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No Fair Way To Fix Michigan/ Florida Primaries

The latest Buzz is that Florida, and possibly Michigan, are planning a “mail-in primary.” How hard is it to understand that the primary ship has sailed? The only options left are A) do not count the votes in any meaningful way, or B) give the residence of these states a greater say then all of the other voters from the other primaries. There are no “fair” options available to those states. Somehow rewarding them for violating the rules doesn’t seem right.

The fate of unbalanced options occurred as soon as a clear winner emerged from the Republican Party. Really as soon as the original primary happened there were huge hurdles to rectify. Holding a mail-in ballot at this point can not justly correct that situation.

To explain one has to accept that 70 to 80% of the country are middle of the road politically. Many of us, myself included, vote in either party’s primary depending on who is the candidate I find most interesting. In Ohio we are allowed to change party affiliation on the day of…

The New Poor

The Misperception of Poor:
I was on work assignment in a southern city. I was riding along with a couple of friends I had met from other places around the US. One of them spotted a beggar in the middle of the medium. He made a comment like, “You mean to tell me that guy can stand on the medium all day but he can’t get a job?” I started slowing down to stop next to him. The cars occupants were ushering me on out of some form of embarrassment or anxiety. The one guy says to me, “were you really going to give that guys money?” I said “No way!” Confused I explained to them that I was going to ask him, “What are your financial secrets to success?”

Amazingly that didn’t get any one of them less confused. I explained, “That guy is much wealthier then I am.” There is no way that guy can get credit with no job. What he has is all his. Now me, I have a house mortgage the bank owns, School loan the government owns, two car loans the credit union owns, and $15,000 in credit card debt that I…

Why There Is no Fair way To Fix Michigan And Florida's Primaries

There is a growing buzz about whether to count the votes in Michigan and Florida. There really is only one logical answer to this question. NO! I am sorry voters of those states, but you were duped by your state’s DC. However, without scrapping the whole thing and starting from scratch, there can be no truly democratic process. Really, even scrapping and starting anew would be borderline unfair.

To catch up anybody who doesn’t know what is going on, at the end of 2006 beginning of 2007, there was a rush of states who were all trying to push up their primary elections. These states felt going later in the year they would have less influence. They petitioned the National committee. The national committee took a vote, made a contract and said, “no you must hold your primaries no earlier then said date.” That is how we got "Super Teusday". Candidates were all informed that if a state violated the primary date rule, they would be disqualified and their delegates would not count. T…