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Annual Anti Santa Blurb

I am going to say it up front. I know this makes me un-American. But I hate Santa Clause. Not for religious reason (which is common but nonsensical). I have no religion. But for so many other reasons.

This is a huge issue for me. I think that we in the US do not put enough merit in the psychological dysfunction caused by the propagation of this lie. A child looks to their parents for not only verbal but physical and exemplary instruction as well. At the core of this truth is the feeling of security. Trust in other human beings is directly related to how mentally healthy we are in social environments. This includes work, relationship, and public exposure. If we come to know our parents will lie and/ or stretch the truth to us, our very foundation of interpersonal relationships becomes uncertain and anxious.

By the time we reach adulthood we seem to have suppressed how important Santa and the Easter Bunny are to many of us as kids. Mainly because when we find out, we feel sil…