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John McCain: More Liberal Then Most Democrats On Economics.

So John “I don’t have much experience with the economy” McCain offered his economic recovery plan a few days ago. I remember hearing this. I figured this would be at least as fun as watching a blind guy at a strip club.

The first topic McCain said he would introduce a new tax system. A system that would give the tax payers a choice of whether or not to participate in the new system or the old one. Good boy Jonny!! Did you think of that one on your own? Give him some bubbles. Now Mr. Conservative, just exactly how do you propose to pay for this new simultaneous system? You are not proposing getting rid of the old one and loosing up money used to run it. Don't you think that in the interest of getting back the biggest refund check people will have to do their taxes both ways to find out which system to use to achieve that end? You are just going to make government BIGGER! That is a liberal idea if I ever heard one. I mean it is one of the staples of the conservative Battle cry. "…

Sorry, But No News to Report

Well it has been awhile since I have been able to post. Been working on the book as well as encountering family obligations, and oh yeah, work a little in between. On the surface it seems like there has been a lit of news in the last few weeks. But peel back the surface and see it is the same old tired stories.

Clinton is trying to make a mountain our of mole hill as a case against Obama. She says he called us industrial belt north shore state residents “bitter” and that is demeaning. Well Hillary, we are “bitter”. Your husband signed NAFTA into law making it easy for industry to leave the area it corrupted, polluted, and diminished. Oh yeah, and you did nothing but attend nice social functions. Now you call that “experience”. If giving Bill a “Lewinski” is qualifications for being president, then why isn’t Monica Lewinski running? She has tried to take credit for every good thing her husband did and reject everything bad, yet gets removed from the former and tied to the later. Ahh,…