Valerie Plame Sixty Minutes - Part One

My favorite story is growing legs again. No matter what else you might think, this was an indefensible act of treason. It was committed by the highest offices of this country. She could not say the things that she says here or in front of the congress with out retribution if they were not true. I would challenge anybody to find evidence to the contrary. All of the things that you have heard said about her and that get rehashed have been later proven false. But as we saw in my previous post about negative information and gossip people prefer to insults to facts.

If there is one thing that I would like to see complete accountability for it would be this issue. It is tied in so many ways to the other topics such as the Iraqis quagmire, torture, to lack WMD in Iraq, to the trouble with the veterans treatment. All of these things and many more don’t happen if a true, honest, and a genuine interest in American security is considered. When you start with, there is a lot of money to be made by going to war with Iraq and you use American resources, money, and lives to enrich yourself that is not acceptable. When you use fear of “American security” as the tactic to get permission to use those valuables, you become criminal to the degree of Stalin, Hitler, and any of the other world leaders who did the same. Forget the screwed up economy form the “ownership society” policies. Forget the “ no child left behind failure. Forget the 8 years lost to addressing the global warming issue. Even forget the inspiring of our enemies to redouble their effort to arm themselves with nuclear weapons. Just answer the question of who orchestrated the leaking of her name.