The Real Face Of Hillary Clinton

Man, if there ever was an example of politically pulling back the curtain, this week has been it. Hillary Clinton, who has been employed in Washington by the tax payers for twice as long as I have been able to votes, is putting on a drama show over a flyer being circulated. This was enough to bring her screaming from the shadows like some Medusa.

Forget for a minute the words she is saying. (I have always said, “never listen to the words coming out of a politicians mouth. Judge them by their actions and their results.”) If politics is nothing else it is a poker game. Every gambler knows holding an even steady face no matter what the situation is the key to success. When are loosing, you might still win if you hold a calm cool composure and scare your opponents out of the pot. If you do loose, simply nod, slide your next ante up, and turn your attention to the next hand. If you win, scoop the chips to your pot and other then that the reaction should be the same. Hillary has no poker face. On the world circuit you can not wear your emotions on your sleeve.

There is something scary to me about somebody who acts like they want the presidency so bad. I know they all do, but the inability to control your posture when staring down a defeat is unbecoming of a great leader. To be president you have to almost convince me that you already have another job lined up if that one doesn’t work out. You can’t appear chase that power like some crack head begging for another fix.

I hate to point it out, but many, many people have come and gone in this campaign season. Only one staring down defeat has acted like, well a woman. Crowing, crying, and showing emotional weaknesses are not becoming traits.

Before you say I am biased and would be singing a different tune if it had been Clinton putting out flyers that “represent Obama’s views in a negative light.” There has been plenty of negative stuff written about him. From emails about his lineage to twisted statements about his anti-Iraq war support. He simply re-clarified his position and moved on. He didn’t stand out there crowing and mocking him like he is some kind of 5th grader who got tattled on.

I could go on, but I will end with this message I wish somebody could take to the Clinton campaign. Hillary, if you want to be president ever, you better grow some balls. You may have been in Washington for a longer time, but it really seems the only experience you have gotten is how to play the underhanded corruption game. That is the "change" America is trying to get away from.


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