Jesus Would Never Get Elected and Heaven is Run By a Communist Government

As demonstrated by the earlier post (that is the one below this one for those confused) Jesus would not have a chance at getting elected to the presidency of the nation supposedly created in his name. The conservatives would be opposed to his position on taxes, free market, war, and revenge. More liberal voters would be opposed to his belief on adultery, homosexuality, honesty, and God in school. Let us just say a ticket with Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich would have a better chance.

I am not sure if Jesus was the son of God or an insane lune that happened to have stumbled on to something. What I do know is his perspective on life, relationships, and makes logical sense. If we all lived by his teachings the world would be free, prosperous, happy, and further advanced. His message was one that works whether you believe in an afterlife or not. It just works psychologically. What you don’t need give away to the less fortunate and people will love you. This works for the economy as well. If you treat your neighbor well he will be so inclined to return the treatment. If you are offended, forgive the offender. This stops the circle of revenge. Be true to the people you love most deeply. This also avoids animosity that can lead to blood lust. Act as if your charter is always being judged.

You are talking about a guy who allowed himself to be tortured and nailed to a cross even though he had the power to stop it. His drive and personal belief was that if he did this, he would save the world and its occupants. He loved people so much he was willing to suffer in their behalf. There is one lesson most voters can’t grasp. Love doesn’t feel good. That is lust. Love is about sacrifice, pain, and self deprivation. To love some one means that their needs are placed before your own, your desires are second to theirs. Jesus was sent to demonstrate love for all of us to use as an example, if you believe him to be the Son of God. This is not a guy who is going to be able to deny welfare to the poor.

Yah, so Jesus will not be on a ballot (or "ballet" either as originally posted) any time soon. But if that realization isn’t enough to rock your red, white, and blue blooded democracy driven patriotic American heart, then this should. Heaven is communist. It is under the rule of a single unelectable dictator. His rules are stern and precise. So believe it or not my fellow Americans, we may pride ourselves on living the freedom of democracy. But with an average life expectancy of 80 years, and with 20 of them spent under the dictatorial rule of our parents, throughout eternity, we can only hope at best to spend 40 years of them free to do as we please.

To be honest though, this is a slightly misleading statement. Heaven isn’t really a communist government as much as it is a hippie commune. With all the conations of the stereotypical 1960’s flower children love commune, Heaven is a lucid free love festival. The whole idea of being here on Earth to begin with is so God can weed out the assholes. Earth is kind of like quality control for his creations.

Think about it. If you want to have a community of people who need no governing, then make sure they are the kind of people who won’t cause friction. They should be people who would be considerate of others feelings before they do anything. (Love they neighbor as thyself. Do onto others as you would have done onto yourself.) That is what these two commandments were to force you to demonstrate. You want members of your community who can subdue their own lusts and exercise self-restraint. (Do not steal. Do not covet. Do not commit adultery.) These are all self-restraint commandments. They prove that you can control your desires that might cause negative irritation with in the community. "Do not lie" is important in ruling a communal structure. The only way to justice is through truth. Justice is required to restore any disruption to the harmony. Last any harmonious community needs to agree upon a source of ultimate resolution of problems. (Hold no false Idols. Do not use god’s name in vein.) These requests are designed to show that you accept His council and only his council. The honoring of your parents is the way of teaching this concept to the young. God considers himself the "Father". If there is one justification for God’s absence it would have to be prove with more definite assurance. Most kids are good when they know their parents are watching. It’s the ones who are good when not their parents are not looking that will least likely get in trouble throughout life.

There is probably no hunting, or guns for that fact. I mean what would be the point. Abortion will really not be an issue either. Illegal immigration, social services funding, and national fight against terrorism will no longer be a valid platform either.

So if Jesus was right and we go to a place where peace and love are predominate rule, then be prepared to spend eternity at Woodstock. If not, and he was just a nut job, his ideals of a perfect society are far greater then any we have going today. It is however going to take more strength then any human, since himself, has ever shown in order to enact those policies.


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