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Michael Vick- Why the Uproar?

I just can't let it go with out a logical diagnosis. The "It" I refer to is the Michael Vick story. I'll leave my thoughts the common human trait that rewards people who play barbaric simple non-intellectual games with the highest stature in recognition and finical influence. That will have to wait. I would like to concentrate more on the crime at hand.

I cringed as I heard this week people actually start to relax their criticism and even almost condone Vick's actions. One person, who is a reverend I am told and a very religious man at the very least said, "When we were kids, we often gathered up the stray dogs and made them fight." Alright, I often say, "It's impossible to offend me". However, that made me feel squeamish. I really respect the guy who said it to. I even found some logic in the statement, "Kobe Bryant was accused of raping a woman and he received less bad press and less heated public opinion then Michael Vick did for k…

Bush Claims Korea and Vietnam Were Victories?

This could be the very reason why it is so hard to understand the Bush war doctrine. That which most of us would consider a loss, a negative outcome, George Bush seems to consider wins. I remember back in primary school when there was a fight, there was always at least one person who staunchly supported the looser and dissented the facts of the outcome. "Dude your friend Bob just got his head bash in with a chair, sent to the hospital in a comma, and surgery will be required to fix him." Bob's friend would inherently say things like, "it was only because of one lucky punch.", "The chair wasn't fair. If it wasn't for that...", or "I am not saying he didn't loose, but he got a few good hits in." George Bush, who never went to Vietnam (seems he had more important things to do then defend his country from the "evils"of terrorism or communism, or socialism, or whatever "ism" the old and rich used to send the poor a…

Cheney '94: Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire C-SPAN

For all of those who like to quote democrats for what they had said about Iraq prior to the war, here is Cheney at his best. More proof that you do not judge a politician by the hot air coming from his mouth, but rather from the actions and the votes he castes.

Iraq – What Happened?

How can something that seemed so easy have turned out to be such a mangled mess? Well it is easy to explain really. One day I am going to do nothing but a few pages of Iraq war analogies. It seems the best way to demonstrate the action / reaction relations of this event in a way we can all understand. That is where I left off with the first part of this discussion in Iraq –"What now?". I am trying to work backwards through this issue. Understanding, that all things are a result of choices is important because of those choices easily predictable consequences occurred. I will only use two analogies today though.

The first could be used as easily be used to represent why the US should have never went to war in the first place as it is to explain why it didn’t work. Pretend you have a giant bee’s nest hanging from your apple tree in the back yard. Bees love apple trees. If you grow enough of them one will inevitable build a nest there. Is it their fault for building a nest in you…

Burnett on Hardball - video

Burnett on Hardball

WOW, talk about spin. This lady makes the case China has to make poisonous toys so Wal-Mart can "keep the prices low". Her Assesment is that China should be allowed to make hazardous products that kill us because if they don't it would be bad for our economy. She is brilliant!! I hope Bush considers her to replace Rove. "A lot of people like to say 'ahh scare monger' about China." What?

They Own You Society

I know I am harping on another financial issue. I will try to get back to social, constitutional, and foreign issues soon. The big news story of the week has been the wild ride and downward trend of the stock market. I mean besides a couple of illegal immigrants trapped in a coal mine, and the Illegal immigrant that rapped and murdered a mother and daughter. Besides that there was the stock market. The main catalyst for this downturn is results of the policies know as the "ownership Society". You can read one of many articles that support this statement here.

The "ownership society" policies were supposed to be implemented so that poor and middle class people would find it earlier to own their own houses. The problem is that they didn't own them because they couldn't afford them in the first place. So, loaning them money to buy a house only meant that the company holding the loan "owned the house". The "buyers" were just renting until som…

The Difference Between Your Jeans and Your Genes

A topic was spawned on the radio show “World Have Your Say” a few days ago about discrimination. In Massachusetts they are trying criminalize discrimination against people because of their weight. The same law prohibits height discrimination for reasons of height.

When trying to figure out if an issue is susceptible to discrimination, simply ask if the target attribute is a result of birth, (skin color, sex, race, height, disfigurements, birth date, or mental capacity for example) or of they are a result of choice (sexual orientation, weight, religion, or ignorance as examples)
If it is a result an action without choice, then the person with the attribute must be protected from discrimination.

If it is the result of an action stemming for a choice, then it is up to the individual to defend their choice. And don't give me the "but weight and homosexuality are not choices. They are genetic" speech. Genetically speaking, we are all homicidal, selfish, incestuous, sexu…

Wage reform part 4 – the Day after

Democrat or republican, conservative or liberal, right wing extremist or left wing nut job, or something somewhere in between I believe most people would answer the following questions the same way. That is if you made them chose between the two options and not spout on as politicians often do trying to qualify, justify and basically cover their ass on an answer.

Would you rather have a national healthcare plan or citizens that could afford to pay their own bills as they come along? Would you rather have a fully funded social security plan or citizens who were able to save enough money to fund their own retirement? Which is better for the economy, a 12 million dollar mansion or 12 million dollars invested by a company into the stock market? do you really believe that every citizen has the mental capacity to become a doctor, a professor, or a rocket scientist? After the mentally handicapped take up all the positions needed to fulfill lawyers and politicians job, would you rather they ma…