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The King, The Capitalist, and The Act Of War

In light of all the hubub about Amazon and the location of their head quarters, I decided to update analoly I made up years ago. This is going to be opening chapter should it ever come to fruition. From it comes a lot of understanding I believe.  “The King, The Capitalist, and An Act Of War”
The Capitalist: A lucrative US fish supplier has its eyes on an area that is very well known for a specific type of fish that the company has a small but growing demand for. A representative comes to a small South Pacific island community to petition the King for the authorization to set up a commercial fishing business for the fish supply company. The “business head” of this representative all flush with the magnificence of capitalist views could only see his proposal as a “win-win” and expects his trip to be a quick success and that he may even get a few days to take in the sights and a break in the warmth the Island has to offer. There was King in “their right mind” that would turn this deal dow…