part 4 – the Day after.

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Life, Death, God, Religions, and other fears

In the middle of these recent and at least on more future post about validity this will hopefully be a quick but related distraction. WHYS asked its listeners the question "Should children be brought up without religion?" This question is also accompanied by relative questions about the purpose of religion in general.

I "believe" the best way to answer these questions is first to define religion and it’s purpose. Religion is how we humans, with our conscience self-awareness explain what happens to that conscious after our life functions cease. That looming question influences the actions of every human alive. Think about it, whatever you believe happens after you are dead, what if you found out the opposite were true? Would it not change the way you interact with society. That brings up another crucial part of religion. It’s relevance is almost entirely dependant on social interaction.

Let’s face it. If you were stranded on a Caribbean island by yourself, it would be impossible to disobey 6 of the 10 commandments. Dishonoring mother/ father, killing, adulterating, stealing, lying, and coveting all require other people. I somehow doubt that being hopelessly stuck on an island is going to make you switch gods. It might make you reconsider if there is one, but no "other gods" will probably fall into consideration. Money, power, and lust as the meaning of "other gods" all require other people to be present. I guess this means no making up other gods. Not something a stranded person is thinking about I suppose. The not taking of the name in vein is the most likely sin you might commit if stranded on an island. I think god might understand if you get resolved to that fate. If you can keep track of what day it is on the island, I guess you could be held to keeping the Sabbath holy too. Although I am guessing that whatever "work" you are doing is required for survival.

No, God is concerned with your actions as they relate to other people. The reason all religions deities are concerned with your actions is that they want to know they are letting only the most harmonious and loyal in the gates of paradise. That is the point of religion. In the end God is a communist and heaven, one giant hippie commune. Sorry conservatives. There is no money, greed, class, free enterprise, or condemnation in heaven. It is a land of free healthcare, no borders, no guns, and endless welfare. He doesn’t care how you showed up at his doorstep. Weather a suicide bomber or the result years of living poor have brought about your earthly demise, the only question is how well did you follow his rules. It is like Woodstock without the mud.

There are two things that every society ever discovered, no matter how remote, has in common. They all have two attributes not required for survival as a part of their culture. They all have religion and they all have music. Sure they all have ways to grow food, build shelter, and gather water. These are required to survive. But a tribe deep in Africa could survive without beating drums or praising the volcano god. So why do the all do it. Well it is really not magic, or a "miracle" so to speak. One thing every single human has in common is that they die. Almost every person experiences the loss of somebody they care about to death. Humans are generally problem solvers. They are doers. The feel the need to fix a bad situation. So, over the years logic, traditions, and methods get developed to deal with these losses. These traditions often take the form of song and dance. Since all the people of the community want to feel part of the loss. Ala the funeral food. They want to join in. Music is often used to pass the stories of the dead and the traditions of the past through the generating in a way that is memorable. Think about what makes you feel like the Christmas holiday is here. It is the pretty songs in a style that otherwise you wouldn’t get caught dead listening to. In America what most of us know about Jesus and religion is taught to us through songs learned in elementary school.

See that? I have just walked you into an understanding of the logical answer to the original question. Which is for those who forgot, "should we teach our kids religion." Over the few years of our conscious existence religion has become more then just the answer to the "what happens after death" question. That is also why people who may not practice actively still hold on to the traditions. Religion has become part of our identity. It is natural and completely agreeable that we want to teach them of their identity. As a matter of fact, psychologically speaking, many of them would be totally lost if parents hid that identity from them. So "yes" we should teach our children and include them in our religion.

OK, those who know me know there is a "but". (Really, it is often said, where you see LOL you are sure to find a real "but") Teaching you kid is not the same as brainwashing you child. The Catholic Church has a great brainwashing mechanism that has worked for them for centuries. They induct you into the church when you are young. My mother in law couldn’t wait to get our daughter to her first, and in 6 months of life, only appearance in church. Then they incline you to come every week at least and listen to a person who is presented as a person of wisdom. His wisdom has been taught to him by the church itself. The last half of the church is the same every Sunday. Repetition is a key brainwashing technique used to get thousands of false confessions and bad intelligence over the years. If you keep saying something eventually the conscious will accept it as truth. Rituals are important to finishing the process. People then look forward to participating and sharing these "traditions" with others.

