Palin: An Offensive Pick.

It is day three and I have woke up to check the news to see if the McCain camp have had a Harriet Miers moment. That was the unknown inexperienced "close friend" of GWB who he tried to ram into the Supreme Court. He eventually got berated into forcing her to withdraw.

Sarah Palin was that mayor of a town that doesn’t require a full time mayor. She was a part time legislator. At this point if you still support McCain, you believe that anybody, including a "Soccer mom" from a rural town outside of the US could make the foreign and domestic decisions of a president. Go to Wikipedia and look at her resume!! (I rarely curse on the blog, which is way different then real life.) But are you fucking kidding me. Who would risk selecting a "bimbo beauty queen" to take the second seat to a 72 year old man as leader of the free world. We are not talking about some state or even senate seat. We are talking about president of the US. More decision making fallacies by John McCain.

If you still support this guy, you are as sold on the republican party as the Germans were on Hitler. There is no logical methodology that would arrive at this being a good decision. I can’t imagine a senator, representative, or governor that has put their life and time in Washington being happy with this. You spend your life in "public service". You are in your 50’s maybe even early 60’s and think, "I would make a good pick. I have a solid background, won election after election, and solid bipartisan but conservative voting record." Yet you are upstaged by Sarah Bambi Palin? What is her plan for national healthcare? What is her experience with education, poverty, national security? All of the sudden that stuff doesn’t matter? And this bogus claim that she is "more experienced" then Obama is preposterous.

The other real reason is to ask if anybody out there has any naked pictures of Sarah Palin. Especially, if they are from the years as a "beauty contestant". Alright that might be a little "sexist" but they started it. And besides just putting that on my blog will certainly increase the hit count.

To think that John McCain thinks so lowly of the office in which he is trying to hold is truly offensive. I am not even going to legitimize the republican defense and comparisons to the Democratic ticket


AnarchyJack said…
I Read your comments on WHYS and followed your link here. Palin is an offensive pick, by which McCain insults the intelligence of both the men and women who supported Senator Clinton in the first place by assuming it was her gender, and not her policies that made her the first serious major party candidate for a presidential nomination in the first place.

You may have noticed that the trickle of bad press on Palin became a flood today. Turns out, Senator McCain is behind releasing it all, apparently hoping for the crisis and potential tragedy of Gustav to bury the multiple incidences of cronyism found during her post-vetting vetting.

I'd be interested in your views on my blog. The above link will take you to my latest entry

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