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If I Were Writing Obama's State Of The Union Address.

The appropriate "State of the Union Address" should go something like this. "The state of the union, folks, is bad. It is bad because the policies of George W. Bush and the people controlling the House and Senate at the time made some stupid and selfish mistakes that not only plague us today, but will probably plague our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Yes, consequences simply don't stop because leadership changes and the US is a giant ship with bureaucratic and cumbersome system. I have offered many painful and honest approaches to correct this by way of my "American Jobs Act" and several budget proposals, but they were rejected for grandstanding and issues that had nothing to do with the budget and much to do with minority obstructionism. Much of the weight of these proposals fell on those who gained from the poor previous administrations policies. Whether they know it or are unaware is of no concern to me. We have to deal with the …