The King, The Capitalist, and An Act Of War

In light of all the hubub about Amazon and the location of their head quarters, I fall back to this analogy I made up years ago. This is going to be opening chapter should it ever come to fruition. From it comes a lot of understanding I believe. 

  The Capitalist
 A lucrative US fish supplier has its eyes on an area that is very well known for a specific type of fish that the company has a small but growing demand for. A representative comes to a small South Pacific island community to petition the King for the authorization to set up a commercial fishing business for the fish supply company. The “business head” of this representative all flush with the magnificence of capitalist views could only see his proposal as a “win-win” and expects his trip to be a quick success and that he may even get a few days to take in the sights and a break in the warmth the Island has to offer. There was King in “their right mind” that would turn this deal down for his people.

 The King and Island people

DACA: Another Pox On Both Houses

Because people tend not to comprehend, let and often not even read once they get to the point in a piece that they don't agree with, I want to start out by saying explicitly that arresting and deporting hundreds of thousands of people who have been in this country from before they could walk for say, 5 years, is wrong. Also, “There is a time and a place.” Often “Right now” and “Right here” is that time and place. But “often” doesn't equate to every time. When a hurricane is bearing down on a major city is NOT the time to pardon a racist sheriff . Likewise in the aftermath of said hurricane is not the time to issue policy clamp down on illegal immigration. When NK is doing in months what should be taking them years to advance their capabilities, it is not the time. There are more pressing matters at hand. If you do any of these things, you are a heartless, ignorant, malice idiot. So until there is a viable replacement for DACA it should be accepted as “the best…

Russian Hacking and Frustrated Parenting

To understand "how the Russians 'hacked' the US elections" requires an analogy that is far too familiar to parents these days.

Imagine you are a parent that preaches to your child the moral and ethical failings of taking drugs, as well as legal and health consequences. That is the voice, your reality based voice, that you want to influence your decision. But drugs and alcohol have their allure. It feels "good" to be "high", and there is reason for your child to not want to believe you. More than there is TO believe you.
But you are NOT the only voice. Media, peers, and even watching you get wasted during the football games, and telling stories about "sipping daddy's beer" presented a contradictory message. Hearing "the government just doesn't want us to have it", "If an adult want to do it..", and so on. The voice of their friends, media, and things said by your actions become mor…

Muslim Vs. Gun Owner A Lesson in Language Arts.

I am developing a new discipline.  “Language psychology”.  Since far too often people use words with bent and stretched meanings to fit their personal beliefs and settle their cognitive dissonance, it is time to quell the practice.  If we cannot agree on the meanings of words, then we can’t continue to communicate effectively. 
  Today’s words that are often confused in the US version of the English language is “people” and “Things”.  Included will also be the use of “adjectives as a noun”. 
   So regularly streaming across my Facebook, G+, and Twitter feed as well as in the comment sections of nearly all related news articles is a statement along the lines of, “We are told not to judge all Muslims by the actions of just one, but we are expected to judge all gun owners by the actions of just 1.”  (Aside from the mathematically unsound comparison since there are 96,000 incidents of gun owners with incidents of violating other citizen’s rights compared to less than 10 by the loose de…

Gay Marriage- Just another addiction fed, another step towards remining children

Quick Post. 

 Another Loss For Collectivism
I have mentioned this before and this only validates it. There is a war waging among the species known as "human". The "individualist" who think their only existence is to maximize their own personal happiness and minimize their own personal pain. They trust nobody but themselves, live only for today. Polluting the world, consuming it's resources, and making zero advances toward preserving the human race is a hallmark. They drive nearly all of the global climate change, all while complaining about it. They have no connection to the past (no honor for their father and mother) and no connection to their future (treating their kids like puppies that they don't want anymore once the attention that they get from them and the "cuteness" wears off. Sending them earlier and earlier to public conditioning and thinking the little things they do is enough. Absolving themselves from how the chil…

NPR:Now Pedophile Friendly

Demystifying and Disarming NPR’s Passive-Aggressive Reporting  I used to be such an advocate, believer, and appreciator of National Public Radio. I don’t know whether it was me, NPR, or (as I suspect) a combination of both has changed over the past decade. I have become aware of how their soft spoken, passive-aggressive , forceful manipulation of social issues has become more than just socially irresponsible, but even dangerous. I wrote in the past their technique of presenting “behaviors” as if they are biologically the same as skin color or disabilities and use pseudoscience to affirm their inaccurate assertions. For example, “Abortion” is presented as a natural biological process, like nothing can be done about it, and thus a “right”. They refuse to consider that the behavior of becoming pregnant with a child you don’t want is completely avoidable and the consequences is the result of behavior that should be condemned, not rectified. NPR, is a publicly funded (though very l…

I Prefer "Philosophical Freedom" Instead

I am really interested in the very hypocritical banter around the "religious freedom" laws being introduced.  I would like to start out, right off the bat, that I support the spirit of these laws.  What I do not like is that they are calling them "religious". Too much exposure to the assault on the ridiculous opposing ideals of western Christians.  I think the better term would be philosophical freedom" legislation. Religion, after all, is just organized philosophy that is shared by a group of people.   Likewise, the "meaning of life" since life first sparked on Earth is to pass not only genetic, but philosophical traits to the next generation.  Battles between species and or inside the pack, is one where the strongest get to breed.  This has been the driving force of evolution for humanity for nearly 200,000 years. 
   Like an experiment in "selective attention".   One where the media, and even the bills creators, only fo…