He Went And Did It

President Bush pardoned I Scooter Libby!! As readers know this is an issue near and dear to me. The previous post can be found here. In a show of the extent of the corruption that runs rampant through this administration President Bush chose to pardon the only person so far held accountable for the act of high crimes and treason.

Here is direct evidence of the two faces of this crime ring that has histed the white hose for the last 8 years.

From Monday September 29th 2003. Highlights. "The president believes leaking classified information is a very serious matter and it should be pursued to the fullest extent..." "McClellan said that if anyone at the White House leaked Plame's identity, he should be fired, and pursued to the "fullest extent."

Then October 29Th 2005 nearly 2 hard fought years later. The best the political process could come up with is an obstruction charge. More Highlights from this article. "Libby said in a written statement he is "confident that at the end of this process I will be completely and totally exonerated." Well you weren't Mr. Libby.

This is a law that needs changed. Any person connected with an administration with direct reporting to any of the executive offices (and yes Mr. Cheney, you are part of the executive branch) can not have effect on any sentence brought against them. Connections to disclosure of state secrets needs to be reaffirmed a serious crime. Presidential pardons in general need to be removed from the books.

Where was Mr. Bush's compassion when Martha Stewart was convicted of the same thing. Here actions amounted to gaining basically one slow days salary. We are not talking about stains on a dress. Scooter Libby's actions resulted the fear mongering motivation that helped convince congress and the American people to send 3600 Americans to their deaths, and many hundreds of thousands of Iraqis as well.

You know I voted in 2000 for this idiot. The main reason was I was looking for honesty and accountability to be restored to the office after the Clinton indiscretions. What we got in that department was the replacement of a firecracker with a nuclear bomb.
As an American I see this and feel my hands are tied. When will these criminals be held accountable for their actions. Who is going to pay the price for these heinous acts. I guess there isn't really much more that I can say about that.


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