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Tired Of Campaigning Commercials, Unkept Promises, And More Negative Lies Then Informative Descriptions?

Born of Political Commercial Nightmare
    I have an idea (a dream) where a ballot is a questionnaire.  You answer about 100 questions about your feelings on policies and how important they are to you.  The candidates all answer the same questions and are held accountable for any past votes they have made. They would have to file an official change of position if they chose to do so, on standard questions. So for instance, "How do you feel about legalization of Marijuana?" Answer choices are for or against.  Then you have a "how strongly is this issue of a concern."   At the end of it, a computer compares you, the voter’s answers, with those of the candidate’s answers, and spits out your selection.  Take the marketing of BS out of the elections.  Vote for ideas. 

  The Questionnaire.    As person who decides to run for election, after collecting a certain amount of signatures to put themselves on the ballot. That part is easy enough. Once the nomination is certified …
I found this presentation magnificent,funny and informative. Dan Baber lives up to the TED standards.   He talks about the subject of fish in our diet.More specifically of “farm raised fish.”He talks about how he was duped at first by that marketing term. He talks about how different real sustainable fish farming looks.I think that what this guy point out can be applied not just to fish farming.That is obvious by the way he describe the one he fell in love with. That ecology and human sustainably will depend upon a system. I remember when my buddy Pete was fighting to save perch fishing, he explained that it is important that we take so many fish per year for the ecology to remain healthy.Imagine we humans are as the fish.For you Christians, that shouldn’t be too hard to do.I wish somebody from this area would look at this body of work and the "fish farm" in Spain.  Maybe they cold bring back some of the ideas to this area. Though I am guessing that industry is not cohesive …

Bad Seeds or Good Soldiers? Why Some Cross The Line?

“You take a mortal man, put him in control. Watch him become a god, watch people's heads a roll.”

A Brief History of Soldiers and War:

Throughout the ages, protectors of the community have been part of any multiunit social gathering. Hunters doubled as soldiers, knights, braves, and warriors of every culture are staples that define a “race”. Much akin to music and religion. (The deeper reasons that is part of our natural psychology is an issue more for The approach to the soldier's station in life in more primitive civilizations, were the result of test of skills. In the more civilized societies, they were apprenticed and had to learn not only physical skills but tactical and moral ones as well. In the early days, during war, every citizens was charged with protecting the community. There were no civilians. As early the civil war the US started forcing people to fight as soldiers. Only 2% of the military were forced to sign up to go fight for a the…