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Iraq- What now?

No WMD found.No links to AlQaedaSaddam was less of a threat then the outcome. Chance of democracy looks bleak.The US actions in Iraq are increasing potential future attacks. Action (choice)= Reaction (uncontrollable outcome)More important tasks here at home.
Well the time has come. This is one of the issues near and dear to my heart. As I mention before, I remember when it happened. I remember when I swung from being an independent to standing strong with the democrats even though we differ in opinion other issues. It was the same day the house and senate all voted to give the criminal organization in control of the White House a blank check to spend American money and lives for their own greedy end. I believed then that the minority democrats who were opposed to this debacle would grow legs and support in a short time. I didn’t then realize the power of the propaganda machine. Now with the democrats showing no spine and showing that they don’t even understand why they overwhelmed the …

Illegal Immigration - Violation of Americans Constitutional Right

Questions: Is illegal Immigration a problem? Answer: Yes. Question: What underling conflict is the result of illegal immigration? Answer: It is a threat to American life, security, and equality guaranteed in Preamble of The Constitution. Logic: Life: Immigrants can be directly related to auto accidents, drug trafficking, and violent crimes.
Security: The existence of borders and an environment that can be easily penetrated might allow terrorist to enter country.
Equality: Illegal immigrants do not pay taxes. They are not subjected to laws governing legal citizens. Question: Are there other economic concerns?Answer: yes. 12 million Mexican immigrants sent away an average of $1650 each or about 20 billion dollars. That money in no longer circulating in the US economy.Sum: Every opportunity taken by an illegal citizen is one not available to legal citizen. Every life lost to a foreign member is one that was supposed to be protected by the US government.
Immigration is hot in the news right …

Religion And Policy

All right, I wanted to put this discussion off. However, these post are dictated by whatever is going through my mind at the moment. Since this weekend we made the appointment to have our daughter inducted into the Catholic Cult. (In other words, to have her baptized into the catholic faith). With a few other news blurbs on the TV and radio lately, The death of the leader of "the moral majority" certainly not the least, I have put a lot of thought into the role of religion in politics.

In the "introduction" post to this Blog I make it clear that religion and politics should not be mixed. What is meant by that assertion is that No religious organization should produce any doctrines that are used as or to make laws. In the same respect the government should not make laws that are directly meant to hinder the freedoms of a religious movement or its patrons. No national religion or religious practices should be endorsed or forcibly imposed upon the citizens. Like all ot…

Commercialization of the American Dream

America is rotting at its core. The American dream is no longer a mantra of inspiration. It is a marketing campaign. "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness? " Life has been lengthen but at the expense of depth. Liberty has been traded for what was behind door number two, "NO DEAL!!" Happiness is the lynch pin that has been used to manipulate the other two. It has been the preverbal "carrot on a stick." With each generation the meaning of "happiness" being redefined to keep us chasing that high like a heroine addict trying to get that same experience they had the first time. Think about it. How happy would our grandparents have been with the ability to cook a meal in 5 minutes, have hot water in doors, or be able to call a family member miles away. These things have exceeded being benchmarks for happiness. They are considered basic necessities of life. Don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating some purist or Amish ideology. My complaint isn’t…

Partison "Partisan" Politics

This is the most viewed post on my blog. The main reason is for a misspelling. This is one of my first posts and I did very little editing at first. The writing has improved since the beginning. If you are interested I ask that you take a look at the main page located at By all means comment by clicking the link at the bottom of each post if you would like to add something or even call me out. Oh and by the way. It is spelt “partisan”.

America's Founding fathers hated the idea of partisan politics. They saw and feared such alliances could breed corruption and cause a divide among the governing participants that would lead them to make policy out of spite instead of good conscience. They had seen such a result in Europe. It was by intent that no power or influences to these coalitions were granted. However, in the natural order of politics, debate and negotiations parties formed. There is strength in numbers, especially against numbers. If y…