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Muslim Vs. Gun Owner A Lesson in Language Arts.

I am developing a new discipline.  “Language psychology”.  Since far too often people use words with bent and stretched meanings to fit their personal beliefs and settle their cognitive dissonance, it is time to quell the practice.  If we cannot agree on the meanings of words, then we can’t continue to communicate effectively. 
  Today’s words that are often confused in the US version of the English language is “people” and “Things”.  Included will also be the use of “adjectives as a noun”. 
   So regularly streaming across my Facebook, G+, and Twitter feed as well as in the comment sections of nearly all related news articles is a statement along the lines of, “We are told not to judge all Muslims by the actions of just one, but we are expected to judge all gun owners by the actions of just 1.”  (Aside from the mathematically unsound comparison since there are 96,000 incidents of gun owners with incidents of violating other citizen’s rights compared to less than 10 by the loose de…