Obama's Inaugural Speech As It Should Be

If I were writing Obama’s Inaugural speech it would look something like this.

“America I would like to thank you for letting me play such an
important part in this American story. As your leader I plan to take a
different approach then many of my predecessors. To you, the American
citizens, I promise to lead not only with an open mind, but an open heart.
I also promise that I will not ‘stay the course’ when there is a looming iceberg
in front of me. I will not presume righteousness over rationalism. I
promise that I will listen, truly listen to both sides before making a
decision. No matter what the makeup of what the legislation is. I am
not so convinced of my own shallow and narrow perspective that I can’t assume
somebody else might have a wider and/ or deeper knowledge of an issue.

When I speak of change I am not only
referring to the leadership of recent history, but the even the approaches that
work so well in the past, that were implemented by well meaning
legislators. These have to change because the long history shows they
don’t work. Short fixes that get people re-elected have been the drug of
choice on capital hill for too many generations. I have some bad news for
you America, life as we know it is a thing of the past. The Idea of
spending more then we make, consuming more then we produce, and talking more
then we listen is fast nearing its bitter end. The age of our false
prosperity has started it’s, hopefully, slow crumble. The news and
perspective I give may not always be pleasurable, but it will always be

In the past leaders have asked you to “ask
what you could do for your country”, Americans through the generation have
answered that call. Whether it be the millions who have served in the
armed forces of this country, or the millions who have innovated and engineered
The United States into market domination you have paid your dues. However
those that run your country leached off your charity, negotiated damaging back
room deal, and scammed this country of its resources that were produced of these
sacrifices. In doing so they turn “The Land Of The Free” into the “Land of
the indentured servants”. So many have traded our social and physical
freedom for car loans, home loans, medical bills, education loans, and credit
debt. Many have taken jobs working long hours just to support families
they never see. They are not passing on the traditions and heritage of their
parents, because they are not actually involved in the raising of their own
children. Not because they wanted to, but because to have a chance
at getting ahead they had to. This is not freedom people. This is
not what our founding fathers promised. It is now time to ask your
country’s leaders, elected and business, now what will you do for me.

It is in the midst of this
turmoil that I assume the position as your leader. Two wars that should
have never been embarked upon. Increasing unemployment and decreasing
commerce. The rest of the world in unrest and our diplomatic and political
capital taxed beyond its means. In this time I promise to you that I have great
plans. Some may not work. These are uncharted times when only theory
and not practical knowledge have ever been plotted. But I have many tools
at my disposal, and most importantly I understand the causes of the problems we
face. The good news my fellow Americans, is that I plan on using these
tools to ensure a solid and real recovery that will lead to a sustainable
future. I promise to work towards a future that doesn’t leave our
children with only an option of indebted servitude just to raise a family.
I plan on doing it in a way that in not of social or communal in nature,
but using the free and fair values of our founding fathers. By returning
America to the people again.“

Something along that lines would encourage me to think he actually realizes what the next 4 years will bring. Somehow I don’t expect anything like this though. The more I see, the more I believe what I always have. Obama is going to bring this giant oil tanker to a halt in the wrong direction. However, I don’t think he understands what the right direction is once that happens.


AnarchyJack said…
Hi Dwight,

I signed into WHYS too late to discuss the issue of whether or not this is a Christian Nation, but you made and interesting point when you asked what it means to be a Christian. I would argue that Christianity died with the original Apostles. That left Paul (AKA Saul) whose last mission, prior to his "miraculous" conversion, had been to arrest the Christians.

Not surprisingly, the Apostles were skeptical of his storybook conversion, but were eventually convinced . . . and were exterminated shortly thereafter, if The Acts is to be believed. Moreover, the Epistles of Paul, which make up he bulk of the New Testament and in which, Paul elaborates on what it was the Christ actually meant (as if there could be any doubt after four separate accounts of his life clarified exactly that, ad nauseum) often contradict the Four Gospels in many key respects. Finally, these Epistles are the basis for most contemporary Christian thought. The Protestants are particularly enamored of Paul's Letters to the Romans, which excuses every rotten thing they do, since, as Paul--not Christ--points out, we are saved by divine grace and not by our works.

Hence, I would assert that America couldn't be a Christian Nation in anything other than name if it wanted to be, since Christianity died nearly 2000 years ago, within decades of Christ himself.

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