Many religions are not dissuasive of the leading children with more pleasant ideas. Catholics are not discouraged from teaching children about Satan Clause (oops did my dyslexia screw that word up again?) and/ or the Easter Bunny. The two major pinnacles of Christian faith are the birth and death which lead to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yet the catholic church doesn’t discourage sugar coating the events with fairy tales. They encourage their children to hold false gods and graven images. A big fat man flying around the world on the backs of enslaved reindeer, breaking into peoples homes, and leaving presents for the ones who he has judged to be worthy. Isn’t that "God’s" job? Then there is the Easter bunny who lays eggs for kids to find? What kind of LSD laden trip must one be having to come up with that one? How have we broken the Ten Commandments, let me count the way. False witnessing, other gods, graven images are the ones right off the top of my head. Then throw in the "Christmas Spirit" you see at the mall every season and you can knock off stealing, coveting, quite a few times the lords name is taken in vein, and malls are open later on the Sabbath. Respect for parents and adultery seem the only unscathed commandments by the Christmas season.

So why allow this promotion of gods and materialism to kids? It is simply part of the brainwashing. Kids first learn to associate difficult and unbelievable subjects with warm fuzzy ferry tales. For believing (because everybody knows if you don’t believe in Satan Clause he doesn’t bring you any presents) you get rewarded with presents and a day of fun games and candy. As you get older you develop fond memories of those holidays and are willing to accept the "real meaning behind them". You are asked to cast off your belief in ferry tales about flying reindeer and egg laying bunnies. You are still to believe that this guy walked on water, turned water into wine, fed 10,000 people with a basket of fish, cured the sick, healed the blind, and died then returned from the dead. Why did he do all of this? Because we humans are evil and being punished for a sin bestowed upon us from two people 6000 years ago. So he came down here so we could abuse, torture, and kill him by nailing him to a cross. That made things all better. Somehow that works. People send money, lots of it. Christmas makes them feel good. It gives them hope. It reminds them of their youth, the good parts.

This is what you aught to be chastised for teaching your kids. This screwed up version of free enterprise religion causes vast gaps in reality. It leads to the biggest sin, which is hypocrisy. There is so much room for interpretation that anything can be justified or forgiven.

There is so much more to the teachings of Jesus. He was truly a great man. His beliefs in tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, and peace are what humanity needs. The concepts of turning the other cheek, loving they neighbor, treating others as you would like to be treated, passive solutions, and leaving judgment to a higher power are ideals that if adopted instead of just preached would save millions of lives per century. But it isn’t natural. Our animal instincts, the ones brought to us via evolution, inspire a different human race. One where the survival of the fittest and most well adapted is the religion we actually abide by.

It is nice to sit in church and listen on Sunday about Jesus’ ideals of cheek turning and forgiveness. However, the reality is the evangelicals have lent their support to the pursuit of vengeance. Two wars, hundreds of thousands dead, and decades of negative effects have been the result of the attack on 9-11. Nobody will deny that these wars are possible because of that need for revenge. "9-11-2001 changed everything" I have heard over and over.

So teach your kids your traditions. It is important. If you choose to teach your kid your religion, make sure you understand it yourself first. Never force them to become part of it. Make sure they know who you worship more then they recognize a marketing figure. Lastly, know that any good idea will withstand scrutiny. If you remain credible and true to your beliefs your kids will see it and accept it more easily. Prove yourself to be a hypocrite and your children will have to seek validity from another source.

I couldn’t just pick one quote on this subject so here are a few. With the best one being last.

You can safely assume that you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do. --Anne Lamott

We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not
enough to make us love one another. --Jonathan Swift

If the gods listened to the prayers of men, all humankind would quickly perish since they constantly pray for many evils to befall one another. - Epicurus

Man is a Religious Animal. He is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion—several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn’t straight. --Mark Twain

Isn’t it strange that people place so much emphasis upon going to church when there is not one command from Jesus to do so, and yet neglect the basic duties of our ordinary life which are commanded on every page of the Gospels? —William Law

"If I could ask God one question, most of my questions would already be answered." – John Wallace

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