Republicans, Vote For The Best Democrat!!

So Romney is out and McCain is the choice to represent the republicans. Boy how does that feel guys? Now you know how the liberal Democrats felt when Kerry got the nomination. There is discussion on weather they will be able to rally the conservatives.

Not to point out the obvious. But there has been roughly 14 million votes cast in the democratic primary as opposed to the republican 8.5 million. Combine that with the low opinion of the war, the current administration, and the rabid corruption that has spiraled this country into economic pneumonia and there can be no doubt about November’s results. I recommend that republicans choose which of the democrats they want to run the show for the next 4 years and vote for them.

The republican party was the party of comical relief this time. They all fought about who is “the most conservative.” Then discussed how they would bludgeon the economy by staying in an unnecessary quagmire, further stagnate the economic flow by championing Reaganomics (Great we are having a problem with economic flow and the Republican suggestion is to increase the dam that supplies the only assured stream flow in hopes it will eventually burst), and dividing on illegal immigration issues. The whole time Ron Paul a true conservative by definition is shunned and chastised.

Here is the honest reality facing those who are “conservatives”. You need a democrat in the white house the same way a boxing match needs a referee. Republicans are so over committed to the “fight in Iraq” that they can’t stop themselves. The Democrats will take the office, if republicans are right, they will make things worse, and 4 years latter Republicans will sail into office on a message of ‘we told you so”. I recommend you go out an pick the lesser of two evils amongst the Democrats. Please join with us to make Hillary cry one more time. We thank you for your support.


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