Illegal Immigration - Violation of Americans Constitutional Right

  • Questions: Is illegal Immigration a problem?
  • Answer: Yes.
  • Question: What underling conflict is the result of illegal immigration?
  • Answer: It is a threat to American life, security, and equality guaranteed in Preamble of The Constitution.
  • Logic: Life: Immigrants can be directly related to auto accidents, drug trafficking, and violent crimes.
    Security: The existence of borders and an environment that can be easily penetrated might allow terrorist to enter country.
    Equality: Illegal immigrants do not pay taxes. They are not subjected to laws governing legal citizens.
  • Question: Are there other economic concerns?
  • Answer: yes. 12 million Mexican immigrants sent away an average of $1650 each or about 20 billion dollars. That money in no longer circulating in the US economy.
  • Sum: Every opportunity taken by an illegal citizen is one not available to legal citizen. Every life lost to a foreign member is one that was supposed to be protected by the US government.

Immigration is hot in the news right now with both sides lining up to support this catastrophe of a bill. You have to watch out for that. Sometimes everybody in Washington DC have issues in common not because they are accurately representing their constituents. Sometimes the reason people in Washington feel the way they do about an issue is because they are in Washington. Immigration is an issue that could really do damage to this country and many different facets. The complexity lies in the fact that many of the perpetrators are just trying to make a better life for themselves and the lost the lottery of birth by a few hundred miles.

I am generally a compassionate person. Ask friends and family and they will tell you that sometimes I am too compassionate. But I prescribe to the fact that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. I also believe that getting ahead should never be attained at the expense of others livelihood.

As always you must approach any issue logically. There are so many holes in the logic of giving amnesty to Illegal immigrants that is hard to pick where to start. First, consider the statistics that are effected by the issue. Low estimates of amount of illegal immigrants in this country are about 12 million. There are roughly just shy of 300 million legal people in the United States. Let’s say very conservatively that one quarters of them are not employable categories of children, elderly, and severely disabled. That would mean that there are 225 million employable people. According to the Bureau of labor statistics we are sitting finally back at 4.5% unemployment. Now as a matter of simple math we just multiply. 225 million people X .045 percentage of those people are unemployed. That means 10,125,000 unemployed people have to compete with at least 12 million illegal immigrants for work.

Breaking this down to the basics. Human labor is a resource. It has value. The first basic law of economics dictates its value. That is the law of supply and demand. If a resource is plentiful and completion is fierce then the price you can demand for your resource is dropped. Lets pretend it is a hot day along a parade route and you're a kid who puts up a lemonade stand. You are the only one at first. At 2 bucks a glass you are selling them like they are going out of style. Now your neighbor sees your fortune and wants to "share" in it. Your neighbor is willing to sell his for a buck a glass. All the sudden you must either drop the value of your resource or fold up shop. It doesn’t help that your neighbor’s brother works for a grocery store and doesn’t have to pay for his lemonade mix. The same deal exist when an illegal immigrant works for an employer that doesn’t have to pay payroll taxes, insurance, or overtime on him. If you are a legal American who picks fruit for a living, you can’t afford to compete with him. In most cases the law won’t let you.

It is my biggest soapbox issue about the disparity between the top and bottom in American wages. It is a big issue that will have to wait for another post. Due to shear economics Illegal immigrants are a threat to the ability to pursue life liberty and happiness.
Even more economically related rifts are caused by the presence of Illegal immigrants. For example, most of the people that fit in this category send money back home. That is money that leaves our economy. Yet another issue is that the they cost money to exist. A city must allot so much money per citizen to educate, protect, and care for them. Many drive and get into accidents that maim or kill legal citizens. They don’t have money or insurance. Many of them are involved in criminal activity and require law enforcement to address them. That cost city money. Not to mention as we see a spike in energy costs they use energy. Could you imagine if 12 to 20 million people were not demanding gasoline, heat, air-conditioning, and cooking. this hearkens back to the old supply and demand again. Only this time the legal American citizen is on the demand side demanding, in competition, goods that are sought by the illegal consumer. If you were the only one on the sidewalk looking for a glass of lemonade, you would have some bargaining room.

