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Security Flaw On Yahoo Search Engine

Alright, I openly admit it, I am an idiot. I can’t spell, type, or really even skip and chew gum worth a crap. Not only am I an idiot, but I am dyslectic, and the problem that lead to this post is, I often look at my hands when I type.

What has happened on occasions is that I click on “big blue ‘E’” to open Internet Explorer. When I do that, sometimes I triple click accidentally. This especially happens when the computer is having an especially difficult time opening the browser. Eventually my default page opens up, I select the “MAIL” button, and the “User Name” and “password” text boxes appear waiting for my input. My gaze falls on my fingers and I start to type away with my “user name” and “password”. When I finish, I hit the “enter” key. Then I return my gaze to the screen only to find while I wasn’t looking, the second explorer window open and a new default yahoo page at the search engine appears. I saw my username and password entered into the search text box, and…

Guiliani, There Is A Big Difference Between A City and a Country

When on his stump Giuliani always mentions that He was the Mayor of a city, one of the biggest no doubt, but still just a city. There are a lot differences between running a city and making decisions that effect an entire country the size of The United States. How you approach taxes, finances, and even the response to an attack such as 9-11 are completely different mindset.

The best way to exemplify this point would probably be to compare the role of a defense attorney as opposed to that of the prosecutes.(This is based on the defined respective roles and expecting that both aren't self serving low life weasels.) As a defense attorney you are commissioned to advocate for just one person. Your job is to get your client out of whatever trouble they are in, or to minimize the effect of the trouble. The approach you take is simply to cast doubt. This is like a city mayor. Your job is to represent just a city with no regard to the people outside of your area. You have no concern what ef…

This is Their Best Economic Stimulus Package?

So the president, congress, and the senate are all close to agreeing on an economic stimulus package. There is one thing you can know for certain. If they all agree, we all are about to get screwed. The idea they have concocted makes no sense of course.

If I got the basic outline of what is being proposed it is this. They are going to send everybody in the middle class to poor income brackets. As I understand it, there are figures being thrown around of anywhere between $300 and $600 per working family member, and maybe a little more if you have a kid or two. They are also going to make available a bunch of money for business. The idea is they will put money into the hands of people who will spend it right away. When they spend it, it will create economic flow and get the system started again. Business will see an increased need to expand, and they will hire more people. This in turn will generate more cash for people to put back into the system.

Great!! The concept seems right on paper…

Economic Stimulus: Republicans, Democrats Are Both Wrong

There are two basic perspectives on the way to “stimulate” the economy. Of course that is Dependant on whether you are of a democratic or republican persuasion. Neither will actually supply long term economic correction. It might help to take a look back at the earlier post here.

Simply stated the Republicans think if you don’t collect as much money from the tax paying public, they will spend it on stuff that will create jobs, which will put more money into the pockets of more people who will spend it, and in turn create more jobs and prosperity. The problem is that in the end tax savings money either goes to back to rich people who don’t need anymore big screen TV’s produced by some company in , or it goes to a family that has already bought the big screen TV and uses the money to pay it off. If they don't they just go further in debt and creating a bigger problem. Effectively this will not correct the problem. The problem is that people can’t afford to buy food shelter …

’08 Elections And A Plee To The Baby Boomers

I know it is early, there is no reason to get our panties all bunched up. However, the sentiment is one that has occurred to me over the past 6 years or so. The two winners at the New Hampshire primary gleaned their votes predominantly from people over 45. If the trend continues it seems that people under 30, often, who stand by and watch, are coming out in droves.

The boomers still represent the largest sector of the voting constituency. They also seem to be the ones most influenced by cheap marketing gimmicks like catch phrases and crying for the camera. “Experience” equals “I have been in the pockets of Washington lobbyists for a longer period of time.” “Change” from their mouth equals “back to the way it was last time”.

Since before the boomers reached voting age, we have had a major conflict every 20 years. In between conflicts have been periods of economic disparity. The boomers claim to fame, champion of the political arena was Bill Clinton. While Washington in t…

New Hampshire: Reading Between The Poles

I really Haven't weighed in on the race for the nominations. I have been wanting to compile some data about each of the candidates and time has been an enemy lately. A quick summary of what I would place my bets on is this. The presidency is the democrats to win. The only thing they could do to screw that up would be to nominate Hillary Clinton to run against pretty much any republican. The only republican that could have actually lost to Clinton would have been Giulliani. The republicans seem to have dispatched with their weakest link immediately. The democrats are doing the one thing they seem to be good at, screwing up a free lunch.

Briefly, this is my take. There are so many people who still have a gritty taste for the Clintons and what their trailer park antics did to the integrity of the white house in the 90's. against the backdrop of the past 8 years it seems trivial. However, a country hungry for a divergence away from politics as usual has forgiven…