If I Were Writing Obama's State Of The Union Address.

The appropriate "State of the Union Address" should go something like this. "The state of the union, folks, is bad. It is bad because the policies of George W. Bush and the people controlling the House and Senate at the time made some stupid and selfish mistakes that not only plague us today, but will probably plague our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Yes, consequences simply don't stop because leadership changes and the US is a giant ship with bureaucratic and cumbersome system. I have offered many painful and honest approaches to correct this by way of my "American Jobs Act" and several budget proposals, but they were rejected for grandstanding and issues that had nothing to do with the budget and much to do with minority obstructionism. Much of the weight of these proposals fell on those who gained from the poor previous administrations policies. Whether they know it or are unaware is of no concern to me. We have to deal with the fact that they spent $4 trillion on unnecessary wars instead of educating our citizens. Sent troops to Afghanistan to do a job that required and I ultimately achieved with a small precision team. They couldn't find Bin Laden, but they sure found the world's largest reserve of lithium. They sent more men and women to their deaths under intelligence they knew was false about Saddam Hussein's WMD. For reason that can only be answered by those who attended Dick Cheney's “energy commission”, just months before 9/11 and had him claiming he was a member of the legislative branch in order to protect just the list of names, the intelligence of the IAEA inspectors and the educated advice of Hans Blix was rejected. As a result, we have had a half million people at one time employed to conduct that war. Now, I must either unethically continue these unjust war policies or release these Americans back into the private sector to become part of the unemployed. Either one will draw forceful criticize by the malice and believed by the ignorant. This is not the first time that the CIA has caused such irrational disruptions in the state or the union. The the early 90's Bill Clinton had negotiated the stationing of inspectors, cameras live and operation on the facilities, and ultimately the dismantling and destruction of their nuclear weapons program of North Korea. A country to be noted that we are technically still at war with. This was in exchange for light water reactors that can not be used to make nuclear weapons, but only supply energy that the people of North Korea so disparately need to step into the 21st century. The CIA assured Clinton that were still secretly working on their plutonium program. Accusing our adversary publicly and openly wasn't met with open cooperation. It would take another 3 years before the IAEA would be allowed to test the sites the CIA had claimed were secret labs. Testing of the soil and other in-depth tests showed that there was no merit to those claims. In December of 1999 the agreement was again reached to restart the process of building these reactors. By the following march George Bush would go on to renege those obligations. By 6 months later, he would be threatening them diplomatically. In the State of the Union address of 2002 he would be including them in this nearly comic book fantiful “Axis of Evil”. A year after that, one of 3 included in that group no longer existed. I don't know about you, but if somebody publicly threatens me and two other people and then kills one of us, I am going to start arming myself. That plays right into the reason for our second amendment. So now we have cost associated with keeping North Korea at bay. It will be difficult to get them to trust us to make agreements with the US again considering when we change administrations we no longer feel held by previous agreements. I don't blame them. So we have to deal with that, somehow. They are poor and starving and the only resource they have to sell is something we don't want in the hands of our enemies.

Domestically we are collapsing. Our unemployment rate keeps going down, but it is because people have either given up, taken jobs that leave them unable to pay their bills, or gotten extremely lucky for the time being. George Bush promoted, or rather I should say marketed, this idea of an “ownership society” that was another fairytale philosophy that was designed to make a few rich people even richer and trick a bunch of ignorant people into believing they could gain benefits without consequences. Perfect for a selfish coddle generation entering the job market. Rational requirements to prove you could afford to own a home were thrown out for paper guarantee. As any basic econ student can tell you, if demand goes up faster than supply can keep up, the price goes up. For some reason the purchasing public thought paying 5 and 6 times their yearly wage for a house was a good idea. Compounding, the new policies didn't use real money to do this, but rather fictitious money produced by a magic trick between the Federal Reserve and the US mint. An economy can not remain stable if everybody is allowed to produce counterfeit currency. For awhile everybody will be flush with cash. But, the fairytale has has ended, the piper has finished his performance, and it is time for payment. Too long we have concentrated on “growing” everything. Grow our economy, grow our influence, grow our GDP, grow our population. Americans, as one of you and as your leader, I say this with the concern and reasoning of a parent scolding you for not doing your homework and getting bad grades. Americans, we are fat, ignorant, lazy, selfish, belligerent, and oblivious to the consequences for our actions. It is time to start concentrating on shrinking. First our population. No, we are not going to let people into this country. If you committed or benefited from committing of a crime to get here, too bad. Get out. The system can not support more people and maintain the quality of life we have promised our citizens. We are going to have to s top encouraging people who can't afford to feed themselves to have more kids that the system has to feed for them. Too many generation have went by with out real parenting producing adults capable of being parents. Our schools are not where you send the puppies that you no longer want to be kenneled. Schools are designed to teach academic subjects, not be your babysitter. We are not just growing in numbers, but in sizes. For all the talk about how many people die from guns, it is dwarfed by the number of people who die from poor diet. Proper diet is something that is passed from generation to generation through the family choices. It is time we start encouraging better diets and less eating just to feel more secure. It is my goal to see the US population numbers shrinking be the time I leave office. Let me assure all that paranoia pandering insanity insecure conspiracy theorist that I do NOT mean to start some kind of genocide or aggression against American people. I mean to promote legislation that encourages people to be more responsible with their reproduction activities. Finally, as expected, I will address the gun issue. Look people, our founders made a lot of mistakes. Not clarifying the 2nd amendment or even putting it in there to begin with was was wrong as calling salves less than human or prohibition. A person can not forcefully take another person's 2nd amendment right away using the 1st amendment. However, many (maybe even my own after this speech) have had their 1st amendment right forcefully taken from them by the 2nd amendment. I am going to work to shut down the manufacturers of this repression, then through attrition guns will be removed from our society. Let me restate that clearly. Nobody is coming to your door to kick it in and take your guns. But if they are used in a crime or found to be Carrier illegally or found in a home where domestic violence is occurring or psychotropic drugs are being consumed, then they will be removed from circulation. Don't commit a crime, use it to legally defend your life and home, and carry them legally, you will have them in your family forever. They will one day be very highly valued.

Look, for too long our only message to our citizens and the world we have had a message of hypocrisy in the US. We have nuclear weapons, but nobody else is allowed to have them. We don't want the world to pollute, but we do. We only believe in democracy when in out countries when it is good for us. We promote equality with our foot on the heads of the poor and weak. We claim to be a peace seeking and at time “Christian” nation. We claim it is important to have just cause and evidence in order to maintain a peaceful and civilized society, and we don't practice what we preach on the world stage. We claim humanitarians don't torture people, yet we condone it. So many of our policies have not started with “if the people we are about to execute this action against did this to us, would we consider it wrong?” While our media and policies promote some of the most violent and hateful behaviors ever known to man. It is time to stop being hypocrites and start leading the world by examples. It is time we push aggressively towards meaningful policy that affirms the beliefs we spelled out in our founding documents of equality, life, liberty, happiness, and tranquility. It is time we give to our children something no other generation of humans have ever been able to give. A chance are real and honest lasting peace on Earth. It will take a long time for people to believe us, and we will have to suffer a “passion walk”. But for the first time in humanities existence, it is possible and I intend to take the first steps forward.


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