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Jesus Would Never Get Elected and Heaven is Run By a Communist Government

As demonstrated by the earlier post (that is the one below this one for those confused) Jesus would not have a chance at getting elected to the presidency of the nation supposedly created in his name. The conservatives would be opposed to his position on taxes, free market, war, and revenge. More liberal voters would be opposed to his belief on adultery, homosexuality, honesty, and God in school. Let us just say a ticket with Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich would have a better chance.

I am not sure if Jesus was the son of God or an insane lune that happened to have stumbled on to something. What I do know is his perspective on life, relationships, and makes logical sense. If we all lived by his teachings the world would be free, prosperous, happy, and further advanced. His message was one that works whether you believe in an afterlife or not. It just works psychologically. What you don’t need give away to the less fortunate and people will love you. This works for the economy as well. If …

A debate with Jesus

I find it odd that those who often grandstand their Christianity, force references to "God", "religion", and most importantly "Jesus" would be the least likely to elect him as their president. This mentality is not specifically reserved to the conservative right, but more often then not they are.

Just look at the issues of today. Conservative view on taxes is "the less the better." They believe they better know how to spend "their money". This is opposition of their champions teachings of modesty and giving to the poor. They value their wealth over love. The shun the pacifist teachings of Jesus. Revenge is on their breath like sin on the devil. Let us check in on the debate.

CNN Commentator: Jesus what is your stance on taxes.

Jesus: Since in the USA tax money is used to benefit the poor by way of welfare, Medicare, and public education, I recommend that all people give any wealth they do not need to the greater good. As I have said in th…

WHYS- Iranian Sanctions Debate

While reading the blog of my favorite radio program World Have Your Say (link is to their new temp home) I engaged in the following debate. It is interesting because the sediment expressed by "Steve" is the norm and not the exception. Even though it is illogical and unfounded.

The blog post topic was about support of US sanctions against Iran, and weather they will have any effect on their nuclear weapons pursuit. Global warming was also mentioned. Find the post here.

Here is the exchange between Myself and another poster.

Sanctions on Iran? For what again? To keep them from building a nuclear power plant to wean themselves off of fossil fuels? For wanting to build a nuclear weapon to protect themselves against a nuclear armed enemy. One who called them part of an “Axis of Evil” and destroyed one of that groups members. A threat from the only nation to ever use a nuclear bomb? So in 10 years the chest beating chimps can say “sanctions aren’t working. We know they have a …

Success In Iraq- Are We There Yet?

The president has requested an additional 46 billion (yes that is billion with a "B") in order to fund his failure of a foreign policy. I once had a Ford Escort that would cost me a few bucks a month in burning oil, then the tie rods went bad, then the transmission went, and when the head gasket blew for the second time I said, "enough", the machine is costing more then its usefulness. This is a good analogy of the Bush foreign policy.

The Yahoo version of the article can be found here.

Let us put this into logical perspective. Since I do so love logic. There are 300 million men women and children legally residing in the United States. That is million with an "M". If we were to break that down, with the new request, it would bring the amount spent on "liberating Iraq", "Hunting down and bringing to justice the perpetrators of 9/11", "brining peace between Israel and Palestine, and "ridding Iraq, Iran, and North Korea of their n…

Valerie Plame Sixty Minutes - Part One

My favorite story is growing legs again. No matter what else you might think, this was an indefensible act of treason. It was committed by the highest offices of this country. She could not say the things that she says here or in front of the congress with out retribution if they were not true. I would challenge anybody to find evidence to the contrary. All of the things that you have heard said about her and that get rehashed have been later proven false. But as we saw in my previous post about negative information and gossip people prefer to insults to facts.

If there is one thing that I would like to see complete accountability for it would be this issue. It is tied in so many ways to the other topics such as the Iraqis quagmire, torture, to lack WMD in Iraq, to the trouble with the veterans treatment. All of these things and many more don’t happen if a true, honest, and a genuine interest in American security is considered. When you start with, there is a lot of money t…

Valerie Plame on Sixty Minutes - Part Two

She says she has “harsh words” for President Bush. They weren’t harsh enough. Every investigator knows that you solve a complex crime perpetrated by a criminal organization from the ground up. Start as high up as you can. When that guy is facing serious time, he will find it easier to roll over on the guy above him. Then you prosecute that guy, and he then rolls on the next guy up. That is how it works. If you pardon one link in that chain, take the fear of consequences out of the realm of possibility, you effectively stop the investigation in its tracks. Could you imagine if every drug lord could just buy his street thugs out of jail time every time, and the thugs knew it. How much information do you think they would give up?

Another retired General Another Claim of Incompetence

Yet another General who once outside direct sphere of influence (AKA threat) of the Bush administration has began to speak his true feelings about the Iraq war and it’s handlers. In a speech to military journalist Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez became the latest to level charges of incompetence. He called the situation a "nightmare with no end in sight."
Other generals in the past include General retired Army Major General Paul D. Eaton who called the republican heals congress the "the Republican dominated Congress has absolutely been the worst thing that's happened to the United States Army and the United States Marine Corps."
Other generals that can be added to the list are General Anthony Zinni, Lt. General William Odem, Lt. General Greg Newbold, Major General Batise.
Then there was the big General. General Colin Powell. He has expressed nothing but reserved regret about his role in the cheerleading to war during his time with the Bush Administration.
They say to …

New Study Shows People Prefer Comfort of Ignorance

Here is an interesting study about gossip just released. The Study can be found here. If you can’t deal with all of the thick science and the description of methodology then you can read the more English by "LiveScience Summation of the study here. The study basically says that we are more likely to believe “gossip” and especially negative gossip about somebody’s reputation even though we can see proof to the opposite.

"If people would act rationally, they would only base their decisions on what they really see because they know exactly the past behavior of these people,"

The study used a game to prove the effect. Basically the participants started with a partner then had to write negative or positive stuff about their past partners and what they had heard about people they may not have even known.

In the end even though proof would show that some people to be giving and fair partners, bad gossip trumped what was actually believed about them.

So juicy gossip like, “Iraq has…

Encouraging circulation

Here is the video question I have submitted for the YouTube Debate. They only give you 30 seconds. Like the important questions can actually be asked or for that fact answered in 30 seconds. For anybody not aquainted with this blog, this is one of my biggest "soap box" issues. More can be read on the July and August posts labled Wage reform: Part 1- The Difference between you and Bill Gates. , Wage reform: Part 2 – "Basically" you and Bill Gates are the same, Wage Reform part 3 – “It’s stupid, the economy.”, and Wage reform part 4 – the Day after.

Life, Death, God, Religions, and other fears

In the middle of these recent and at least on more future post about validity this will hopefully be a quick but related distraction. WHYS asked its listeners the question "Should children be brought up without religion?" This question is also accompanied by relative questions about the purpose of religion in general.

I "believe" the best way to answer these questions is first to define religion and it’s purpose. Religion is how we humans, with our conscience self-awareness explain what happens to that conscious after our life functions cease. That looming question influences the actions of every human alive. Think about it, whatever you believe happens after you are dead, what if you found out the opposite were true? Would it not change the way you interact with society. That brings up another crucial part of religion. It’s relevance is almost entirely dependant on social interaction.

Let’s face it. If you were stranded on a Caribbean island by yourself, it would be…