Sorry, But No News to Report

Well it has been awhile since I have been able to post. Been working on the book as well as encountering family obligations, and oh yeah, work a little in between. On the surface it seems like there has been a lit of news in the last few weeks. But peel back the surface and see it is the same old tired stories.

Clinton is trying to make a mountain our of mole hill as a case against Obama. She says he called us industrial belt north shore state residents “bitter” and that is demeaning. Well Hillary, we are “bitter”. Your husband signed NAFTA into law making it easy for industry to leave the area it corrupted, polluted, and diminished. Oh yeah, and you did nothing but attend nice social functions. Now you call that “experience”. If giving Bill a “Lewinski” is qualifications for being president, then why isn’t Monica Lewinski running? She has tried to take credit for every good thing her husband did and reject everything bad, yet gets removed from the former and tied to the later. Ahh, if you people don’t see through the thin corrupt political skin of Hillary yet, then there is no going on about it. Clinton, an advocate for gun rights and religion in politics. That is laughable.

China is in the news. They are hosting a controversial Olympics This coming summer. They are having some trouble with protesters. On the surface you might think this is a “new” story, But they were awarded the games in ’01. They have been ruled by a repressive régime for 10,000 years and have been getting chastised by the world for human rights violations for at least 40 years. What is new is that the media is just now getting around to covering it from the Olympic perspective. As if they didn’t expect the one chance for the people to speak out was not going to be utilized.

Oh and for those of you who think that, “the Olympics should be left a-political”, shut-up. The legend of the original Olympics was based on the purpose of building a truce. If they want to stop politics in the Olympics, then they should stop inviting countries to the games. Stop waving their flags when they win and stop playing their national anthem when they are first. That props these people up as representatives of our ideals, aka politics. Invite their gymnastics club, individual athletes, or swim diving team, but not under a country’s banner. Don’t worry you won’t need the giant stadiums then. More people would show up to the Special Olympics. Asking to take politics out of the Olympics is like asking to have fighting removed from hockey or crashes removed from auto racing.

Robert Mugabe President of Zimbabwe is refusing to step down after 3 decades of power. His country’s economy is in shambles as inflation is in the many thousands of percent range. His people are starving and destitute. There are no previous administrations to blame it on. I don’t know, “news” to me is not that “the sun came up today.” News would be if it didn’t. There is and was no this guy was going into retirement gently. Nothing shocking there.

General Petraeus (never trust a man with that many vowels in his name. There is just no need for it.) delivered a clear and precise report that ran contradictory to what was actually happening in Iraq. Everything worked as planed, but nothings has changed and we need to go back and do it again. Day after day reports of more violence and record months poor in. We went there to fight the Sunnis and now are in a heated battle with the Shia. Of course our original enemies that attack us on 9/11 are Sunnis. Then again John McCain can’t seem to remember that to save his life. We are paying half of them to either quit fighting, the other half are afraid of the half that are being paid. Afraid they will shoot them and tell the US they were terrorists. No News here. This is what every stooge monkey that the administration has put in front of the public since day one has done. You may note that there are no plans made that go past January of 2009. Everybody knows the democrats will win and pull out all of the troops sooner then immediately.

Elliot Spitzer got busted for buying a very expensive hooker. Really this is the height of greed. He spent the cost of a small Kia to pay this woman to keep her mouth shut and leave after sex. This could have been done for about $500. but nooo, he had to show how much he could spend. He wanted to get caught. You can not stend that kind of money in one place and have it go unnoticed. I can’t believe there are other people out there, no matter who they are, spending that kind of money for sex. The chick wasn’t even very good looking. For that kind of money you can walk into a club get wasted, get everybody else wasted and be the man of the hour. Some sleezy chick will sleep with you. Do it some place where nobody knows your name, pay in cash, and leave when it is done. If he came to a bar in my town, nobody would know who he is. Most of them don’t know who the mayor of this town is, let alone the governor of NY. It is because any man paying that kind of money for a piece of ass is not spending money that they legitimately earned, that he got caught. It is also why it really isn’t “news”. Every time somebody gets busted with one of these scandals they are spending money they don’t have. If they went through the clientele of every one this lady serviced for that kind of money, you would find none of them are on the level.

So unless I missed something really bid while taking care of my day to days, that is about all that has happened in the last month and a half. I see McCain is trying his had at economics. That might have to be addressed next. That is like have a retard try his hand at trigonometry.


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