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Chasing the tail of a dogma

A friend of mine took me to task. Calling me “Dogmatic” in my arguments. (Dogmatic - Characterized by an authoritative, arrogant assertion of unproved or unprovable principles.) I guess it could be viewed that way. The perception from my postion is that I am not that bright of a bulb. Many of the concepts I discuss are strictly “Rational” aka “Logical”. They are ideas that I assume by 6th grade most of us have been exposed to and had to have passed a test on things like basic math and social studies. I guess if I am in fact dogmatic, it’s due to my naivety. I have a belief that everybody can use a calculator, do simple multiplication, and understand simple psychology.

It turns out “Dogmatic” is a relative term. For example I can walk up to one of our resident mentally handicapped janitorial personal and say “water is made up of 3 atoms, of which 2 are hydrogen and one is oxygen.” Dogmatic. To him this would be unproven and seem awfully arrogant and authoritative. The average person ove…

The mathematics of energy consumption and population growth (part 1 of 8)

Lots of people say they are politically in the “middle” but normally inside of 2 min. you can see they clearly are not. If you can watch this video and claim you are either conservative/ republican or liberal/ democrat then there is no point in conversing on political issues. They are BOTH WRONG. “Drill baby drill” is as dangerous and damming as welfare and social services unconditionally. (There are 8 oparts with the next part qued once the previous part finishes.)

The mathematics of energy consumption and population growth (part 1 of 8)