Open Letter To The Terrorists

Dear Terrorist,

In the past you have been using your violent and destructive acts to scare us and coerce us into not wanting freedom. Since we do not condone violent and terrifying acts, "terrorism", to change the minds and practices of other countries’ citizens, we can only assume our current non-violent and pleasurable attacks have not worked on you. Since we know our government doesn’t condone "terrorism", our planes must have dropped puppy dogs and fluffy pillows on your villages. I can not believe that has not made you submit to the ways of democracy and freedom. Since bullets and machine guns are pretty violent and certainly would inspire "terror" certainly our troops must be using squirt guns and strawberry flavored silly string to bring you to your knees. Yet this has not wavered your resolve to rob us of our freedom, pursuit of justice, and functional democracy.

Since your armies were not waiting to storm our borders and take over on September 11th 2001, we can only assume you meant the strike to be a catalyst. How did you know Americans so well that if you scared them enough they would shoot themselves. Since nobody would believe that you could bring the United states to ruble by simply crashing a few planes into a couple of sky scrapers and a building in the capital, your mission must have had a deeper objective. We have been told that you will not stop until you have robbed us of our desire to remain free, just, and in control of our own government. You have sought to destroy our ideology that we have set forth as "self evident". Our governing officials tell us that your objective is to disembowel our "perfect union" and destroy our system where people are "to be treated equally under the law." Your ultimate goal is to get us to accept that the only means of conducting negotiations is through acts of violence and destruction as you do. We are told that after hundreds of years, you have all the suddend decided that we needed destroyed and converted on a whim.

This letter is to inform you that you can stop the attacks now. You have won. We are well on our way to being everything you wanted for us. We now have less right to privacy by way of the domestic wiretapping policies of this administration. The justification is the new threat created in the "post 9/11 world." Since that devastating day in September of ‘01 we have willingly looked the other way as our government has imprisoned American citizens with out just cause. You will be happy to know that we no longer democratically elect our leaders in true respect to democracy. Sure we all are allowed to go and vote. But magically the outcome of these elections are not consistent with popular opinion. This can be attributed in part to Walden W. O'Dell, the CEO of the company that makes the voting machines. He said Diebold was, "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president." Amazingly, Ohio, the most devastated state in the nation by way of the Bush administration and republican legislative policies, delivered. They delivered the decisive last tipping votes. Americans looked the other way and accepted even though many suspicious inconsistencies showed up on these unauditable paperless machines have manifest. Diebold has been opposed to producing machines that create a trail. Fear has driven the most sensible Americans to accept reduced liberties in favor of security. Now we even accept kidnapping foreign citizens with no offer of innocence until proven guilty. We kill innocent civilians in the name of our own cause. We have even reverted to encouraging acts often used by you terrorist, a.k.a. torture, to get what we want. You hit the US for no apparent reason to spread your ideology. We in turn turned Iraq into rubble for no apparent reason to spread our ideology. This past week we have been shown that not all men are equal under the law. If you have connections to leaders and lots of money, you do not have to suffer the dame fate as the poor, especially true if you are a man and not a woman.

Our country has become less free, less just, less happy, and less democratic since you sucker punched us on 9/11. Our leader believes he is directed by God to kill. Sure he isn’t Muslim, but hey these things take time. Who would have thought we would be so immersed in the Hispanic culture just 50 years ago. Don’t worry, we will still send money to support your Jihad via the purchase of gasoline for our gas guzzling SUV’s. Currently it seems you can count on a steady stream of "infidels" in your countries in which you can martyr yourselves against for at least the next year. Think of all the money that people won’t have to spend trying to get over to the United States to get your 70 virgins. I mean it took like 10 years of planning to do that crazy thing before, and let us face it, that was a one-time deal, nobody is going to let you do that again.

Well , that is it. I am guessing that since you haven’t attacked, you already knew this stuff though. The fact that the only CIA terror plots uncovered so far has been those concocted by angry and mentally unstable US citizens. All of them like the plot against JFK, Fort Dix, or the rag tag group from Florida has been held up as huge successes. While many have tried to contact Al-Qaeda, none have been linked. I would think that if they did uncover a legitimate intonation plot, they would tote it out like a thanksgiving turkey.

So please stop attacking us. We are doing enough to kill ourselves anyway. Thank you and have a nice day.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance." -Franklin D. Roosevelt


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