Monday, April 27, 2009

Iraq Wants Us To Leave? OK.

I am just looking over this article where Iraq is now dictating where and when US troops are to intervene. You know what that sound like to me? It sounds like they think they are ready to stand on their own. So forget “pulling back” get out. Save the money.

"The general position of the Iraq Defense Ministry is to keep the timings in the withdrawal pact that American troops withdraw from Iraqi cities and not enter the cities unless they get Iraqi approval," al-Askari said.

Send them an apology for the ruthless ignorance of our former administration. Now it is time for them to take their own destiny into their own hands. Pack up our shit, and move out. It really is that easy.

There is a joke I heard once about the NY giants. The Giants were threatening to move at the end of a particularly bad season. It seemed that the move was eminent. The NYer’s were pissed off. They wanted them to move right then.

Whatever is going to happen in Iraq is going to happen whether we are there or not now. Our economy is tanking, and every cent we need to fix our own problems. (and yes, don’t buy into the occasional hype I have seen briefly over the last few weeks that things are looking up.) We have other national security issues to deal with in Pakistan especially. It might be time for use to commandeer their nuclear arsenal until they can prove that their government is on stable ground.

But really, at the point Iraq are delivering us ultimatums, it is time to say, “Here you go”. As a prediction, I believe that it will most certainly succeed for up to 3 years, then fall into chaos, and by the middle of the next decade we will see a ruler there that will make Saddam look like a choir boy. Then again, I made that assertion the moment I heard the congress give the president the capabilities to go there in the first place.

As a final note, we really can’t afford to have these soldiers come back to this economy and be unemployed, but there is plenty of rational work to be done elsewhere. Even if it is just Mexico.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Update On the Hiatus

Well I have reached an acceptance stage with the whole process. I am going to be starting a blog called “divorce chronicles” where I walk people through this mans process. It will be an interesting read I think as I will address more micro social issues. Maybe I can help people from making the same mistakes that have lead to this situation. Right now though everything is a little too tender to re-account. I wish I could cause the feelings and emotions spin so rapidly.

Right now, I am feeling good about myself. I a strengthening some weaker characteristics of my past. I am surrounding myself with friends, including a few of the female variety. It is funny, they are kinda like sharks, these women folk. One of them rips a whole in your heart and the blood starts spilling, and 4 more swoop in. Probably going to be getting laid more as the “sensitive hurt divorced guy” then I was when I was married. Ain’t reality a bitch. Sometimes you just have to throw the plan on paper away and go for the ride whether you want to or not.

Will be back to solving the world’s problems soon.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

LOL On Personal Hiatus

Sorry to my 4 regular readers. I know the world of politics and economics is still spinning around us. But I have got some personal issues that require some immediate attention. Let us just say my ability to communicate my inner thoughts feelings and ideas to the world at large was not reflected in my more micro environment. I am dedicating my time to correcting that situation and other charterer flaws for awhile. I will be back in hopefully a few weeks and pick up the threads of the political world and weave and spin them in my hopefully logical way. Until then I hope the country can hold itself together.

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