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Why Are People So Angry And Frustrated?

I believe that this spreadsheet will shed some light into what it is that people know, but can't seem to touch. Money can never be a gauge of the equality of people. People can have vastly different amounts of money. Only in time and in duration of life can we find true equality. Only in understanding that every person desires time where they may do what brings them joy. During those times they are truly "free". Our lives have become so jam packed just doing the activities needed to say alive, that we gravitate towards activities that can happen quick and with out patients or much reflection because we haven’t the luxury of time for such behaviors.

What has happened is so many of our previous generations have been willing to sell their own lives out, take advancements on their time, thinking that "keeping up with the Joneses" would benefit their children. It didn't. As everybody was willing to do it, it just drove the price of everything up uniformly.


Relax People. Charges On Debit Cards Is A Sign That We Are Making The Right Choices.

All of the backlash against the debits fees are misplaced and AGAIN a lack of understanding of how the system works and what it needs to be healthy. It demonstrates narrow mindedness and short sightedness. Much of the reason we are in the economic perils we are in is because of how banks make money. In order to get to a place where we are free from being a debtor nation, we have to make banks change their product. If we didn't it would be kind of like handicapping and legislating cigaret companies and how they make money crippling their sales and at the same time building billion dollar stadiums and/ or a budget based upon taxes revenue generated by the sales of cigarettes.

What Is A Bank?
I could go into the history of banks and what their purpose was. I could draw out a time line of how they change. In fact, I think I have don it here before. BUT, that would get boring and I would loose you to “Bigfoot sighting” videos on youtube. So let us just ask that question of most…

Flat Tax, Herman Cain, and Systemic Ignorance.

For years I have heard about the utopia called a “flat tax” nation, where everybody was taxed at the same "rate" with no deductions "and joy and fairness would spread throughout the land on the backs of unicorns". This shows a complete misunderstanding of how (and why) the tax system as we know it came to be. As a system designer, it is the first question I ask anybody paying me to upgrade or replace their current system. "How is it that you came to have the system you currently have, and why was that the best choice at the time?" Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan takes that to a new level where I am not sure if he is being ignorant of malice.

What do Herman Cain and porn stars have in common?
Before we get started I was roused to write about this because of the recent events. I hadn’t been taking it all that seriously. Since Cain won the Florida straw pole, he has gained a little recognition. If you don’t know him, his claim to fame is that he brought a pi…

9/11 conspiracy theory – “The motive”

Too many people? Yes Lack of motive? No way.

I just finished watching the history channels special on conspiracy theories and the science. It seemed balanced and the experiment were sound. While some of the science holds up, other things couldn’t be explained. A building be set able on the top leves dropping straight down will always perplex me. However, 9/11 has one of the biggest flaws to have been a conspiracy. To be successful at covering anything up, you need to keep things small. The fact that a vast amount of people involved and it was here on US soil makes a full on cover up impossible.

However, often the other reasoning is there was no motive to invade Afghanistan. That is not accurate, and the way the Bush administration conducted itself prior to and then there after is what breaths life into these theories. The motive would not manifest itself until after Bush would leave office. First things first though.

The timeline

Election 2000: Cheney (Board member of Hallibur…

Mining in Mongolia, The Horror Story

'Mine-golia': Across the steppes, new wealth emerges

I saw this story on CNN this morning. Meant to be a “feel good” piece about wealth being discovered in a poor nation of Mongolia. There are a few things about it that are spun as positive but IF one takes the long view at it, the whole thing is more of a curse then a blessing. Those of us from Northern Ohio can relate.

Mongolia past and present:
If you are claiming to make life better for a people, it is important to know their status now as well and have an agreement on what “better” mans. Mongolia is a predominantly nomadic herding and farming culture. It has been this way since at least its founding by Genghis Khan in the 1200’s. Their per capita GDP is $4000 (compared to the US $47,000). They are a sustainable agricultural society. What individuals don’t supply for themselves they get from bartering. That is a brief economic overview. Culturally they are predominantly Buddhist and atheist. (Thank God. We are no…

Wage Disparity- and Outside The Box Approach

This is going to be a rehash of my main economic soapbox. But A) I don’t write here often so not even John is looking anymore I don’t think, and B) I am working on a new more readable writing style for these complex idea posts.

The problem:

There isn’t enough wealth flowing through the system to generate the needed revenue to run all the government responsibilities and culturally driven expectations. Being aware that the government only collects taxes on money that changes hands between American citizens (at least at the federal level) and all attempts to inject “cash money” that was empty and void of actual wealth (determined by taking ones assets then subtracting liability obligations and coming up with ones “wealth” amount) has failed. A way to encourage that flow while respecting the constraints of a free market society is in order.

The proposed solution:
Exchange the current practice of requiring a minimum wage for one of a minimum percentage of highest income. This would be know…

Pursuit Of Land.

I had a teacher who once made a statement that other have confirmed that they too were taught, but I never saw any evidence in the form of paper or pictures, BUT sometimes an assertion makes so much sense, it is at least worth considering. This instructor said that the original version of the “Declaration of Independence” that was nailed to the forts, church commons, and other social gathering places actually stated “Life, liberty, and pursuit of Land”.

The idea was that the founding fathers wanted to inspire people to fight for them. They were land owners themselves. The thought process was that if a man could have his own plot of land to build a house, grow crops and raise livestock, and raise his own family as he saw fit, free from government interference, he could truly be “free” and “happy”. Of course promising land to every soldier presented all kinds of problems and that lead to the change. Land ownership, free from banks, debt, and government influence was the key to wha…

Obama: Midterm Report Card

Here at my job we have biannual reviews of our work. We have a set of criteria, some general expectations, and recognition for things that aren’t expected. There is attention paid to attendance, course work completion, and logged events (problems solved). They have a program that gages your coworkers opinions of you. It is similar to nearly every office job I have ever had.

Politicians don’t have a set list of criteria when they take their jobs. Instead what they have is “campaign promises”. They say to their constituents “If you elect me, I will do X, Y, and Z!” Voter listen and in their limited intelligence make a choice about whether these promises are a good thing. I n Obama’s case, there were many things he promised that I know would be good for the economy. Likewise there were more then a few that I know would be bad. But the good way outweighed the bad, and the other options were nearly all bad. So, for a “midterm review” we only have to level his promises against his actions.


Critique of “The Zeitgeist Movement”

After watching this whole thing, if I was an instructor, I would have to “fail” this project and send Jr. home with a note to his parents that said, “It is with regret that I had to fail your student. Sadly this was a pass or fail project. This thesis had a few major fatal flaws. Your student shows great promise, please do not discourage their charter. If they can address the flaws and resubmit the thesis will be reconsidered.”

At the end of this lecture the producers address “human nature”. At that point, this very scientific piece moves into the realm of theory. Much of that theory is sound and easily provable. For example, the heavy notion that environment produces behaviors is clearly documentable. (Sadly our court systems are staffed by lawyers and not psychologists. But that is another issue.) Simply factually stating that “if all humans had a better environment they wouldn’t steal or commit homicide” doesn’t make it a fact. This is a sterile discretion that doesn’t add…