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Annual Anti Santa Blurb

I am going to say it up front. I know this makes me un-American. But I hate Santa Clause. Not for religious reason (which is common but nonsensical). I have no religion. But for so many other reasons.

This is a huge issue for me. I think that we in the US do not put enough merit in the psychological dysfunction caused by the propagation of this lie. A child looks to their parents for not only verbal but physical and exemplary instruction as well. At the core of this truth is the feeling of security. Trust in other human beings is directly related to how mentally healthy we are in social environments. This includes work, relationship, and public exposure. If we come to know our parents will lie and/ or stretch the truth to us, our very foundation of interpersonal relationships becomes uncertain and anxious.

By the time we reach adulthood we seem to have suppressed how important Santa and the Easter Bunny are to many of us as kids. Mainly because when we find out, we feel sil…

Chasing the tail of a dogma

A friend of mine took me to task. Calling me “Dogmatic” in my arguments. (Dogmatic - Characterized by an authoritative, arrogant assertion of unproved or unprovable principles.) I guess it could be viewed that way. The perception from my postion is that I am not that bright of a bulb. Many of the concepts I discuss are strictly “Rational” aka “Logical”. They are ideas that I assume by 6th grade most of us have been exposed to and had to have passed a test on things like basic math and social studies. I guess if I am in fact dogmatic, it’s due to my naivety. I have a belief that everybody can use a calculator, do simple multiplication, and understand simple psychology.

It turns out “Dogmatic” is a relative term. For example I can walk up to one of our resident mentally handicapped janitorial personal and say “water is made up of 3 atoms, of which 2 are hydrogen and one is oxygen.” Dogmatic. To him this would be unproven and seem awfully arrogant and authoritative. The average person ove…

The mathematics of energy consumption and population growth (part 1 of 8)

Lots of people say they are politically in the “middle” but normally inside of 2 min. you can see they clearly are not. If you can watch this video and claim you are either conservative/ republican or liberal/ democrat then there is no point in conversing on political issues. They are BOTH WRONG. “Drill baby drill” is as dangerous and damming as welfare and social services unconditionally. (There are 8 oparts with the next part qued once the previous part finishes.)

The mathematics of energy consumption and population growth (part 1 of 8)

The Human System Blog is up

The Human System blog is up and going. The layout and concepts are in their infancy. But it gives you something to aid in your pursuit to both vomit and laugh at the same time.

Unsustainable In Every Way

This is going to be a nice "lead out" / "Lead in" post to a new blog I am going to be starting in the future. This site was supposed to be dedicated to more global and political issues and solutions. However, I often end up writing about more then just such issues and how affect us generally on a political scale, but also more personally. I have learned a lot about what "makes us tic" as humans in the past year. It was another layer of the onion. I think a different venue will be in order to offer these ideas. I think it will be titled "The Human System”. The two web sites together I believe will be combined to one day wrote the book I seemed to have been born to write.
I have always known the reality of sustainability and its role, but a few years back, me and a friend were sharing beers and he put the concept together in a few sentences for me. What isn't sustainable isn't natural. What isn't natural, will either deplete, fade into …

Oil Spill: Responsibility and Sensibility

Alright, it has been too long. I hope to pick up the thread a little more regularly.

So even in my attempt to avoid the news, a few issues you just can’t ignore. The BP oil leak is the biggest one. With my contempt for our persistence on this practice without any real movement towards discontinuation is certainly not hidden in these posts. An event like this one just frustrates me further.

That said, I have to shake my head that when it happened and the world seems to have been surprised. My initial reaction was, “well no shit”. It was bound to happen. Yes the chances were miniscule, but real all the same. I think what did take me by surprise was that there was no contingency plan to quickly reduce the impact.

In my day to day, we have to often make decisions that could potentially impact thousands of lives. Now the actual chances are often very minuscule. However, that doesn’t stop us from having a “risk assessment” meeting where these risks are assessed. An approach t…

Bush Era Attorneys Give Go Ahead For Extermination Of Villages Were Absolutely Correct.

For those of you who know me or this column you might be shocked at this assertion. Especially when it comes to agreeing with anything the latest Bush administration did. But you are going to have to bear with me while we separate the logic and rational.

Here is the link to the news story if you haven’t read it.
Basically this guy, John Woo, was one of the culprits that wrote a legal argument in favor of letting the CIA torture prisoners. Now to that end I have found nothing to support any current doctrine. However, during an interview where Woo was questioned about his perspective on presidential powers in regard to the role of “commander in chief”, he was asked if the president “had the right to order the extermination of an entire village”. Woo answered in the affirmative a couple of times.

"What about ordering a village of resi…