The Parallels Of Drilling For Oil And The Crack Epidemic.

Drilling for oil to solve our fuel cost trouble more closely resembles legalizing crack to solve the problems caused by the epidemic. People often spew on about “supply and demand” when talking about drilling in ANWR or offshore. If they truly understood the concept and its factors they would not be so "yappy keen" on the idea. (I heard a Brit use that term.) Oil has characteristics that more closely resemble an addictive drug then big screen TVs. In the case of TVs there is a finite level of demand and its consumers have found a willingness to buy supplementary products. Oil consumers on the other hand have shown an unquenchable thirst and a reluctance to switch to substitutes. Crack heads generally like crack. Increasing the supply of crack or oil generally just increases the number of crack heads.

One problem is that people will sell everything they own and even steal to get money to buy crack. The same can be said of Oil. Look around and you will see increased and new signs on fuel pumps warning about "drive off" offenses. Another parallel is that the producers and sellers of crack and oil are people who do not have the same moral values as our own. 15 Saudi nationals attacked us on 9/11. They were trained, encouraged and commanded by another Saudi national (Osama Bin Laden). The Saudis embody everything that we say is immoral. However, our president saw fit to offer them technology and weapons just to gain their favor and “hopefully” persuade them to produce more oil. A BBC article can be found here that confirms this assertion. South American drug cartels produce the coke that is refined into crack. Middle Eastern Oil cartels produce oil that we refine into gasoline.

If you legalize crack and promote supply, the cost will not be reduced. There will just be more people doing it. People will make crack drinks, crack vitamins, and crack flavored ice cream. Oil was so cheap for Americans they saw fit to produce as everyday transportation unnecessary SUVs and sports cars that get minimal fuel efficiency. Now the big 3 auto producers are scrambling as the market is reacting. Toyota is now number 2 in America and has its sights set on number 1. There are 2 emerging economies that will be adding demand in the future. China will have more cars on the road by 2018 then the U.S. There are plenty of potential addicts to gobble up any increase supply.

Last, just like crack is clearly bad for the users health, so is the increased burning of petroleum products. We have seen as the world has become aware of the effect of humanity on the environment. Many of us deny them. Just like a crack head has a warped sense of his situation and health. Many of us have reached the stage where we know we should quit oil, but we are pleading for just one more high. Then we will figure out how to get off the stuff. “If we drill in ANWR we can get enough to buy time until we can produce a viable alternative solution.” This isn’t the first time we faced an oil supply shortage. We said the same thing last time.

The scary part is that the dealers are very much in control of our leadership when it comes to oil. Could you imagine if a cocaine grower were placed in charge of, say, the FDA? So adding supply will have very little effect on the biggest problem we have. That is that we are currently funding both sides of the “war on terror”. We are also raiding the houses of our neighbors to get the stuff. Really, if the Saudis get weapons and technology from the U.S., don’t you think there is going to be somebody at the other end of those weapons that isn’t happy about it?


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