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Economic Defense Is More Important Than Military

It is funny (by funny I mean so scary that you either laugh or scream.) how the citizens and the politicians take our economic security so much less seriously then out military security. For those taking notes, here is a profound statement that I don’t want slipping by. You can never fully destroy a culture with tanks and bombs. However, you can completely and utterly destroy a culture with economic invasion. When the dust settles the people will just start breeding and rebuilding. Their food, their music, their livelihood will return eventually. Most often even the culture’s form of government and wealth distribution will return. Most defiantly they will not take on the appearance and characteristics of their oppressors. However, invade a society economically, and their children will all be trying to emulate their aggressors. It wasn’t the bombs in Japan that did the most damage to the traditions that defined them. It was the businesses.

You wouldn’t let a foreign army…

Christian VS. Islamic “Nations”

In a continuance of the thought stream from the last post, I have debated and discussed the difference between Christianity, at least as we perceive it here in the good old US of A, and Islam as it is perceived in “Islamic countries”. The whole debate can be summed up with a story told to me by a Jehovah’s Witness follower many years back.

Jim, I believe was his name, was a really great guy. He was not pushy with his religion but open conversation if you wanted. This was in about 1994 or so. Way before 9-11-01. He attended a religious study with a couple of Baptist Christians and a pair of Muslims. The question came up, “would you kill for your country? Even if you knew the people on the other side were of the same religion as you.” The Christians present said they would for their country, and were rather boisterous and proud of that fact. The Muslims said they would not die for their country over their religion. If their country “held the same values” as their religion then they would…

America The Nation Of Hypocristians

The NPR/ BBC radio show World Have Your Say (WHYS) recently asked its listeners if they view the US as a “Christian Nation.” Reviews were mixed with a few of the “live and local” audience in the Florida studio, from which WHYS was broadcasting from, were old and shallow in thought. They believed that simply saying you are “Christian” and/ or “believed in Jesus Christ” made you Christian. Others especially those outside America say that the there are no signs of Christianity in our policies.

Often on WHYS they ask ambiguous questions that leave a lot of grey area to be argued over. Patrons in turn engage in arguing pointless undefined posturing but no real sustenance. This issue was no different. My first thought when I read the topic line was, “how do you define ‘Christian’?” I have broached this subject on this site a few times in the past. Without an agreed definition, a valid debate can not be negotiated.

If you simply define being a “Christian” as on who believes t…

Obama's Inaugural Speech As It Should Be

If I were writing Obama’s Inaugural speech it would look something like this.

“America I would like to thank you for letting me play such an
important part in this American story. As your leader I plan to take a
different approach then many of my predecessors. To you, the American
citizens, I promise to lead not only with an open mind, but an open heart.
I also promise that I will not ‘stay the course’ when there is a looming iceberg
in front of me. I will not presume righteousness over rationalism. I
promise that I will listen, truly listen to both sides before making a
decision. No matter what the makeup of what the legislation is. I am
not so convinced of my own shallow and narrow perspective that I can’t assume
somebody else might have a wider and/ or deeper knowledge of an issue.

When I speak of change I am not only
referring to the leadership of recent history, but the even the approaches that
work so well in the past, that were implemented by well meaning
legislators. These…

The Year, The Word, And The Resolution Is “Sustainability”

As the new year rolls in, it is time for a few activities. It is time to reflect on the past year’s successes and mistakes and learn from them. It is time to think about what one wants for the future. It is also a time to make resolutions. I was involved in all of these activities over this first week and realized something I have never quite fully recognized before. Almost everything we long for is about sustainability. Ecological, economical, social, and personal physical and mental sustainability is what we in no to obvious or direct ways are trying to achieve.

The eco fanatics for years have been talking about “ecological sustainability”. But what do they mean? defines it as “of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.” This is what “green technology” is about. In order to sustainable ecological practices, it requires understanding the reaction to every action. This is ver…