Employment And The Work To Time Ratio

Alright, I think I got most of my disgust with the American voters out of my system. Back to the work of whipping our foreign and domestic world back into shape. I am planning on getting back to writing the book now that the distraction of current events via the election is over. So to the three people who read this, you might find longer periods between posts here. You may also notice some rehashed ideas as I try to make them more read worthy.

Do you go to work to make money? No, you don’t go to work to make money! What good is money? It is a piece of paper with a dead guy’s picture on it. You can’t eat it. Most of us don’t make enough to make clothing out of it. And none of us make enough to form it into a suitable housing environment. Not to mention that it is illegal to use money in this fashion. So money will not even serve to help with the three basic needs. A giveaway might be that now a days we don’t even see the money we earn. It just goes to a bank, and then on to a vendor. As a final test, would you go to work if you weren’t paid? I hear a resounding “NO!” How about if the offer was that you didn’t get paid, but you were given a card that you could use to buy whatever you wanted, no restrictions? I think I just changed the “No” into a “hell yeah!”

So we are getting somewhere. You are going to work so you can obtain goods or services that you might enjoy. So when might you enjoy most of these goods and services? I think I can safely assume that you are not wanting to drive your brand new Mustang around the parking lot at work while answering business phone calls or flipping whoppers. Not to mention, getting a “happy ending” while trying to slaughter a chicken might be distracting and frowned upon by the FDA. However, secretaries, fast food preparations, and slaughterhouse employees are all members of the “workforce”. So are CEO’s. As we have already established people don’t go to work to earn money, they go to work to earn things. But, things can be considered useless with out the other factor in our equation. CEO's, Whopper Floppers, and strippers all make different amounts. While the amount of money is different, one constant in the US is the amount of hours. The magic number is 40 for most US employees.

Next proposition. We have given you a card that you can go buy anything you want with, but here is the catch. Your job is basically a prison. You must work 365/24/7. Sure you can order stuff online and have it sent to your house. But, you are contracted until age 65, and if you break it, we take all of your stuff back, and then some in penalty. Until that day of retirement, you must keep giving those lap dances non-stop. Still interested? I am going to say most of you will say two things. First, who wants a lap dance from a 60 yr old stripper, and second “no deal!” How about we let you work 160 hours a week and let you go enjoy yourself 8 full hours a week. I am going to assume that I am not getting many people responding to my employment ad. How many hours are you willing to work per week for that magic card? Let me tell you something, whatever number you give me now will steadily decline as you acquire more things. I think I have sufficiently proven that we go to work for the resultant of two issues. We are employed to buy things and time to enjoy them. It is a ratio that varies from person to person. In the US it is a ratio of 40 hours per week at a rate of about $18.50 is the average.

This is an important concept to grasp when trying to achieve many of the goals of our politics. fairness, justice, and quality of life for Americans can only be obtained as long as this concept is understood. Remember, of those two elements, only one is finite. Time is something the government can not create more of.

This was supposed to be a post about fair taxation, but I have held your attention span way too long. So I will break it into another post.


W said…
Aww, come on LOL, how 'm I gonna get my fix if you slow the posts down??
Lord of Logic said…
I knew he was 1 of the 3!!!

Don't worry "W.", as slow as you read, and as deep as this content, you will be plenty occupied. Shouldn't you be busy working right now anyway? I mean you are near the end and probably want to make sure any projects you have are tidied up so people are constantly calling and asking you important questions like, "what is your password?"

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