Why Not Hillary? One Word: Corruption

Everybody knows that Hillary will have trouble standing apart from John McCain on many of the issues. You are hearing about it these issues daily on the major news outlets. She voted for and never apologized for authorizing give Bush a blank check to use on Iraq. McCain and Clinton have both supported amnesty for illegal immigrants. They both have deep rooted ties to Washington with very little job experience outside of “the Belt Way”. You can also hear all of the major news outlets voicing the opinion that is on most peoples lips that the voters want a change form the Bush and Clinton dynasties.

What hasn’t come up was Whitewater. What we all tend to forget is that the Lewinski scandal wasn’t originally an investigation into the sexcapades of the sitting president. That is just where it ended up when they couldn’t get anything concrete to stick. Kind of like being unable to pin murder and racketeering on Al Capone, so they eventually took him down with tax evasion charges. So it was with the Clintons, and Hillary was in it deeper then Bill. 14 people that were close friends and/ or business acquaintances with the Clintons ended up with convictions of a gambit that stemmed from fraud to bribery. Many of them received presidential pardons. The Wikipedia found here is really well documented at the end.

The Continuance of these “murky business practices” has not stopped with her bid for presidential campaign. A decent outline of her connection to Norman Hsu, another charged criminal involved in another investment scheme. It seems ever where the Clintons go there is an “investment fraud” lurking just beyond their affiliation. A link to a post synopsis of the Norman Hsu story can be found by clicking here. The same charges were leveled and just missed Bill Clinton while president. An “investor” name Charlie Trie in Little Rock had funds returned or rejected after an investigation revealed the donations were made by people who couldn’t afford to write such large donation.

The point is this. If you are tired of the environment of corruption in Washington, then you must stop voting for people who are soaked in it. Weather it is Bush and Cheney with their connections to military contractors and Oil and energy companies, or The Clintons who seem to have an unending supply of associates with “investment fraud” convictions they are all the same. None of them have the best interest of the US economy and the well being of its people in their intentions. We don’t have the margin of error that we had in the 90’s. The tech boom was an anomaly. Unless somebody develops a Teleportation device over the next couple of years, it won’t happen again. In the 90’s the economy couldn’t help but to make money. All a president needed then was to sit back and get a blow job. The margin of error now is not so forgiving. Decisions made in the next 16 to 24 months could determine weather we retain our position as a world economic powerhouse or assume a role closer to that of post cold war Russia.


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