Barack Wins!! Congrats, No Time For Disneyland

This is truly a great day for America . If for no other reason, then it shows that the marketing of name recognition and fear has been overcome. A guy with the same name of the US “enemy #1” in 2003 was elected. Great America, enough of you have risen above your prejudices and shallow thought stream. There is no doubt you elected the better of the two contenders.

Barack, to you I have to say that you have inherited this office at a time that will allow no rest. You do have great support form the legislative branch to get things done. Your mission is three fold. First, you are the Commander in Chief. Get out troops out of the Middle East. I know you have been thumping your chest on Afghanistan. But now it is time to get real. You are never going to get an area made up of religious tribal clans that put more merit in the local cleric then they do state government to cooperate as a unified people. You have a better chance of getting every member of congress to agree on a healthcare bill. Send in intelligence agents and leave a small strike force behind to take out training camps as they rise up. Too many families are without crucial members and too much money has been spent chasing a ghost. When the people you are fighting and the people you are protecting are the same people, you have a futile mission.

The second issue at hand is the economy. It is time to start weaning the country off the addiction. No not the “addiction to foreign oil” that you have been stumping about. The addiction to credit. Shack that addiction and the rest of them will find their own solutions. It is going to require heavy decision that will lead to people suffering for awhile. But like an addict going through a dangerous withdraw; healthy and full lives await those who make it to the other side.

The last part of this commission will be to set a good example for faithful and doubters alike. You have an even more critical role then previous democrats have played. You have to be an exemplary display for your perceived race, party, and age bracket. People will be watching your every step. This doesn’t mean to make decisions based upon what people are expecting or wanting you to do. It means, don’t act in a hypocritical manor. Don’t say you are an honest committed family man and then get caught in a compromising position. On this day, black and other minority children who could aspire to be many things in America, have a new aspiration. They see a face that they recognize as the leader of their great nation. Don't let them down. Try not to give the ignorant critics any reason to say, "See I told you so."

With that I wish you a fine career. I will be watching and criticizing every decision you make. It is my nature. But, don't assume it’s a sign of disrespect. As of this day you have my utmost respect. It is up to you to keep or loose it. Now, get to work. You are already slacking.


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