Update On the Hiatus

Well I have reached an acceptance stage with the whole process. I am going to be starting a blog called “divorce chronicles” where I walk people through this mans process. It will be an interesting read I think as I will address more micro social issues. Maybe I can help people from making the same mistakes that have lead to this situation. Right now though everything is a little too tender to re-account. I wish I could cause the feelings and emotions spin so rapidly.

Right now, I am feeling good about myself. I a strengthening some weaker characteristics of my past. I am surrounding myself with friends, including a few of the female variety. It is funny, they are kinda like sharks, these women folk. One of them rips a whole in your heart and the blood starts spilling, and 4 more swoop in. Probably going to be getting laid more as the “sensitive hurt divorced guy” then I was when I was married. Ain’t reality a bitch. Sometimes you just have to throw the plan on paper away and go for the ride whether you want to or not.

Will be back to solving the world’s problems soon.


AnarchyJack said…
Hi Dwight,

We all have another side to us. I'm looking forward to reading your Divorce Chronicles. I'm still working on my thesis, which is why activity has been so intermittent on my blog. But I've subscribed to your feed and I cut and paste it into a reader whenever it comes up.

I don't get many comments on my thoughts, which is probably a good thing, since a good many of them don't sit well with folks on the left or the right.

Hang in there.


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