Russia/ Georgian Conflict From The American People’s Perspective

This should scare most People. Of course most Americans think Georgia is part of the US. So their concern over either of these groups of people are limited. If you are a book of Revelations fan or a Nostradamus fan, the events of the weekend should have made you poo your pants. No not the “Edwards lied about the affair news”. It is that “The Great Bear” has come back to life and is now attacking from the north. Here is a quick look at the map for those of you who are geographically challenged.

I am not particularly influenced by old men and their prophecies. I am influenced by Chess. Looking at this map, for those of you who used to play risk, you can see that the US is out numbered a bit when it comes to enemies, friends and indeterminate parties. Notice how Georgia is sandwiched in between Russia and Iran. Notice how Iraq is pretty removed from friendlies to the US with any strength. This also my be some of yours first look at the size of Iran to Iraq and the general terrain.

Now take into account that the US has been over there stirring up the hornets nest for the past 6 years. Saudis are loosing interest in us because we are showing a slowing of oil purchasing power. Syria is non too happy with our support of Israel and the bombing of their “nuclear sites.” Turkey seems to hold no regard for the US and it’s presence in Iraq. They regularly bomb inside the Iraqis borders even though they have been repeatedly told not to by the US. And then there is Iran, who we have been threatening for the past 7 years. They would like nuclear technology. The Russians have nuclear weapons and technology to spare. The Russians would like help regaining control of its former state. Then there is the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline which moves oil from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea. It is a major artery to the markets. Both would like to get control of that. (Since right now we are in the middle of a “Futures sell off” the news of war near this pipeline is having little effect on oil prices.) If Georgia was under NATO treaties as they are likely to be later this year, The US and all of it’s allies would be obligated to go and protect them. Having that kind of US presence in the Middle East would be a bomb just waiting to blow. As it is we have a knife stuck in our belly. Every move we make over there affects the price of oil. Every penny we spend over there is one not spent rebuilding the devastation on our economy.

So the question the American voter has to ask themselves is this. What kind of actions and personality is most likely to diffuse the ticking time bomb on the map above? Is it the guy who says we should stay for 100 years and thinks talking to people we are told not to like by an administration who has countless times been wrong in the past is a “bad approach”? Or is it the “rock star” that everybody likes, can get 200,000 people to show up at a foreign venue, and wants to remove our presence from the above map in 16 months, and wants to start open dialogue to quell hostilities?


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