As Much About “Good-Byes” As “Welcomes”

There is still this euphoria in the air almost two weeks after Barack Hussein Obama (lol, now I just love saying his whole name. It really twists the dagger in the belly of the paranoids) was elected. There are many reasons for this group hysteria. But two can sum up most of the rhetoric.

A couple of varieties belong to the first group. First there are the “minority”, especially African-Americans, who woke up on November 5th with the reality that a glass ceiling had been drilled through for them. When listing successful role models for their children, they could now include Obama and the office of the leader of the free world as a possibility when they grow up. It was the kicking of the dirt in the face of, and the result of, slavery and Jim Crow era mentalities. These attitudes still exist, but they are being buried generation by generation. People around the country and around the world have to see and respect the US in a new light. At least that is the hope. I am not so far from the era when I asked, “what could be worse the Bill Clinton” that is am willing to accept the coming of a new messiah. I am however, aware of the magnitude of the results that have already occurred before he even sets foot in the oval office.

Another group are the liberals that really understood what Obama was about and his political agenda. They have pinned their hopes for the future on a man that they believe will shape the country to their own ideals. The two demographics make up the “welcoming committee” for the president elect.

Then there is the other gathering of people. Standing along the perp walk out the back door is probably most of the world. These are the people waiting to cheer the departure of the Bush administration. These are the people who came to the “Anybody But Bush” party. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough Americans at the party in 2004. Many of them voted for this asshole in 2000. Many of them that wanted to know what was so “conservative” about two chosen wars, a giant trade deficit, and an economy that is in the shitter. This group come from a wide variety of personal constitutions. The only constant is that the Bush administration walked all over their beliefs, and they can’t wait for him to clear out.

So long Mr. Bush. History will remember you are the worse president in US history. You are truly an idiot among retards.


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