48%, Sarah Palin, and the Most Dangerous People In America

I said to a co-worker that it didn’t amaze me that Obama won, it was more amazing that 48% of the country voted for him. I am going to pretty safely assume that nobody who voted for the McCain/ (ehhm) Palin ticket is reading a “blog” called Logic And Politics. The very name inherently a turn off to people of that mental capacity. So, let’s talk about them.

First, a little more about John McCain. I don’t know who the guy is that ran, I voted for a John McCain in the 200o primaries. The guy who voted against the “Bush Tax Cuts” that has lead to the skyrocketing unemployment and trade deficit turned into it’s biggest cheerleader. His foreign policies made real sense back then. Today they are the chest thumping of war apes that has lead us into the disrespect of the world. He s an idiot.

Now 48% of you still found it acceptable top vote for him after his major swing in ideologies, and after his pick of the dumbest woman on Earth, you are morons. Your threat and right to vote is actually the biggest security flaw in America. (As I explained in earlier posts about this woman, I am unusually bitter about this issue because I felt it jeopardizes my family, friends, and own life.) You people should find a brick wall, hang a nut from a string, and then run your heads into the nut and try to crack it. Don’t worry about your brain, because you weren’t using them anyway. At least you can use your head as a nut cracker.

I don’t care if you are pro-gun, Pro-Life, Anti-gay marriage. If this woman was running the country you wouldn’t have to worry about any of that. We would be over run with financial and hostile breaches. Saying that she could, “hold the most complex job in the world and choose people who can make the right and rational decisions” is a huge suspension of disbelief.

My only hope is now that just how fucking stupid she was, is coming out of the McCain inner camp members is a lesson to the extreme right and its supporters. But somehow I doubt it. Because they were that blissful to begin with.

To you Ms. Palin, I do not know if you were so ignorant that you didn’t realize how dangerous you were, or if you realized that your stupidity was a bigger threat to US national security then al Qaeda and greed drove you to pursue this dangerous path anyway. But in either case it makes me think maybe Obama should invade the country of Alaska and take its oil resources for its own.


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