The Piling on of Palin

No this post is not a review of the new Larry Flynt movie. I was going to let the election go and get back to thought exercises in politics, economics, psychology, war, and peace. However, many issues have been generated and brought to light, since the election that seems to go unanswered. One I keep hearing on my new favorite comedy channel, FOX, is why doesn’t the media “just leave Sarah alone!!”

Most common are statements like, “the election is over. Let it go.” Well there are two reasons that this “pile on” has occurred. One is to ensure that such dangerous and destructive behavior never happens again. This ignorant, self serving, mental midget should never get that close to the White House. Kind of like when you’re a kid and your parents catch you smoking and ground you for a month after beating your ass and screaming at you for an hour and an eternity. The kid is thinking, “Great, I got it. Don’t smoke.” By the sounds of the sediment on these conservative venues, they still don’t get it. So we are going to keep reminding them.

Look, because the conservative side of the spectrum that is NOT beating Ms. Congeniality down and telling her to be happy with the post in Alaska that the punishment continues. Not only are they not checking her, the Republican extremists are trumpeting her and many calling her “the face of the future Republican Party.” That is OK. She can be the “face”, but don’t let her be the “brains”. It would be a pleasure to watch her in 2012 try though. Oh my. The aggressive and angry republican debates would be a source for great entertainment. It would be good for her young children, her daughter’s young children, as well as her daughter’s 3rd baby daddy who is living with them to see Ms. “I can see Alaska from my house” tore into mental shreds by the Republican grinding wheel. Not to mention, Tina Fey is hot and I would love to see her return to SNL. They are going to need to run another sacrificial lamb in four years.

The second reason the media will layoff is because Sarah doesn’t know when to shut up. (As I am writing this, is a montage of Sarah on last nights media playing in the background.) She is talking about things like “open doors”, “God’s hands”, and “don’t know what the future holds”. HERE IS A CLUE HONEY. As a leader, it is your job to plan for the future! Plans most often don’t work as written out on paper. If we were just going to react to whatever comes our way, we wouldn’t need a leader. But a plan, well they are guidelines and help keep the team in focus.

Sarah is also complaining about not getting to give a “shout out” at the defeat speech. It is because you wanted to make a “shout out” that they didn’t let you speak. In my history, I have been in the room with people who wield a great amount of power and deserve a great amount of respect. I have been in rooms with people who hold my future comfort level in their hands. I have been in these positions with people who were less then socially aware of that fact. Nothing like trying to present a business proposal with an associate who thinks farting in the middle of the meeting is humorous.


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