How Do You Know A Candidate Has Nothing To Offer?

There are a few ways to tell, but one sure way to see the hand tipped of somebody who is without a solid base in reality is when you note that they have prerecorded attack ads for whoever he picks as a VP. That candidate would have paid people to make negative non-issue ads prior to even knowing who it was. If you believe in yourself and your positions, wouldn’t that be unnecessary?

Taken one step further, Shouldn’t a candidate have something better to do with his time and money then to spend it pointing out what his competitor’s VP pick had said about him earlier? If the media wants to bring it up, that is fine, but shouldn’t a candidate be spending his resources telling the voters what he has done with his, say, 30 years in congress? Shouldn’t we hear how after 30 years the candidate introduced, supported, and enacted legislation that made the country better? Tell us how in the 30 years has he helped to reduce poverty, lower unemployment rates, strengthen the dollar, reduced the cost of education, funded social security, created better foreign relations, strengthened national security, reduced wage disparity, curbed illegal immigration, or capped the cost of living? Oh wait nobody can talk about that because it hasn’t happened yet!!

I am waiting to hear from a candidate with all of his "experience" how he plans on making all these changes when the legislative branch is made up of people not of his party. Why now he would want to change if he had 30 years to do it. I want to hear why now it is critical that we solve the energy crisis, even though the problem was identified in the late 70’s? I say step aside old man.

I have seen very few Obama ads around these parts as of yet. When I do they discuss what he perceives as wrong with the current status and what he plans to do about it. I have seen plenty of McCain ads. Every one of them talk about what Obama has or hasn’t done. With so much "experience" you would think that McCain could talk endlessly about his triumphs.

The fact that Obama chose Biden and not Clinton shows that he is not puppet or democratic stooge. He is willing to pick somebody who will not necessarily agree with him. Somebody who is going to point out the other side from time to time. There was this little known president that was notorious for having political rivals in his cabinet. Oh what was his name, Oh yeah, Abraham Lincoln. He also served only one term as a congressman. He was seen as being having too much interest in advancement of the black race. He never supported the Mexican-American war of President Polk. Many in his district had volunteered to go fight in it and he was unpopular because of his outspoken statements against it. So it seems that Obama is following in the footsteps of greatness. Even if he is just mimicking the moves, It is better then acting like a "maverick" and striking out on his own in the image of tyranny.


Anonymous said…
Right on.

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