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Unsustainable In Every Way

This is going to be a nice "lead out" / "Lead in" post to a new blog I am going to be starting in the future. This site was supposed to be dedicated to more global and political issues and solutions. However, I often end up writing about more then just such issues and how affect us generally on a political scale, but also more personally. I have learned a lot about what "makes us tic" as humans in the past year. It was another layer of the onion. I think a different venue will be in order to offer these ideas. I think it will be titled "The Human System”. The two web sites together I believe will be combined to one day wrote the book I seemed to have been born to write.
I have always known the reality of sustainability and its role, but a few years back, me and a friend were sharing beers and he put the concept together in a few sentences for me. What isn't sustainable isn't natural. What isn't natural, will either deplete, fade into …

Oil Spill: Responsibility and Sensibility

Alright, it has been too long. I hope to pick up the thread a little more regularly.

So even in my attempt to avoid the news, a few issues you just can’t ignore. The BP oil leak is the biggest one. With my contempt for our persistence on this practice without any real movement towards discontinuation is certainly not hidden in these posts. An event like this one just frustrates me further.

That said, I have to shake my head that when it happened and the world seems to have been surprised. My initial reaction was, “well no shit”. It was bound to happen. Yes the chances were miniscule, but real all the same. I think what did take me by surprise was that there was no contingency plan to quickly reduce the impact.

In my day to day, we have to often make decisions that could potentially impact thousands of lives. Now the actual chances are often very minuscule. However, that doesn’t stop us from having a “risk assessment” meeting where these risks are assessed. An approach t…