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Supporting the Troops: Beyond the Yellow Ribbon

You know what I am about sick of? The marketing catch phrase "support our troops". The warmongering neo conservative movement has used it to browbeat politicians into the fear of looking "unpatriotic". They infer the only way to support troops is to condone the way that the current administration is using them.

First I have a question. Am I supposed to support Sgt Paul Cortez who raped and killed a 14 year old Iraqis girl and then killed her family? He was the most senior of a group of 5 people that plead guilty to the crime. Am I supposed to support Cpl. Trent Thomas. He was one of 7 marines who kidnapped and executed a 52 year old Iraqis man. Am I to support the soldiers who have been found guilty of torture in Cuba? Am I to support the soldiers that covered up the Pat Tillman incident? Should I support the Army or Lt. Col. William H. Steele who is facing the death penalty for unbecoming actions?

Part of the problem is that the Army is sending more criminals to war…

Energy Bill - More Wasted Then Saved

The Senate legislators are claiming to have passed an "energy bill". The only thing about this bill related to energy is the amount spent to make it and the amount spent to strip it of any validity.

First the bill declares "Price gouging" illegal. You mean to tell me this wasn't already against the law? If anything it took teeth out of any local law on the books. It uses the term "unconscionably excessive". Like pornography, music volume, art, comfort, style, and a million other example of abstract and ambiguous issues. What you call art, I call the result of a spilt paint can. What you call pornographic, I call art. In reality they are already charging "unconscionably excessive" prices. this is evident by their record profits and CEO Payouts. I wonder if thye have to buy their own gas?

The next big issue is the requirement of government buildings to hurry up and replace lighting and appliances with more energy efficient. For those who haven&#…

Scooter Libby - What He is The Fall Guy For?

Alright this is one of my "Soap Box Issues". It will be hard to make this one entertaining. So I will try to keep it short. With the sentencing of Scooter Libby and the subsequent topic of presidential pardons for him, Valerie Plame is back briefly in the spotlight.

The Valerie Plame Wilson story is a shining example of why I grew from a supporter of the current administration into an all out critic. From the first days in office the have demonstrated that they have no regard for America, the economy, democracy, or the core values of the system. From the obvious corruption of the Cheney oil executive meetings to blatant violation of constitutional rights with the wire tapping program, they have acted more like dictators then elected legislators. In this case it was done at the expense of at least two Americans who dedicated careers to improve and protect the country.

A quick recap, for those who don’t know who she is. Valerie Plame Wilson is the Ex-CIA agent. She was married t…

War On Terror?

Here is a term that has never quite added up to me. "War on Terrorism". Terrorism is a technique of persuasion. War is a state of relationships between two or more parties. What if we had a "War on diplomacy. " You could never sit down at a table and debate your case. That would be "promoting diplomacy." Oh then there would inevitably be a list of states that sponsor diplomacy. The US would certainly not be on that list.

To be more specific, Merriam-Webster define "War" as: a state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations. It also defines it as (a): a state of hostility, conflict, or antagonism (b) : a struggle or competition between opposing forces or for a particular end . In the interest of full disclosure, there are a few more but these two are the most relative to the subject matter.

To accurately define terrorism, we must break it down into it's parts. Merriam-Webster defines "Terrorism&quo…

Freedom: By Definition

This Idea is one I will return to often. It is the issue at the core of being American.

"Freedom". This word was the catchword of the president’s address to the G8 Summit this week. It is an ominous word that is spoke and everybody gets a warm fuzzy feeling. The actual visions and meaning is various from person to person as well as culture to culture. To exemplify this point, I want you to close your eyes and picture a dog. Picture the dog’s color, hair length, and demeanor. Did you picture a saliva dripping Rottweiler, with dark short hair, snarling grin, coiled ready to spring, and larger then your average teenager. Most of you didn’t. Most people would have envisioned something smaller, cuter, and friendlier when thinking of a dog. The same can be said about the way that the Bush administration and their vision of freedom. They didn’t understand many Iraqis idea of freedom would be the freedom to take revenge and kill their neighbors. Freedom of religion to them would mean…

Plans Of Insanity- Give Our Enemies Guns

This week’s post was going to be about Scooter Libby and weather he got more, less, or what he deserved. The implications of what the issue means outside of the man himself was on deck. The Idea of this blog is to discuss the deeper meaning of the Issues. If you want the news there are 20 different version on the television. Likewise there are thousands of opinion driven commentary blogs that will suit your needs. I usually like news to age for a week or so to really let a story to work out the detail. This Morning however, I couldn’t believe my ears. One of the top news stories on all of the stations was that the US officials were talking with Sunni insurgents to help them fight al-Qaeda.

What?!! The details of the plan include supplying them with weapons, ammo, and other supplies. They are to promise that they would not use the weapons against the US. Of course they are using their intelligence to determined which insurgents haven’t been killing Americans. We know how well the US int…

Global Warming- Not Just Science It's Also a Diet Plan

Now I am not a chemist, astroligist, physicists, or even an ex-vice president. I do know a lot of science. Most of it useless. Some is good stuff though. I am not bad at putting it into terms average people understand, sometimes. Here is my best attempt to describe "global warming". Along the way you could also pick up some tips to help shed a few pounds too.

First you have to grasp a few difficult physics concepts that I will try my best to simplify. The first of which is that hot objects loose their heat faster then cooler object. It is called the "Mpemba effect". You can prove this, and it is handy to know when having a party, by filling an ice tray with your hottest tap water and then fill another ice tray with your coldest tap water. Check the status of the Ice every 2 or three minutes. I know that would be the difficult part. Only slightly more exciting then watching paint dry would be watching water freeze. As a testament to my oddity I have performed this t…