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ANWR, OCS, And “Supply and Demand”

In the last post about drug addictions relation to oil demand I briefly covered some of the basics of why Oil is different then most other product. But here is a better description for those who are interested in a better understanding.

Supply and demand are a relationship by which market prices are set in a successful business. It is the most basic, day one, concept of economics. Just knowing that increased supply and demand decreased can lower prices for a product is not going to get you your masters in economics. As a matter of fact it is about as close to it as a guy who masturbates is to getting a doctorate MD. There is so much more to it then that. I will try to explain its relationship to oil.

Like I said, supply and demand are a relationship. One must respect the other when trying to determine affects on the market. Demand is a factor that reduces in quantity as price is increased. A key element of demand is the phrase “willing and able”. Bata VCRs are not flo…

Economic Stimulus That Also Reduces Energy Consumption

The legislators really missed the boat on the economic stimulus. Of course the executive branch never had a boat to begin with. We all understand that the economic stimulus money went to pay off existing debts or straight overseas in exchange for cheap Chinese goods. It didn’t work. But could a policy be enacted with more merit? Yes.

Instead of just giving $1500 away to the average family, a policy could have encouraged a solution to something else also pressing the U.S. economy. They could have encouraged energy conservation. Instead of just giving the money away, they should have made people turn in receipts for up to $1500 for improvements to their car or home that reduced their energy use. For an automobile tax incentives could have been given to anybody who got a tune-up, fuel efficient car, or approved system enhancements. Houses could use the incentive to install tankless hot water heater, solar or wind generators, or more fuel efficient windows. $700 per person could…

The Parallels Of Drilling For Oil And The Crack Epidemic.

Drilling for oil to solve our fuel cost trouble more closely resembles legalizing crack to solve the problems caused by the epidemic. People often spew on about “supply and demand” when talking about drilling in ANWR or offshore. If they truly understood the concept and its factors they would not be so "yappy keen" on the idea. (I heard a Brit use that term.) Oil has characteristics that more closely resemble an addictive drug then big screen TVs. In the case of TVs there is a finite level of demand and its consumers have found a willingness to buy supplementary products. Oil consumers on the other hand have shown an unquenchable thirst and a reluctance to switch to substitutes. Crack heads generally like crack. Increasing the supply of crack or oil generally just increases the number of crack heads.

One problem is that people will sell everything they own and even steal to get money to buy crack. The same can be said of Oil. Look around and you will see increased and new sig…

Cindy McCain And What You Should Know About GOP Hypocrisy

I keep getting this blatantly hypocritical email usually titled something along the lines as “Information about Cindy McCain.” This is a link to the version posted on This is a prime example of the Conservative hypocrisy.
It's funny how conservatives talk about themselves and how they talk about their fellow Republicans in contrast to the hypocritical way they portray the opposition. Lets break this email down as an example.

She (Ms McCain) graduated from Southern Cal and was a special-needs teacher.” Do you recon that was in the ghetto of LA or NYC? Can you guess why many of those disadvantaged kids have "Special Need"? Often it is Because their parents are addicted to cheep beer and drugs when they were pregnant. FAS is one of the leading causes of birth defects. But we will get back to that.

The author of the email decides to go ahead and skip the part about Cindy meeting John when he was still …

Forth Of July And The Issue Of Democracy And Freedom For All.

There are two parts to a governmental structure. The way the laws are assigned (in the US it is via a representative democracy) and the way the wealth is distributed (in the US that is done via free enterprise.) Even those two concepts have various degrees of purity. There is forever the human factor in both. Consider the following question. Would you rather be the resident of a dictator in a communistic country where the dictator is kind, fair, and just? Or would you rather be a resident of a pure democracy such as that found in Rwanda during the genocide where the majority of the people believe the minority of the people had no right to live?

The U.S. Democracy started out as a genocide of the Native Americans. Then it followed with an insurgency against it’s own government. It encompassed the owning of other humans as slaves. A civil war had to be fought to set our practices in line with our constitution. Even that took another half of a century to rectify. In the mean …