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Palin: An Offensive Pick.

It is day three and I have woke up to check the news to see if the McCain camp have had a Harriet Miers moment. That was the unknown inexperienced "close friend" of GWB who he tried to ram into the Supreme Court. He eventually got berated into forcing her to withdraw.

Sarah Palin was that mayor of a town that doesn’t require a full time mayor. She was a part time legislator. At this point if you still support McCain, you believe that anybody, including a "Soccer mom" from a rural town outside of the US could make the foreign and domestic decisions of a president. Go to Wikipedia and look at her resume!! (I rarely curse on the blog, which is way different then real life.) But are you fucking kidding me. Who would risk selecting a "bimbo beauty queen" to take the second seat to a 72 year old man as leader of the free world. We are not talking about some state or even senate seat. We are talking about president of the US. More decision making fallacies by Joh…

Let Me Make Sure I Understand The Palin Story

So let me get this straight. A woman who was Mayor of a 650 person town 6 months ago, and head of her PTA (exactly how many people go to that school would be nice to know.) in Alaska is ridding second seat to a 72 year old dying cancer patient with a bad ticker and post traumatic stress disorder? In the short time she has been in office she has already done things that she has had to admit "could be perceived as a conflict of interest." Now I like Washington outsiders as much as the next independent, but outsider doesn't mean that you pick the guy in the stands with a ball glove to pitch the next inning. (I may be exaggerating some of those figures for you sticklers for details.) Not that it matter, but what if he dies, or suffers a stroke or a brain hemorrhage?

I think the Obama campaign are struck and not sure where to start. They are being way too cautious. If they were smart they wouldn't have even bothered to recognize her. They would have said they we…

Palin Not Just a Gimmik, But a Scary Choice.

In the few hours since we have been introduced to Sarah Palin. We have learned a few things.
Up until 2 years ago she was mayor of a town of 6700 in Alaska. She was a former Commercial fisherman. She has been in politics all of 8 years. That is if you remove the time she was unemployed due to failed bids for mayor and governor. She is pro-life, pro-gun, and anti-social programs. She has only been on the job for a year and a half and she is under investigation for using her position to get revenge on her sisters ex-husband.
This will be a big issue so I will go into a little more detail. She is under investigation for using her position to try to get her ex brother-in-law fired. When it failed she fired the Commissioner of Public Safety who refused her. She saw him fit to be director of the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, but wanted somebody more agreeable int the Public Safety position.
A friend asked me if it was abuse of power to use your position to remove somebody from aut…

How Do You Know A Candidate Has Nothing To Offer?

There are a few ways to tell, but one sure way to see the hand tipped of somebody who is without a solid base in reality is when you note that they have prerecorded attack ads for whoever he picks as a VP. That candidate would have paid people to make negative non-issue ads prior to even knowing who it was. If you believe in yourself and your positions, wouldn’t that be unnecessary?

Taken one step further, Shouldn’t a candidate have something better to do with his time and money then to spend it pointing out what his competitor’s VP pick had said about him earlier? If the media wants to bring it up, that is fine, but shouldn’t a candidate be spending his resources telling the voters what he has done with his, say, 30 years in congress? Shouldn’t we hear how after 30 years the candidate introduced, supported, and enacted legislation that made the country better? Tell us how in the 30 years has he helped to reduce poverty, lower unemployment rates, strengthen the dollar, reduced the cost…

Russia/ Georgian Conflict From The American People’s Perspective

This should scare most People. Of course most Americans think Georgia is part of the US. So their concern over either of these groups of people are limited. If you are a book of Revelations fan or a Nostradamus fan, the events of the weekend should have made you poo your pants. No not the “Edwards lied about the affair news”. It is that “The Great Bear” has come back to life and is now attacking from the north. Here is a quick look at the map for those of you who are geographically challenged.

I am not particularly influenced by old men and their prophecies. I am influenced by Chess. Looking at this map, for those of you who used to play risk, you can see that the US is out numbered a bit when it comes to enemies, friends and indeterminate parties. Notice how Georgia is sandwiched in between Russia and Iran. Notice how Iraq is pretty removed from friendlies to the US with any strength. This also my be some of yours first look at the size of Iran to Iraq and the general terrain.

Now take…

How To Really Bring Oil Prices Down: No Drilling Required

It seems that the best answer to bring down the cost of oil is not drilling after all. We have not drilled, not announced drilling, and there is no sign that congress is going to come back and authorized drilling in the restricted regions. So what happened? Really it is the combining of many things at once all related and all converging on a single point.

First the US economy has its "stimulation" in full swing now. (Settle down I know what I said, and gas prices are still 60% higher then they were 2 years ago. And other then gas, food, textiles, and other products still are on the rise.) Secondly, those who bought "futures" are starting to sell off because they saw the price head south. So there has been a "virtual" surplus in the market. That has scared the herd in the downward trend direction. Third, the economy has taken a hit. Jobless figures are out and there are even more unemployed.

I know what you are thinking right now. I just said "the…

Why Not Sell Oil To Ourselves?

I know I am kind of enamored with this oil topic lately, and both of my readers might be getting a little tired of it. However, a comment came in the other day that is common to most perspectives when I explain my stance on drilling. I have talked about the answer before in a general sense, but her is a more specific answer. The question asked was:

"You say that opening drilling in ANWR won't effect the cost of oil, but can't we as the U.S. who is drilling for our own oil charge ourselves a lower cost for the oil we actually have in our own ground?"

There are couple of misconceptions that are common among most people. The main one highlighted by this question is that people think "the government" owns the oil that is extracted. They do not. The companies that buy the leases own the oil. The two biggest "American owned" companies are ExonMobil and Texaco-Cheveron. Even these companies have interest around the world that would be jeopardized if t…