Security Flaw On Yahoo Search Engine

Alright, I openly admit it, I am an idiot. I can’t spell, type, or really even skip and chew gum worth a crap. Not only am I an idiot, but I am dyslectic, and the problem that lead to this post is, I often look at my hands when I type.

What has happened on occasions is that I click on “big blue ‘E’” to open Internet Explorer. When I do that, sometimes I triple click accidentally. This especially happens when the computer is having an especially difficult time opening the browser. Eventually my default page opens up, I select the “MAIL” button, and the “User Name” and “password” text boxes appear waiting for my input. My gaze falls on my fingers and I start to type away with my “user name” and “password”. When I finish, I hit the “enter” key. Then I return my gaze to the screen only to find while I wasn’t looking, the second explorer window open and a new default yahoo page at the search engine appears. I saw my username and password entered into the search text box, and I saw the bars filling in at the bottom of the screen proving that a search of my user name and password was in fact being conducted. I think to myself, “you dummy when are you going to learn not to look at your fingers when you type.” Other then that I didn’t think anything of it.

Then today, I did this on a computer with the yahoo “search assistant” enabled. For obvious reasons, (like people who disagree with me would bombard my e-mail account with hate mail) I do not want to post it here. However you could currently put my username in a yahoo search engine and it would suggest my user name followed by my old password. Just as I had accidentally searched for it before. In writing this blog I tried to use a search for “testusername” and the “password” followed immediately. However the program works, it currently doesn’t compile the data immediately.

So be aware. If you are ignorant like me, and accidentally enter your user name and password into a search engine, then change it immediately. They never forget.


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