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What Do We Openly Value In The US? Dispoble Heros?

(This was written to my FB connections.  The message still resonates even without that connection.) 

This post will be by far the most offensive one I have ever written. But most of the people reading my FB posts are friends and family who are stuck with me. That being the case, you can still make donations to buy my a newer 48' Hans Christian. Make donation checks payable to “Foundation for ridding American psyche of cognitive dissonance by casting out logic, reason, and science”.
Ok, do me a favor. Look over your FB feed for the past 48 hours. Look upon it not as yourself, but as an outsider to this country. Judge what you see to be an extension of the things we value. “What do Americans value above all else?” Judge the people that get mentioned or pictures posted by the reason they are mentioned. (Hint, a lot of pics of soldiers that last couple of days.) Judge their job not by the warm emotional feelings associated with the term, but by the job description.. I'll…

“Doomsday Preppers”, Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, and Shutdowns.

Oh the places we will go... 
      This is one of those post that I am not sure which place I should have included it.  I have two different approaches to writing to each of the two blogs.  Both are hoping to get what I rarely do, which is comments. But, "The Human System" is written in a way that is meant to be observatory, insightful, and invite comments. Here, on LAP, I try to be inciting, aggressive, and very opinionated. Under the current conditions, I realize this is a very political issue, and the level of insanity has become a problem, not merely and observation.  So, it ended up here. 
"Shut-Down, Go Ahead and Give It To Me.."       So as I write this, we are again in a government in "shutdown" status. Now I would love to be my normal dismissive self and say this is just an overstatement, people making a large mountain out of something trivial.  But, the bigger danger here is making something trivial out of an entire mountain range. For good or for …

The King, The Capitalist, and The Act Of War

In light of all the hubub about Amazon and the location of their head quarters, I decided to update analoly I made up years ago. This is going to be opening chapter should it ever come to fruition. From it comes a lot of understanding I believe.  “The King, The Capitalist, and An Act Of War”
The Capitalist: A lucrative US fish supplier has its eyes on an area that is very well known for a specific type of fish that the company has a small but growing demand for. A representative comes to a small South Pacific island community to petition the King for the authorization to set up a commercial fishing business for the fish supply company. The “business head” of this representative all flush with the magnificence of capitalist views could only see his proposal as a “win-win” and expects his trip to be a quick success and that he may even get a few days to take in the sights and a break in the warmth the Island has to offer. There was King in “their right mind” that would turn this deal dow…

The Rich Get Richer Part 2.: A More Fair And Natural System

This presumes you read part 1.
This is the second story mentioned in “The rich get richer” post. This one removes the forces of money, interest and capitalism. It instead focuses on the labor part of the equation. Where the version of the story concentrated on an auction outside the bakery, this time we concentrate on the inside workings of the bakery. It shows how, when that is removed, a more natural driving force of creativity and invention results. It is a much shorter story where charts won't be required. (But I could if you really want one.

Back at the bakery
So, we return to our bakery. The same set up as in the previous post. A baker makes bread for a community of 10 families. All 10 have a single provider, and require one loaf of bread a day. The 10 people are exactly the same in every way. In this case though, the baker needs 5 people to work for one feverish hour every day. The work is hard and draining, but everybody is capable of doing it. He pays a l…

Petition on wage reform and minimum percentage idea

The White House offers a service that they will address any issue that can get first 150 people through email and FB alone and then it is opened to the public for 100,000 people visiting the website.  If nothing else it would be nice to have it addressed by Obama himself.  For those not familiar I have long advocated forcing a company to pay its lowest paid employee at least just 1% of its highest paid employee.  You pay your CEO $10,000 then pay your janitor 1% of that. He has to be worth at least 1% of your CEO's efforts.  
vote for it here.  Also Please forward it to people you think might be supportive of this idea!

Minimum Percentage Petition to White House web tool

If they really wanted to Ballance the Budget

The Rich Get Richer. The Futility Of Being Poor In The Capitalist system.

Let’s call it “The Alice in Wonderland principle”. Sometimes while trying to understand and explain something small, one stumbles upon something much bigger.  This happened to me writing this post. I set out to explain how in a community where there is no money, Only the barter system to acquire needed goods and services, people are truly equal.  What I found was a way to graphically represent the mechanics behind the fact and statement “The rich get richer”.  This is true and in the following text and spread sheet is how I arrived at that conclusion using nothing more than math. 

 Some Basic Economics Laws.   First, “Value” is defined as the highest price of a good or service that a consumer has both the desire (willing) and resources (able) to pay for it. Imagine everything you buy at a store, online, or from a private citizen is a giant auction.  For one single Item, the highest bidder takes the “widget”.
 “Equilibrium Price”- The state in which market supply and demand balance eac…

If I Were Writing Obama's State Of The Union Address.

The appropriate "State of the Union Address" should go something like this. "The state of the union, folks, is bad. It is bad because the policies of George W. Bush and the people controlling the House and Senate at the time made some stupid and selfish mistakes that not only plague us today, but will probably plague our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Yes, consequences simply don't stop because leadership changes and the US is a giant ship with bureaucratic and cumbersome system. I have offered many painful and honest approaches to correct this by way of my "American Jobs Act" and several budget proposals, but they were rejected for grandstanding and issues that had nothing to do with the budget and much to do with minority obstructionism. Much of the weight of these proposals fell on those who gained from the poor previous administrations policies. Whether they know it or are unaware is of no concern to me. We have to deal with the …