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Why is Nobody Talking Turkey?

Originally posted on WHYS as feature blog.

Signs Things Aren’t Going Well In Iraq.

In the midst of all this election mud flinging, there are a few stories of importance being missed. There is one in particular that bothers me. How come nobody is talking about the fact that Turkey invaded Iraq last week. The Iraqis government is not happy about it, but seems powerless. The AP version of the story can be found here (Iraq Demands Turkish Withdrawal).

Didn’t the whole Iraqis citizenry vote for a government? As an American I can tell you that most people will agree that our government’s first responsibility is to provide military protection against foreign invading forces. What kind of sovereign nation with control over it's own destiny has another countries invading forces running operation inside of it's borders? How can a people be expected to give loyalty to the government if the government can't stop a foreign army from entering and fighting with their population? What if Ire…

The Real Face Of Hillary Clinton

Man, if there ever was an example of politically pulling back the curtain, this week has been it. Hillary Clinton, who has been employed in Washington by the tax payers for twice as long as I have been able to votes, is putting on a drama show over a flyer being circulated. This was enough to bring her screaming from the shadows like some Medusa.

Forget for a minute the words she is saying. (I have always said, “never listen to the words coming out of a politicians mouth. Judge them by their actions and their results.”) If politics is nothing else it is a poker game. Every gambler knows holding an even steady face no matter what the situation is the key to success. When are loosing, you might still win if you hold a calm cool composure and scare your opponents out of the pot. If you do loose, simply nod, slide your next ante up, and turn your attention to the next hand. If you win, scoop the chips to your pot and other then that the reaction should be the same. Hillary ha…

10 Questions I Would Like to Ask the Religious Right

There is about 10 questions I would love to ask the evangelic Christian right wing conservatives, or even ask just and “Christian” conservative that still supports the current administration, or any like minded candidates. Questions that relate directly to the contridictions between what they believe and what Jesus "Christ" taught.

Like most good things, a decent point/ question requires some preliminary perspective. Kind of like every conversation has to start with a “hello, how are you?” Most of the time whoever you are debating with won’t let you get a long set up to a question out. But if I could My first question would go like this.

I once had the pleasure of watching a guy hand roll cigars. He had a jig that was a piece of wood with hole in affixed off to the side, as he rolled each cigar he would drop it through the hole. Most, he would set in a pile to be moved to the packing table. Some would drop through and he would put them in a separate basket. Some would not fit …

Why Not Hillary? One Word: Corruption

Everybody knows that Hillary will have trouble standing apart from John McCain on many of the issues. You are hearing about it these issues daily on the major news outlets. She voted for and never apologized for authorizing give Bush a blank check to use on Iraq. McCain and Clinton have both supported amnesty for illegal immigrants. They both have deep rooted ties to Washington with very little job experience outside of “the Belt Way”. You can also hear all of the major news outlets voicing the opinion that is on most peoples lips that the voters want a change form the Bush and Clinton dynasties.

What hasn’t come up was Whitewater. What we all tend to forget is that the Lewinski scandal wasn’t originally an investigation into the sexcapades of the sitting president. That is just where it ended up when they couldn’t get anything concrete to stick. Kind of like being unable to pin murder and racketeering on Al Capone, so they eventually took him down with tax evasion charges. So it was w…

Economic Circulation Debate

The following is a debate conducted via comments. The link to the post on can be found her.

Input would be apreciated.

I disagree on a critical point. A healthy economy is not defined by the quantity of money, but neither is it defined by increased velocity. Look at some collapsing economies in history where inflation is the culpurit. High velocity is almost always present as people try to get rid of the hot potato - the dollar - as quickly as possible.

That hints at what is fundamentally wrong with your idea. Increased velocity is not the answer to create a healthy economy. That suggests that people should be spending as much money as possible as quickly as possible. And that's exactly what's gotten our economy into it's current state of turmoil.

Inflation simply means today your labor hour can buy less then it did yesterday. Inflation was not always a bad thing. Th…

Republicans, Vote For The Best Democrat!!

So Romney is out and McCain is the choice to represent the republicans. Boy how does that feel guys? Now you know how the liberal Democrats felt when Kerry got the nomination. There is discussion on weather they will be able to rally the conservatives.

Not to point out the obvious. But there has been roughly 14 million votes cast in the democratic primary as opposed to the republican 8.5 million. Combine that with the low opinion of the war, the current administration, and the rabid corruption that has spiraled this country into economic pneumonia and there can be no doubt about November’s results. I recommend that republicans choose which of the democrats they want to run the show for the next 4 years and vote for them.

The republican party was the party of comical relief this time. They all fought about who is “the most conservative.” Then discussed how they would bludgeon the economy by staying in an unnecessary quagmire, further stagnate the economic flow by cha…

Did You Say That The Constitutions Didn’t Say Anything About What?

I met a new friend that, in his own words finds "Rush Limbaugh too liberal" for his taste. So it was only a matter of time before nature took its course and we found ourselves wrapped around political axels. It was like having my very own chance to argue with Old Oxycontin and Viagra himself. I quickly found the frustration that Ron Paul feels when being asked to give a 30 second response to a 20 minute topic at a Republican debate. He would spit out facts and figures that seemed inaccurate and misleading, but standing in a bar, with angry cowboys and a band with a fiddle on stage, I found it hard to disprove. This is complicated by the fact that this dude is one of the sharper pencils in the Crayola box. I felt there was some silver bullet factoid that I could open his eyes and have him seeing the world in a new light. Alas, we just got really drunk and made comments about the local girl’s butts.

I have heard one of the arguments he made many times before, and I heard it aga…