Cindy McCain And What You Should Know About GOP Hypocrisy

I keep getting this blatantly hypocritical email usually titled something along the lines as “Information about Cindy McCain.” This is a link to the version posted on This is a prime example of the Conservative hypocrisy.
It's funny how conservatives talk about themselves and how they talk about their fellow Republicans in contrast to the hypocritical way they portray the opposition. Lets break this email down as an example.

She (Ms McCain) graduated from Southern Cal and was a special-needs teacher.” Do you recon that was in the ghetto of LA or NYC? Can you guess why many of those disadvantaged kids have "Special Need"? Often it is Because their parents are addicted to cheep beer and drugs when they were pregnant. FAS is one of the leading causes of birth defects. But we will get back to that.

The author of the email decides to go ahead and skip the part about Cindy meeting John when he was still married. The email fails to mention the fact that she was 24 and john 42 when they met. John and his first wife had 3 kids. The email throws in how this little harlot did not forget to get a prenuptial agreement to protect her assets. Now that is trust. One month after the divorce was final John and Cindy got married in a hotel. Talk about not wanting to wait.

“After her Dad died she became involved with his beer distributing firm and is now the chairwoman.” Next Cindy her father dies, this lady that here entire career and background in education steps into a world leading beer brewing and distribution firm, take over and improves upon his success. Isn't that the kind of thing they are talking about when they say "Obama has no experience"? I don’t see what selling a legalized drug has to do with special needs education. But wait there is one connection. It creates more of them.

So she chairs a "beer distribution firm." Now I love beer. But, as a home brewer myself, I think cheep beer is ruining the world. But let us look at this through the political eye for a second. What if she worked for a "tobacco distribution company", "a Marijuana distribution company" (we can compare the ills of that to beer and cigarettes some other day.), or a cocaine distribution company? Let us face it, beer is anti-climatic to a good healthy living. Because of her product people kill children in DUI related accident, loose their jobs, their family, increase their health risks, and their chance at being an outstanding citizen. “Sales have doubled since she has taken over from her father.”

She get to fly around the world helping out children’s organization clearing land minds. Do you think she straps on a vest and goes out there with a metal detector herself? How do you think land minds and unexploded bombs get there? That is right, through wars. That is an activity her husband promotes doing in the Middle East for the next 100 years.

I hear you now wanting to pipe in about people choosing to do drugs. Well don't tell me about it being their choice, because as we move on, we see that anybody can get addicted. The only difference is not everybody has wealthy families to pick them up and get them clean. I love how this email only briefly mentions "her addiction to pain killers after back surgery when she got injured helping children." First the Charity was not to help kids with missing limbs, starving, or even chronic diseases. No she worked with a bunch of plastic surgeons to make the kids more appealing to the eyes. A good cause in some circumstances, but when you only have so much money to invest, shouldn't you put it towards more life threatening causes.

What they don't tell you is that she was working for this charity and she starts stealing the drugs. As when any drug addict gets caught stealing, it is the first time. But I love how conservatives say, "she got addicted to pain killers after surgery." You almost hear the sad soap opera like music start to play when they say it. What about the guy who got addicted to alcohol and marijuana when he was too poor to get back surgery and so he self medicated. The truth is we don't know what she started on and how many times she stole from the child care medical organization she was working for. We do know that the courts convicted her and we could only hope to get as light of a sentence as her highly paid lawyers got her. Hope but never actually realize.

They are willing to run Obama down for being honest and saying he did cocaine a couple of times as a kid. Yet when one of theirs get addicted it is like it was some kind of accident. When one of theirs commits adultery it was “during a rough patch in the marriage.”

So they prop up this ex-teacher who stepped into a role that would be hard for most business graduates. She sells cheep beer, think paper bag and a 40 ounce, to the impoverished neighborhoods of the country and around the world. She seems to have an affixation on the surface characteristics and the way people look. She adopted a child with a "clef lip" oooo. She volunteers for a charity that helps kids that don’t look so pleasing to the eye. She got addicted to drugs. Who knows what she was willing to do to get them. She was willing to steel from a children’s charity. And this is why people would consider voting for John McCain?


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