Let Me Make Sure I Understand The Palin Story

So let me get this straight. A woman who was Mayor of a 650 person town 6 months ago, and head of her PTA (exactly how many people go to that school would be nice to know.) in Alaska is ridding second seat to a 72 year old dying cancer patient with a bad ticker and post traumatic stress disorder? In the short time she has been in office she has already done things that she has had to admit "could be perceived as a conflict of interest." Now I like Washington outsiders as much as the next independent, but outsider doesn't mean that you pick the guy in the stands with a ball glove to pitch the next inning. (I may be exaggerating some of those figures for you sticklers for details.) Not that it matter, but what if he dies, or suffers a stroke or a brain hemorrhage?

I think the Obama campaign are struck and not sure where to start. They are being way too cautious. If they were smart they wouldn't have even bothered to recognize her. They would have said they were waiting for McCain's real pick.


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