Putting economics aside, a shift to security is another issue. (The 9/11 attacks and the US reaction is another issue too big and deserves it’s own post.) However, I would like to point out that 3 of the 19 hijackers were in this country illegally on expired visas. Two of them madu up half of the pilots. If we had taken Illegal immigration more seriously 9/11 would never have happened. I would like to restate that because it is an important concept. If the U.S. policy was to obtain a 0% illegal existence in this country the atrocity of September 11th 2001 would not have been possible the way it was conducted. So why have we spent hundreds of billions getting revenge but not a single extra cent insuring that it never happens again? Sure we set up the TSA, but that was like putting a condom on after you have already impregnated your one night stand. Why are people able to walk across our borders with the same ease of getting a 7-layer burrito? Be honest if it were Muslims that were hitching across the southern border would the American people be so unconcerned with the influx of illegals? If it had been say Venezuela who attacked us on 9/11 would we be so lenient on South Americans crossing the borders. No way!! However those countries have very similar community structures. They have organized militias that make their living selling drugs. In 2003 (which is the latest data readily available ) nearly 30,000 people died due to illicit drugs. I am sure the statistics haven’t improved much. South America via Mexican border is the largest source of cocaine. Way more then the 2,973 people that died in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Any politician that tells you that they are willing to do whatever they can to secure the nation but then says they are for allowing the current state of illegal immigration doesn’t pass the logic of the truth tables.

So what can be done about it you ask? Here is where I may seem a little cold and callused. First we line the border with massive patrol units. Since it seems the southern border is the biggest threat we should start there. Anybody caught stepping across the border is fired upon. Not detained and sent back to try again. They are to be considered "the enemy" and treated as threats to the security of the American people. This is why I explained the perspectives above. If there were a group of gunmen that broke into a school and held 1000 students at gunpoint everybody would wonder why couldn’t we stop this from happening in the first place. If you saw a man carrying a gun entering a school you would be hailed a hero if you shot and stopped him before he had a chance to enter. The facts stated previously are directly similar to these same situations. Illegal immigrants come to this country and take resources that could be used on our children and ourselves. Weather they shoot you with a gun, run you over with their car, peddle their deadly substances to our children, or taking resources that are required for the well being of Americans, foreign citizens are killing American citizens here on our soil.

Either their presence in the workforce is going to be in direct competition with you or they are going to lower the standard on what is required of an employer. "all things are relative. " A common mentality is, "My job is worth more then a kid at McDonald’s makes." If the McDonald’s employee makes less, then the meaning of your statement would require a lower wage to fulfill. If forcing the employers to pay a minimum wage wasn’t important then why have the laws. Every man woman and child that crosses illegally into the United States poses a threat to the America. They do not live by our laws, constraints, or moral code. The people who claim that "illegal immigrants commit fewer crimes then other Americans" confuse me. Their crime rate is 100%. They have all crossed "illegally"!! Most produce false documents to work. None pay taxes.
Making the border crossing a more hazardous experience is only one part of solving the problem.

I do realize that the American government has spent the last 10 years of making crossing the border less appealing by making it easier for jobs to move to Mexico. (See link for a little satire break ) However, this is an insane answer as suggested. Any employer must be held accountable for hiring Illegal immigrants. I would like to say shoot them too, but they are loosely American citizens and deserving of due process. I guess. However they should also be held accountable for any negative footprint left by their employees. They are liable for unpaid taxes, unemployment compensation for the amount of people who were put out by their practices, and any criminal acts that were perpetrated by their employees. Only when you dry up the supply of jobs for these people will the demand of US residency go away.

Lastly, I have no problems with rounding these people up, no matter how long they have been here and sending them back. I have heard the argument "But you can't just send 12 million people out of the country". Yes you can. Have kids here? Should have thought about that before you broke the law. If a guy said he should be allowed to continue molesting a child because he had been doing it for 10 years we would think it ludicrous. A murder can go to jail even 30 years after the fact. Why should time be the reason illegal immigrants stay. Yes it sucks, but it is not this country’s problem. Go back, get in line, and hope for the best.

In conclusion, I am truly sorry that the people of central and South America are in such dire straits that they feel the need to seek sanctuary in our borders. However, we can not help you by letting you sink our ship. The best hope for you is that our government gets its head out of its rectum and we can supply help to develop and secure your own country. Lets face it South America has large quantities of resources including oil and lush coasts. It is their infighting that is causing their own discourse. I am sorry that you lost the birth lottery. Go back and fight for your own country. I would be willing to let you petition to join our country. You would have to throw away your flag, your identity, and your governing structure, but the rewards would be pristine. I would love to go to Cancun without a passport.


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