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Wage Reform part 3 – “It’s stupid, the economy.”

Alright, in Wage reform: Part 1- The Difference between you and Bill Gates. I attempted to show the depth in the disparity between you and Bill Gates. I hope there was an understanding that money represents time, opportunity, and buying power. You have to spend hours of hard work to have the opportunity to buy a tank of gas, while Bill has to spend only seconds, if not less to have the same opportunity. In post two, Wage reform: Part 2 – "Basically" you and Bill Gates are the same, I hopefully conveyed the fact that we all have basic requirements to survive in our society. These requirements are different as a part of an industrialized economy then they would be if we were still driven by agriculture. It was also an introduction to the idea that a minimum percentage as a way to shrink the disparity between the top and the bottom income earners. I also touched upon a few of the advantages of having an economy with a tighter disparity ratio. And there are so many more. That is…

How about this as a Debate format?

The CNN / YouTube format was heralded as something "new and provocative". In the end it was still just the same questions. So some gay people asked the questions. Anderson Cooper is a homosexual anyway, so why couldn't he just ask it. The candidates still had their "foot in mouth and head up asshole". The continued to danced around the questions until they redirected it into a way to squeezed it back into the box of the normal rhetoric. They still were free to lie and mislead about not only what has happened but what will happen when they are elected. None of them actually explained how any of their proposed policies would be implemented. In actuality, I don’t blame them. They only have 30 seconds to explain difficult and sometimes situation specific issues of the day. Man i have spent 2 post just explaining wage reform and it will take two more to get most, but not all, of the concept laid out.The point of a debate is to figure out who the most qualified candi…

Wage reform: Part 2 – "Basically" you and Bill Gates are the same

There will defiantly be a part 3. Feel free to ask questions or post comments, but there will certainly be issues left unresolved.

Every single human being needs three things to survive. We were all taught in school that the basic needs were "food, shelter, and clothing". Close. We need food and clean drinkable water. We need a way to stay at an acceptable body temperature. The use of clothing, shelter, or a combination of both can do this. God knows I have spent many of weekends without clothing and I survived. Shelter has its own set of basic necessities. We need protection from the elements. Weather those elements be human or natural threats in nature. These are the things we need to ensure we will see the sun rise tomorrow.

In the United States, we have "extended basic necessities." (I hope I am making up this term.) These are need required because we live in an industrialized, free market, urbanized, well populated society. These are needs that if you live on a …

Iraq- Waking up with a headache

The growing rhetoric of the few people who still support this travesty in Iraq is, "What happens after we pull out?" The first response is to say, "Well you should have thought about that before you stuck that thing in there!" But what is done is done. Leaving the troops in there isn’t going to stop the pragmatic result. (yah I know it is a stretch of the use of the word "pragmatic" but it sounded so close to "pregnant" that the artist in me couldn’t resist.) The outcome of the past 5 years is a freight train in motion. It is not going to stop on a dime.
As the US pulls the troops out of Iraq, it is widely accepted it will swell with violence and crumble into complete civil war. How that Civil war will pan out is not as easily predicted as one might think. Turning your attention to the picture included on the post (taken from Time march of ‘07 ) and note that there are a few important issues. People like to think of Iraq as having a "Shi’it…

Wage reform: Part 1- The Difference between you and Bill Gates.

I tried to cut this issue down but there is just now way. It is the single most pressing domestic issue in American politics. Yet oddly enough nobody has ever come up with what seems to be an easy solution. The installation of a minimum percentage. So here it is in smaller more digestible bites.

As the subtitle invites, what is the difference between you and Bill Gates? This question is meant in respect to occupational knowledge and financial needs. I use Bill gates because most people using a computer to access a blog knows who he is. A better example would be what is the difference between you and Wal-Mart’s CEO H. Lee Scott. Lets imagine that you are a clerk at Wal-Mart clerk. Wal-Mart’s Chief Executive H. Lee Scott last year made more then $23million last year. However there average wage of a Wal-Mart clerk is $8.05. This is full time employees, for which they try to avoid having, and an average, meaning some are paid less. In the end, if you were to pay $8.05 to a 40 hr employee f…

A Nation of Fear

I was listening to a show broadcast on BBC called "World Have Your Say" a few days ago. The show has a great format where a few topics are presented and English speaking participants call in and voice their opinion from all over the world. There is a link to the website here on my blog. The question asked on this day in particular was "Are you afraid of al Qaeda?" Not many people, even from the US said they were. It is a very liberal attended program so that wasn’t a shock really. But it got me to thinking. What would American’s in general say they were afraid of, and how does it stack up logically to what threatens their life.
If you believe the politicians, and by extension policy, represent the fears of the people, then you would believe that most Americans do fear al Qaeda above all other. I could cite budget figures till your were lost and bored out of your skull. If you would like to see a graphical representation you could look here. When all the figures was…

Open Letter To The Terrorists

Dear Terrorist,

In the past you have been using your violent and destructive acts to scare us and coerce us into not wanting freedom. Since we do not condone violent and terrifying acts, "terrorism", to change the minds and practices of other countries’ citizens, we can only assume our current non-violent and pleasurable attacks have not worked on you. Since we know our government doesn’t condone "terrorism", our planes must have dropped puppy dogs and fluffy pillows on your villages. I can not believe that has not made you submit to the ways of democracy and freedom. Since bullets and machine guns are pretty violent and certainly would inspire "terror" certainly our troops must be using squirt guns and strawberry flavored silly string to bring you to your knees. Yet this has not wavered your resolve to rob us of our freedom, pursuit of justice, and functional democracy.

Since your armies were not waiting to storm our borders and take over on September 11th…

Pardon Me

The pardon

Today the illogical and bully conservative movement are making points that resemble a group of 2nd graders caught spying on the girls bathroom. “But he did it too.” First statement out of their mouths is usually, “But Clinton pardoned 400 people.” Like your mommies told you when you were kids, “Just because your friend jumps off a bridge…..” is still wise advice today.

In the wake of the Clinton debacle I voted for Bush in 2000. Not certain that he was going to make a great leader, but at the time I thought, “How much worse could it get?” Boy I will never ask that again. I felt what Bill Clinton did was wrong and was appalled at the time. He was charged with perjury. I also agree with the critics who say that those questions were not ones the government had a right to ask. But they did, he lied, he ultimately was acquitted. An acquittal that was handed down by a republican held senate. He lost his license to practice law for awhile.

In the end what he was questioned about was …

He Went And Did It

President Bush pardoned I Scooter Libby!! As readers know this is an issue near and dear to me. The previous post can be found here. In a show of the extent of the corruption that runs rampant through this administration President Bush chose to pardon the only person so far held accountable for the act of high crimes and treason.

Here is direct evidence of the two faces of this crime ring that has histed the white hose for the last 8 years.

From Monday September 29th 2003. Highlights. "The president believes leaking classified information is a very serious matter and it should be pursued to the fullest extent..." "McClellan said that if anyone at the White House leaked Plame's identity, he should be fired, and pursued to the "fullest extent."

Then October 29Th 2005 nearly 2 hard fought years later. The best the political process could come up with is an obstruction charge. More Highlights from this article. "Libby said in a written statement he is "…