Go Home And Good Riddens John McCain

You had billed yourself as an “American Hero”, but in the end your divisive and irrational campaign placed America in wore danger then al Qaeda could have ever imagined. I do not know what happened to that guy I voted for back in the 2000 primary campaign. I suppose he went off to the same place as the liberal democratic vice president that almost won the job in 2000, Joe Lieberman. But the dirty conniving underhanded fool that has had the American political spotlight for the past 8 months is not the same John McCain.

I wish only the worst for you and your shallow family. I hope your cheap beer pedaling wife relapses into her addiction and dies groveling on a street corner poor and destitute. I hope you leave this world slightly senile, in pain and destitute from the health care system that you so boldly feel can regulate itself. You are a wasted and reached old man. Your “anything to win” policy of the last few months are despicable and reflective of all the negative things that your generation has imposed upon us younger generation that has lead to our economic and foreign respect demise.

Your pick of Sarah Palin to be your replacement should your 72 year old cancer ridden, war abused health give out is the most dangerous, greed driven, and irrational decision made by any politician any time in the U.S. short history. Osama Bin Laden makes more considerate decisions to the US population then you displayed with her selection. She is somebody you never met, didn’t know, wasn’t properly vetted, and was completely unqualified to take your notes, let alone be VP. She was an ex beauty queen at the professional level. I guess that is in line with your shallow decision making in the past. From leaving your disabled wife and children for a 20 year younger wealthy bar fly, to the causes and adopting of children who had appearance afflictions your shallowness shines through. Ms Palin was based on your belief that the rest of America was as depthless and thin as you. Come on she went to 5 schools just to become a weather forecaster. She believes the world is only 6000 years old. And she has been pregnant as long as she has been in public office. It would only take a 10 min. conversation to figure out she is dumber then a box of painted rocks. This is what you would leave the children of America to be championed by if your number should get called? Reckless.

“A hero who will fight for America?” First you have to define the qualities that make up America and being American. To most of us, fairness, honesty, sacrifice, courage, bravery, and truth are the qualities our founders meant to define us. You have practiced none of them in this past election. You might have fought for America, been imprisoned for America, and even served America your whole life, but you were given the chance to exemplify what it means to be one. Through all of this, you are no American John McCain. You are a disgrace. You are spit on the flag, and effigy of an America. Go now home in disgrace knowing you had a chance to be an American and failed. Go Home.


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